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Vietnamese Arabica Roasted Coffee Supplier

Arabica roasted coffee beans have a delicate taste, mild sourness and mild bitterness. Arabica coffee beans are a popular type of coffee, and so is Vietnamese coffee. However, with the speciality of Vietnamese filter coffee, Vietnamese Arabica coffee also brings a different taste. If you are looking for this coffee, choose Helena Coffee. Helena Coffee is a reputable and quality Vietnamese Arabica coffee roasted supplier.

1. Introduction to the origin of Arabica coffee beans in Vietnam

Arabica coffee trees prefer to live in high mountains, mainly in Da Lat and Lam Dong areas. This is the main ingredient of coffee brands; the most famous coffee brand, Arabica coffee beans S18, is a great choice for coffee shop customers or customers who love acrid, slightly sweet and aromatic taste. The characteristics of Arabica coffee have the following characteristics:

Mature coffee trees are 4 to 6 m tall, if allowed to grow wild, they will grow up to 15 m tall. The tree has a small canopy, dark green oval leaves.

The oval fruit is slightly distorted and contains two fruits each. Coffee beans Characteristics of Arabica coffee beans Coffee beans. Arabica has a mild sour taste mixed with mild bitterness, light brown color, light amber.

The aroma of Arabica is very elegant and noble. In general, Arabica has a fruity smell mixed with the smell of honey, and even the smell of straw fields at noon in summer…

Arabica can be intoxicating. Kitchen for gourmets.

2. Characteristics of Arabica coffee beans

Arabica flavour is loved by many Vietnamese for its richness: caffeine is about 1.6%, usually wet processed (more expensive than dry processing). Arabica seeds are generally acidic and aromatic, with a slight bitterness. , so they can be combined with Robusta coffee beans.

Vietnamese Arabica Roasted Coffee Supplier

Arabica coffee can only be grown in altitudes between 1,000 and 1,500 meters above sea level. The entire process from harvesting to production is necessary to achieve the standard taste of Arabica. Like mocha beans, Arabica has a mild sour taste. , slightly sweet taste, strong aroma and usually suitable for machine winemaking lines.

3. Helena Coffee – supplier of Vietnamese Arabica roasted coffee beans

Helena Coffee offers Vietnamese Arabica roasted coffee beans with various processing styles. Besides, Helena Coffee stork can roast coffee beans according to your wish is pale. medium or dark.

Types of Arabica coffee:

3.1 Arabica natural

The natural processing method, also known as dry processing, is one of the oldest methods of processing green coffee beans. Only harvest the whole fruit after harvesting, wash it and arrange it on a drying rack or display it on the porch. in the sun. Although it requires less investment and seems simpler, it still requires certain climatic conditions to ensure that the coffee beans are dried to a basic standard.

Natural coffee has the potential to produce the best coffee. If consistency can be achieved, naturally processed coffee can offer some more interesting and distinct flavors and characteristics, such as tropical fruits, mints, herbs, etc.

Vietnamese Arabica Roasted Coffee Supplier


3.2 Arabica honey

Bridging the gap between wet and natural coffee, honey processing often has the sweetness and sweetness of natural processing while preserving some of the acidity of the method. wet processing. Coffee prepared with honey is generally full and long lasting. – Delicious taste with balanced acidity.

3.3 Arabica full washed

In wet processing, the outer skin of the coffee beans is removed before they are dried. Coffee that is processed by the wet process is called wet processed coffee or washed coffee (washed/wet coffee). This process requires the use of special equipment and consumes a significant amount of water. Wet-processed coffee concentrates only the beans.


Focus on the inherent flavor of the beans, not the exterior. Wet-processed coffee reflects both the science of growing and caring for perfect coffee and the fact that farmers are an integral part. It is important to create the flavor of the coffee. Beans Looking at the coffee that has been washed, it is clear that the country of origin and environmental conditions play a large role in adding flavor to the coffee.

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