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10 Free Coffee Documents For Home Watchers: Read about coffee and then imagine through the good images. But watching movies about coffee is much more interesting and easy to imagine. 

Also starting from this point of view, in the early days of learning about the world of coffee, I went looking for coffee movies to watch.I searched on all channels, searched on Google, Netflix then Youtube, Vimeo and.

Coffee Documents For Home Watchers

Finally found extremely inspirational movies like A Film About Coffee, Barista, Caffeined… However, it’s a bit sad that due to copyright reasons, these movies can’t be shared widely. However, in the process, I also found a few good coffee documentaries and, importantly, FREE.

So in this article, I will list some of the movies that I have seen for you. Hope it can bring you new coffee knowledge and weekend entertainment.

And now we won’t keep you waiting any longer, let’s get started.

This is the first movie that I want to put on the list. In addition to the content factors, this film is brought to the top also because this year Italy won the Euro. ^-^

Coffees – Italians do it better” is a documentary about Specialty coffee from Italy. The film was produced by Federica Balestrieri and Federico Lucas Pezzetta in 2017. Over 40 minutes of the film, they will interview a range of coffee experts from Italy on a wide variety of topics. From the topic of green bean quality (coffee beans are not roasted), the quality control of coffee roasting to the work of a barista in the shop. And certainly, there will be a theme: Espresso coffee. owners

In addition, the film can also give you real experiences in the famous brewery factory: La Marzocco

And finally, what I find quite interesting is that in this film, the directors have integrated and interwoven very well the modern and traditional elements. Between the modern elements of Specialty coffee and the third wave of coffee with the traditional elements of the Italian coffee culture.

Duration: 43’09s

Subtitles: English

Coffee Documents For Home Watchers



This is a movie produced in 2018 by coffee roaster Stumptown Coffee Roasters. This movie will take you to the country of Guatemala and the famous Antigua growing region. And here, you will better understand the effects of climate change on the care of coffee trees, as well as how the people here deal with those problems.

Duration: 29’54s

Subtitles: English

Coffee Documents For Home Watchers



Gender in Coffee is a film produced by Xavier Hamon and Hannah Stapleton in 2018. This is one of the movies that help you get the most complete look at gender equality in the coffee farming industry. The film follows women who make coffee in Chiapas, Mexico from when they were small farm owners be becoming large coffee shshopsndroastersr. All the difficulties and pressures from the family and the community as well as how these little women overcame will be shown in the first part of the film. Also in the second part of the movie, we can see other sides of this issue from American coffee consumers, big importers, and roasters.

Duration: 1h04′

Subtitles: English

Coffee Documents For Home Watchers



“Before we take a sip of coffee, remember that coffee has come a very long way to get to you” – Jorey Kiva, the film’s producer. This could very well be the movie’s theme quote.

“Coffee Coffee” is a short documentary film focusing on the topic of Specialty coffee in the United States. And more specifically, Specialty coffee in Portland, Oregon, USA. In the film, the producer brings us to famous roasters in the area to discuss the most basic issues about Specialty coffee such as:

  • What is Specialty Coffee? Why is it better and worth doing?
  • How does Specialty Coffee affect the market?
  • How important is the emotion when enjoying the taste of Specialty coffee

Duration: 10’04s

Subtitles: None. But American English in the movies sounds pretty easy.

Coffee Documents For Home Watchers



This is a coffee story told through the contest “World Barista Championship – World Barista Championship 2015”. In 2015, Seattle hosted the “World Barista Championship”, and candidates from more than 50 countries entered the competition. And that year, Sasa Sestic, who later became famous for his anaerobic coffee preparation, became the champion.

The film will show us the competitions, the tension, the magic concoctions, and the attractive presentations of the contestants. In addition, the film also has exclusive interviews with some idols of the coffee world such as Tim Wendelboe, and JJamesames Hoffmann… on topics related to coffee and competitions.

I see this as an inspirational film for Baristas or simply those who want to become a Barista about: Baristas

Duration: 14’57s

Subtitles: None. But American English in the movies sounds pretty easy.

Coffee Documents For Home Watchers



This is one of the first documentaries that the European Coffee Trip team made. It was a long trip from Europe to the Mondul farm in Tanzania. Here, the experiencers will show you almost all the stages and hardships of the farmers in stages such as planting, harvesting, and preliminary processing of coffee.

In addition, one of the strong points of this movie that I quite enjoyed is:

  • The angle of the picture is beautiful, it not only shows me the wonderful beauty of the coffee fruit but also the snowy white Kilimanjaro mountain, the colorful aboriginal people…
  • Easy-to-understand, easy-to-listen language. Newbies are also accessible.

Duration: 8’54s

Subtitle: Yes. This channel almost always has subtitles.


Coffee Documents For Home Watchers



“Germans love coffee, this country would not wake up without it. But are the beans produced fairly, providing stability to those who make it?”

That’s the quote from the DW Documentary team. The movie na A film about the most important topic in the coffee industry: Fair Trade. The film will follow Xaver Kitzinger, a coffee supplier, on his journey to improve lives and bring out the best in the coffee farmers of Rwanda.

Duration: 25’55s

Subtitle: Yes. It’s always there.


Coffee Documents For Home Watchers


Another movie about t about Specialty coffee in the United States, but this time it is a movie that focuses more on the taste of coffee, how to prepare it as well as some explanation about the brewed, addictive coffee that coffee This coffee brings. In addition, the film can also give you a better understanding of the close relationship you have with the farmers who make coffee beans.

This movie is a product of the Youtube channel: The New Yorker. And what I find quite interesting when watching this short film is the youthfulness and energy of the young coffee makers in the film.

Duration: 7’46s

Subtitles: None. But it’s an American accent, so it’s quite easy to hear.




On the 25th anniversary of the tragic Rwandan genocide, this film had its premiere. This is probably one of those coffee movies that I watch without skipping a beat. This film is not only about coffee but also celebrates the national harmothathich the country of Rwanda once lost.

Hingakawa tells the story of two women from a rival tribe who, instead of choosing anger and hostility, chose forgiveness. The two have become close friends with the starting point of childhood associated with coffee. And since then, together they have founded Hingakawa Farm, where they together with more than 500 other women have created extremely good quality coffee beans and have a good life. This is an impressive documentary about friendship, about reconciliation from Starbucks that you should watch.

Duration: 18’43s

Subtitles:  There is a big part, the parts without it are easy to listen to.

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Coffee Documents For Home Watchers


And finally, a coffee documentary from our coffee-growing neighbor: Indonesia. The film will show you the perspectives of the coffee farmers here. The way they change, the way they learn about coffee to change people’s opinion about the quality of Indonesian coffee.

When I watched this movie, I saw an uncanny resemblance to Vietnamese coffee. But did Vietnamese coffee farmers do the same? Vietnamese coffee makers have tried the same. My only regret is that s, there has not been a film specifically made to honor high-quality coffee makers in Vietnam.

And I still hope, shortly, I can make a movie by myself or with friends and family about The talented Vietnamese coffee makers.

Duration: 30’09s

Subtitle: Good luck. However, there are some subtitles in Indonesian, so I can’t understand anything.


Coffee Documents For Home Watch

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