What Is Catimor? Learn About Catimor Coffee Line

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What Is Catimor Learn About Catimor Coffee Line
What Is Catimor? Learn About Catimor Coffee Line: Catimor coffee is a hybrid coffee variety between Timor and Caturra widely grown in Central South America and Asia. It is considered easy to grow and gives a high yield and resistance to pests and diseases.
Thanks to its outstanding features, this coffee line has been widely cultivated in Vietnam. For a deeper understanding, please see the following article on Bonjour Coffee.


You are a coffee lover, so please refer to Bonjour Coffee’s coffee overview article. This article helps you have an overview, which is the basis for you to have a deeper understanding of coffee.

What is Catimor Coffee? (Arabica variety)

Catimor is a cross between Timor coffee (Timor coffee is bred from Arabica and Robusta coffee) and Caturra.

Around the 19th century, in Central and South America, coffee diseases frequently occurred. Especially for Bourbon, Typica, and Moka varieties. Scientists are trying to create coffee varieties with disease resistance, small stem, and high yield. In 1959, Portuguese scientists launched Catimor coffee, a coffee line that met the above criteria.

This coffee and tea variety is appreciated for its high yield, good disease resistance, and small size, suitable for growing many trees in the same area. Catimor beans were first introduced in Brazil in 1970. Soon after, Catimor created an effect as factories took turns searching for this high-yielding coffee variety.

A growing area in Vietnam

In Vietnam, Catimor coffee varieties are being grown quite popularly in most areas such as Dak Nong, Lam Dong, Dak Lak, Quang Tri, Nghe An, and Son La.

The height will often directly impact the shape, size, and flavor of the coffee. For Arabica, the suitable altitude for planting is 900-1920m with sea level. As for Catimor, according to research results, they will usually grow best if planted at an altitude of 700-1000m.


Biological characteristics

The woody family is bushy and low in height, allowing for denser planting. The tea berries ripen quickly and give higher yields than regular coffees. The stem is branched, and the leaves of this coffee tree are light red when young. Coffee beans have a hemispherical shape.

The seeds are tiny in size and have a low caffeine content of between 1-2%. At first glance, it won’t be easy to distinguish Catimor beans from Arabica Bourbon coffee. However, if you are a coffee connoisseur, the aroma of Catimor will help you determine them.

Regarding the taste of Catimor, you can describe them with the phrase “charming.” Because it is the result of hybridization between the sour taste of Timor coffee variety and the sweet taste of Caturra coffee, with a low caffeine content, the taste of Catimor is not as bitter as pure Robusta coffee. However, they still retain a very subtle charm of their own.

Catimor coffee lines

Catimor is usually divided into three sub-breeds including:

  • Catimor T-8667 – is a coffee variety with a relatively short stem but huge fruit and seeds.
  • Cafe Catimor T-5269 – a healthy tree that adapts well to growing heights from 600 – 900m above sea level with a rainfall of more than 3000mm per year.
  • Catimor T-5175 – is a very high-yielding coffee variety. However, they cannot tolerate too low or too high heights.

Enjoy Catimor Coffee

You will also have two popular ways to enjoy the recipe: pure brew. Or you can mix it with other coffees to create a new scent. Or you can mix it with different coffees to create a fresh scent.

First, to prepare pure coffee, you should choose clean coffee at reputable coffee shops. You can also refer to Bonjour Coffee’s roasted and ground coffees. After choosing a quality product, you can apply the brewing method, pour-over, or mix it with Robusta coffee to make a filter.

If you love a passionate and rich cup of coffee, you can thoroughly mix it with Robusta coffee in a ratio of 3:1 or 4:1. When enjoying, you will feel the coffee taste more bitter.

Possessing the characteristics of high resistance to pests and diseases, high yield, and mild taste, it is widely grown throughout the country. With a gentle aroma of coffee with moderate caffeine content, it line contributes to affirming the coffee brand of Vietnam.

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