Why Is One Way Valve Used In Coffee Packaging?

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A one-way valve is one of the options that can be included when packaging coffee. Once roasted, the coffee beans will have an air drain, or, to be precise, the degas process of the coffee beans. This degassing process usually occurs strongly after 1-2 days of roasting.

That means a lot of gas coming out of coffee beans. That’s why without a one-way valve, your coffee package can be puffy and full of gas. Let’s Learn the Why Is One Way Valve Used In Coffee Packaging with Helena Coffee Vietnam?

#Q1: Why Is One Way Valve Used In Coffee Packaging?

Answer: A one-way valve will ensure the CO2 emitted from the coffee beans roast is released from the packaging but prevents oxygen from getting into the coffee bag. Because oxygen is the factor that causes coffee to oxidize, reducing quality and taste.

#Q2: How do one-way valves affect the quality of the coffee bag?


  • As we have analyzed, one-way valves help your coffee be better preserved. The coffee bag will not swell, gas, or break. Coffee beans will not oxidize because oxygen cannot enter.
  • In addition, some valves are also designed with a particular filter layer, which helps store the aroma molecules of coffee to the maximum, avoiding evaporation that causes the coffee to lose its smell.

#Q3: Who should use coffee bean packaging that needs a one-way valve?

1. Degassing valve and Degassing test

When using coffee packaging that uses one-way coffee valves applied, of course, the quality of the coffee bags will be better stored. However, this means that the price of that coffee package also increases. In Vietnam, according to technology, one-way valves will cost differently. There are types that cost 0.01 USD/one or 0.15 USD/one.

However, some valves cost more, especially those imported that cost up to 0.3 USD – 0.4 USD/one. Therefore, when using a one-way valve, the cost of each package of coffee will increase significantly.

2. Cafes and home consumers applied

So, if you are a home coffee user, it is advisable to buy roasted or roasted coffee with one-way degassing valve packaging. The speed of coffee is not too fast.

Consuming nearly 500g of pure coffee packing, coffee beans, or more a day may not be needed if it’s a coffee shop.

You only need to balance the amount of coffee custom coffee bags consumed within 3-5 days. This will help you avoid a significant fee. If you use coffee from a roaster, you should mention this factor when negotiating prices.

Helena Coffee Vietnam thank you for reading the article. We hope you better understand the one-way valve in coffee bags and product packaging bags. If you have questions or experiences related to this topic, please share them with Helena Coffee Vietnam in the comments section.

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