8 Ways To Make Coffee Healthy – Healthy way

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8 Ways To Make Coffee Healthy - Healthy way

8 Ways To Make Coffee Healthy: Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Coffee contains more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables. Here are a few tips to make coffee healthier.

1. Don’t drink coffee after 2 pm (paleo)

Many people often have the habit of getting up early at 5-6 am and enjoying coffee right after. However, according to some studies, drinking coffee at this time will not bring maximum health benefits.

The reason for this is that after a long night of sleep, the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the body will increase, thereby helping the body to quickly wake up. But high levels of cortisol will reduce the benefits of caffeine in coffee.

8 Ways To Make Coffee Healthy - Healthy way
Drinking coffee at the end of the day can make it difficult to sleep

Caffeine is a stimulant, providing the body with energy and helping to stay awake. However, if you drink coffee at the end of the day, it can cause trouble sleeping, poor sleep and many other health problems. Avoiding coffee after 2pm to 3pm will help improve sleep. Coffee can be replaced with tea with a lower caffeine content.

2. Don’t drink coffee with sugar

Coffee – a popular drink in the world, in each place and in each person, there is a unique style of enjoying coffee. Some people like to buy coffee to take away, fast and convenient. There are people who like to hang around bars and meditate for hours with their coffee while observing their surroundings.

There are people who like to be able to make their own cups of coffee and enjoy. Therefore, there are people who like coffee to have a little milk to soften the bitter taste of coffee. But some people just like to enjoy the pure coffee that has just been extracted, without adding or reducing any spices.

In Vietnam, most people like to drink coffee without sugar, because maybe for those who like to enjoy this pure coffee, the coffee must be very bitter, really strong to be coffee.

The “nature” of coffee is bitter, many options add sugar or milk to ease the unpleasant bitter taste. However, many people are fascinated by that strange bitter taste. Is there any hidden benefits in unsweetened coffee that we do not know? Today’s article I will give you the answer to the question why so many people like to use pure coffee without sugar!

3. Choose quality coffee brands

Coffee quality can vary greatly depending on the processing method and how the beans are grown. Coffee beans tend to be sprayed with synthetic pesticides and other chemicals, which are harmful to human health.8 Ways To Make Coffee Healthy - Healthy way

To avoid worries about pesticide content in coffee, consider buying organic beans, as they contain much lower levels of synthetic pesticides.also, drink, drink, food, news     

4. Avoid drinking too much

Drinking a moderate amount of coffee will have health benefits, but overdoing it will cause side effects.

Drinking too much coffee can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, urinary incontinence, increased risk of miscarriage, premature birth.

According to pharmacist Le Kim Phung, a former lecturer at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, coffee has the effect of stimulating nerves, increasing alertness, reducing fatigue, and improving mind. However, if the user abuses it, it can cause many serious harms to health, especially for children.

5. Add some cinnamon to your coffee

Cinnamon is a delicious herb that creates a unique, healthy flavor combined with coffee. Studies show that cinnamon can lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides in people with diabetes.

Not only that, the taste of the coffee will increase much when adding cinnamon. Just make sure not to put too much cinnamon in the coffee.

6. Avoid adding artificial cream

Adding artificial cream to coffee reduces its inherent benefits. Instead of adding fake cream, you can substitute cow’s milk with some essential nutrients. For example, milk is an excellent source of calcium, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. In addition, cow’s milk contains some vitamin K, which improves bone health.

8 Ways To Make Coffee Healthy - Healthy way (3)
Adding cow’s milk to coffee both improves the taste and improves health

7. The benefits of drinking cocoa with coffee

According to many nutritionists, drinking cocoa with coffee will help us receive many great benefits:

  • Inside coffee contains a lot of caffeine, the effect of caffeine will make the body mood excited, or anxious, restless if drinking too much caffeine. Therefore, when adding cocoa to coffee, it will help reduce the side effects of caffeine and avoid anxiety.
  • In an experiment between three drinks including: coffee, cocoa, cocoa with coffee. It shows us, people who drink cocoa with coffee will have a faster reaction speed than people who only drink cocoa or coffee.
  • Cocoa contains Theobromine, so when taking cocoa with coffee, it will help increase blood flow to the brain, enhance cognitive ability and memory.
  • In coffee contains a lot of caffeine that increases the ability to stimulate anger, adding cocoa to coffee will help calm anger.
  • Cocoa contains a high antioxidant (that is Flavonoid), when combined with coffee drinks, will help bring a youthful drink, reduce aging and prevent cancer.
  • It is wonderful when combining cocoa and coffee, creating a special, delicious drink with many health benefits. If before, many customers still hesitated whether they should drink cocoa with coffee or not. Now, with the above useful information, we can safely drink this interesting drink with many benefits.

Especially, if you want to enjoy this delicious combination of cocoa and coffee, come to Napoli Coffee’s store to choose your favorite drink in a modern, Italian-style space.

8. Make coffee with a paper filter

Brewed coffee contains cafestol, a diterpene that can raise blood cholesterol levels. To reduce this side effect, brew coffee using a paper filter.

Brewing coffee with a paper filter reduces the amount of cafestol but allows caffeine and beneficial antioxidants to pass through.

Coffee is a popular beverage known for its many health benefits. However, you need to master the ways to make coffee healthy: avoid adding sugar and milk to coffee, instead add a little cinnamon or cocoa; Consider drinking coffee in the late afternoon and evening, as it can impair sleep quality.

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