1zpresso J-Max Review

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1zpresso J-Max Review
1zpresso J-Max Review: 1Zpresso told us in mid-June that a new mill model would be ready at the end of July. Needless to say, we were ecstatic because 1Zpresso’s engineers had never been excited before. Now is not the time to let us down. Because the new mortar has yet to be named, a trial version will be given to Flusso. We know that it will be a replacement mortar for the JE-Plus.
Because JE-Plus is the preferred mortar in Flusso, everyone is disappointed. When JE-Plus is called, it always brings peace of mind and trust. The combination of “JE-Plus & hand drill” has never deterred the coffee shop owners we’ve encountered.

After ten days, the prototype of “J-Max,” the new mill that will replace the JE-Plus on the 1Zpresso booth, is in my hands. As a result, the stakes are obviously very high. We were on a mission to uncover the answers right away:

What is J Max’s potential?
When compared to JE-Plus, does it have any advantages or disadvantages?
Is J-Max powerful enough to take the place of JE-Plus?
Or, more importantly, will it satisfy you sufficiently or will it drive you insane…
For the past few weeks, we’ve been utilizing J-Max and have accumulated a variety of experiences in order to present the most accurate and unbiased evaluations for this product. Let’s see if J-Max from 1Zpresso is a MONSTER or a NOMSTER!!!

Introduction To 1zpresso

Despite its late start, 1Zpresso has quickly established itself as one of the most recognizable names in the area of manual coffee grinders.

Flusso wishes to convey his admiration for 1Zpresso’s engineers. They are absolutely exceptional individuals.

1zpresso J-Max Review

Look at how their handmade mills demonstrate their power. Those are game-changing products, and putting pricey nameplates on display shelves makes you grimace.

If you’re unfamiliar with 1Zpresso, you can learn more about it here.

As you may know, Flusso greatly supports JX-Pro and JE-Plus, which is why the first few lines are dedicated to JE-Plus. The review article for these two exceptionally powerful J-Series mortars may be found here. Check out that article if you want to learn more about JX-Pro and JE-Plus, as well as our high expectations for J-Max.


The only 1Zpresso mortar that comes with a Cylinder Case is the J-Max. 1Zpresso frequently includes a travel bag with its high-end mortar models to make them easier to transport. An extra gasket covers the mouth of the mortar in this Cylinder Case to assist prevent the knob from being scratched by direct contact with the mortar’s body.

The jar is black in color and has a sturdy and cool design. The color of the J-Max is slightly brighter when compared to the K-Pro dark. It’s similar to the color of carbon coating: opulent and durable.

J-Max appears to be quite large. The J-Max stands 181mm tall at its highest point, just 2mm shorter than the K-Pro (the tallest mortar of 1Zpresso). The J-Max is 177mm tall in its lowest configuration. You did not read it incorrectly; J-Max is a mortar that can alter its height. The reason for this is revealed later and is found in the fine-tuning ring.

Cover For The Handdle

The pattern on the handle cover is extremely unusual. Previously, the silicone handle cover on the JX-Pro did not stand out, but it had a lot of friction and was quite good in holding the product in place. The handle cover on the more sophisticated models, such as JE-Plus, K-Pro, and K-Plus, is still silicone, but it has a melamine-like (not sure) surface with a more gorgeous wood grain pattern. On the other hand, J-Max appears to be a… fabric, and it doesn’t look very well in many places.

The handle plate is etched with the phrases 1Zpresso and J-MAX. What’s left is an icon that has never before appeared on a 1Zpresso mortar. Perhaps I’ll contact the maker and update later.

Update: This symbol represents the bull (Ox), the second of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. It’s OK for us, however, I believe this symbol will be more difficult to impress in the EU and US markets.

Box Of Powder

JE-Plus and K-Plus are magnetic powder dispensers. However, J-Max has the advantage of having a bigger anti-slip edge inside the compartment. When this powder container is unintentionally hit during the grinding process, it will almost certainly fall out. Of course, you must maintain some distance during the grinding process, but this makes the J-Max grinding experience much more enjoyable.

Belt, Small Refined

J-fine-tuned Max’s belt, like the K series, is brought out, making operations smoother and smoother. The functioning mechanisms of the J-Max and K series are not the same, although having the same exterior adjustability.

Both shaft braces are fixed in the K series, thus fine belt adjustment will indirectly raise and lower the shaft set to modify the grind size. In the case of the J-Max, only one pair of braces is attached to the mortar’s body; the other set will be attached to the fine-tuning ring directly. When fine-tuning the grind size, the fine-tuning ring moves up and down in lockstep with the thread pitch, dragging the entire set of shafts up and down in the same direction.

