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American Coffee Culture: Americans drink coffee not so fussy and stylish as Europeans that it is completely according to taste. American coffee culture is simply drinking to drink, drink freely.

America is the country with the largest coffee business and coffee consumption in the world, whether at home, school, work, or public places and anywhere, anytime, people can smell the aroma. characteristics of coffee. There is a story that, when a fatal problem occurred with the Apollo 13 in flight, the ground commander once encouraged the crew morale by saying: “Do your best, hot and fragrant coffee is waiting for you!”.

Howard Schultz is the man who brought coffee culture from Italy to the US in 1983 during a trip to Milan. Coffee culture imported from Italy with the way of brewing using Barista machines has quickly become popular among the American people after more than twenty years of development. Two different cultural forms, one is slowly sitting and waiting, and the other is quickly taking the time.

American coffee culture is characterized by being quick and cheap without losing the true bitter aroma of the coffee, time in the US is very precious because everyone has to work in the dark, maybe once every few months. Friends went to the shop to sit and drink filter coffee.

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Light American coffee, both c, color, and taste. A pale brown liquid with a slightly burnt taste is usually mixed in a large glass jug and poured into styrofoam cups. Adding two or even three packets of sugar and half a glass of milk does not make the water sweeter and more fragrant, and this is what makes the difference to the art of coffee making in America. The most popular way to enjoy coffee in the US is Iced coffee – strong, hot coffee with added sugar poured into a glass of ice.

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