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Altitude – Altitude is considered ideal for growing coffee plants, with lower temperatures slowing the growth cycle. This allows the bean to undergo a longer maturation process, thus creating a fuller, richer, and more apparent flavor.

This lengthy maturation process also ensures that the beans are imbued with the distinctive flavors of the region in which they are grown. The more mature the coffee, the longer the flavor will be retained during storage as their extended development process produces a denser and firmer bean.

It is not uncommon to see the word altitude ( altitude ) on a bag of coffee during the third wave. In these cases, you can be sure that the coffee tree’s height (where it is grown) is above the ground, not its height above sea level.

Therefore, this altimeter measurement is essentially “useless.” It should be written as “Elevation” – meters above sea level masl for academic significance. So what numbers should I look for?

According to Fivesenses, anything that grows above 1500 masl (meters above sea level) is a relatively high growing zone and will generally exhibit subtle flavors. While dropping to the 1000masl – 1250masl range, the acidity softens considerably, and more earth tones are found (see also the effect of altitude on the coffee plant ).

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