Wacheff – Ethiopian coffee roasting pan

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Wacheff – Ethiopian coffee roasting pan

Wacheff – Ethiopian coffee roasting pan. An Ethiopian coffee roaster made of clay shaped like a pan and used for coffee ceremonies in the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.

During the Ethiopian coffee ceremony, an integral part of the daily life of most Ethiopians, the roasting of the coffee beans, or buna, is done in a flat iron pan called a baret metad (roasting plate), which is placed over a small charcoal stove.

The Ethiopian coffee beans are carefully moved around so they roast evenly. And soon they begin to crackle and release their rich aromas.

The freshly roasted beans are then placed either onto a wacheff (clay plate) or a margegabia (straw mat). And then carried around so the guests may enjoy the fragrance, using their hands to waft the vapors towards themselves and savor the aromas.

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