As a result, the J-Max fine-tuned belt is substantially thinner than the K series. That is also why, as I previously stated, J-Max is a mortar with the ability to adjust its height.

Symbols for counting the number of rings on one’s finger
On the J-Max, this is also a modest but incredibly subtle element. We still have to spin the mortar to 0 to start over if we forget we just set the mill size to a few rounds. With J-Max, you can always tell where you are merely by looking at this round number symbol.

Rotation Of The Hands

The J-Max swing arm is 140mm long, the same as the K-Pro and somewhat longer than the JX-Pro and JE-Plus. The wider the swing, the lighter the rotation, yet the longer the lever, the wider the swing. This is an acceptable change!

The knob has been carefully treated to give it a more natural look, and the wood grain is much more visible.
In general, these characteristics on J-Max demonstrate 1Zpresso’s engineering team’s rigorous attention to detail for each product. Because of these factors, they’ve been able to pass on their enthusiasm for items to partners like Flusso.

1zpresso J-Max Size

Body dimensions: 181 x 56 mm/ swing arm 140 mm

780g in weight

The volume of the powder container is 40g.

Small Effectiveness

If the JE-incredibly Plus’s powerful tuning capabilities formerly wowed Flusso, they are no longer worth it in comparison to the J-Max.

With five rings, J-Max can grind up to 450 different grind sizes. Each grind size is separated by 8.8 microns (0.0088 mm). This is considerably superior to the JX-Pro or even the JE-Plus in terms of fine-tuning capability. This is possibly the maximum power of even stepless mortars.
J-Max can easily meet the requirements of any specialty espresso machine, including espresso machines that require high fine-tuning, such as the Flair Pro 2, Flair 58, 9Barista, and others, thanks to its super fine-tuning ability.

It is undeniable that J-Max is the most powerful manual coffee grinder available.

Set and Burr Axis

J-Max, like every other mill from 1Zpresso, has an exceptionally stable shaft. This is unquestionably a requirement for grinding coffee powder to the maximum level of uniformity.

J-Max features a 48mm titanium-coated steel burr, which helps to decrease static electricity, reducing the quantity of fine powder sticking while also offering great durability and longevity for the item. The burrs on the burr have the same large bevel as the JE-Plus, which helps the espresso obtain the full taste and have a more noticeable sweetness by cutting the coffee grounds rounder and more uniformly. The graphic below will help you visualize it better.

The JX-Pro burr set grinds espresso exceptionally effectively and provides well-balanced espressos. However, I’ve always thought these espressos were a little too sugary. And a nicer pair of burrs on the J-Max would be a fantastic addition.

Spedd Mixing 

On the J-Max and JE-Plus, we evaluated espresso grinding and pour over and came up with the following results:

J-Max grind setting is 160, while JE-Plus grind setting is 22. Two mills generate the same amount of coffee at this grind size.
In 40 seconds, the J-Max grinds 16g of beans to an ultra-fine espresso size. In the case of JE-Plus, the time is 53 seconds. Really impressive; while the JE-grinding Plus’s experience is slightly smoother, the difference is barely noticeable.

1zpresso J-Max Review

Pour Over: J-grind Max’s setting is 290, and JE-is Plus’s 48.
In 18 seconds, J-Max grinds 15g of medium-coarse beans for V60. In 23 seconds, the JE-Plus completed the task. J-Max, like the other J series mortars, had a horrible grinding speed, even though it was slightly faster than its predecessors.

– Here’s some more information on how much fine residue is produced when grinding flour at the Pour Oversize:

+ From a total of 15g of seeds, J-Max yields 0.8g of fine powder (equivalent to 5.3 percent )

+ From a total of 15g of seeds, JE-Plus generates 1.1g of fine powder (equivalent to 7.3 percent )

K-max grinder review

The 1Zpresso K-Max is a high-quality manual coffee grinder that can be used for both espresso and filter coffee.

We’ve tested several 1Zpresso manual coffee grinders in various price ranges, and they’ve never disappointed us in terms of build quality or grind consistency. However, as the brand’s flagship product, the K-Max promises to exceed expectations.

Is this true, and does it provide good value for money? The review answers those questions and more, so you’ll know whether this particular manual grinder is the one you’ve been looking for.

Coffee grinder review

A good burr grinder, according to the vast majority of coffee experts, is the most important tool for making delicious coffee. It’s more important than your brewer and just as important as the coffee itself—even the best beans won’t taste their best if they’re not ground consistently.

We’ve been testing grinders since 2015, and we believe the simple Baratza Encore is the best electric burr grinder for people who want a consistently great cup of coffee. The Encore provides high-quality, ultra-consistent grinding for a reasonable price, and it is simple to maintain, clean, repair, and even customize.

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