Vietnam Coffee Instant: What Are The Benefits Of Instant Coffee?

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Vietnam Coffee Instant: What Are The Benefits Of Instant Coffee? Coffee is known as an indispensable beverage for Vietnamese people. Going around the S-shaped strip of land, everywhere you can find a coffee shop or small coffee carts. Coffee is not only a delicious and sweet drink but also has neuro-stimulating properties that help keep the mind sharp and alert at work, making work more efficient. Replacing powdered coffee with a time-consuming preparation process, instant coffee was born to serve an increasingly busy society.

What is instant coffee?


Vietnam Coffee Instant: What is instant coffee?

To be able to figure out which instant coffee customers love and use most often is probably much easier than giving an exact definition of instant coffee. So what is instant coffee? Instant coffee is also known as instant coffee. This is a type of coffee beverage in the form of a coffee powder that has been roasted and dried, adding suitable flavorings and additives.

The way to enjoy instant coffee is much more convenient and time-saving than other types of coffee. You just need to mix an amount of hot water into the coffee powder, stir with a spoon, and wait for about 30 seconds, you have a wonderful cup of coffee. To make the best instant coffee, you should add a little sugar or condensed milk.

Instant coffee appeared on the market in the 1950s. Thanks to its advantages of being quick, easy to drink, and the ingredients are calculated and prepared just right, since its inception, this type of coffee has dominated. market and receive strong consumer favor in modern society.

So, how much does instant coffee cost? Currently, there are many instant coffee suppliers on the market. However, you need to carefully study the origin as well as the distributor to be able to choose a product that is both cheap and delicious and ensures the health and safety of yourself and the users.

Which type of instant coffee is the best in Vietnam?


In a series of instant coffee brands appearing on the market today, which type of instant coffee is the best? This is a question that many coffee addicts want to find the answer to. Below, we will introduce readers to some of the most famous instant coffee brands on the market.

As an instant coffee product directly produced in Vietnam, Coffee is also known by Vietnamese consumers as Pho coffee, with extremely high popularity. This is the first coffee that appeared on the Vietnamese coffee market and to this day, consumers still love and trust it.

Coffee G7

Coffee G7

Produced and distributed directly from Trung Nguyen Group, a famous coffee supplier in Vietnam. G7 instant coffee became a big coffee brand and quickly became popular with domestic and foreign users.

The flavor of G7 coffee with bold Vietnamese characteristics, rustic, simple, blended into the village of packaged coffee to help them become more and more quality and rich. In addition, Trung Nguyen Coffee Group also has many famous coffee products in Vietnam and around the world.

Vinacafe Instant Coffee

Coffee Vinacafe

Another type of instant coffee that Vietnamese people work hard and put all their heart into is Vinacafe. As a coffee brand on top of famous Vietnamese instant coffees at home and abroad, Vinacafe is associated with an extremely attractive taste, if once tried it is hard to forget.

Vinacafe also attracts consumers by its beautiful appearance, small design, and attractive taste that make the audience fall in love. Certainly, to answer the question of which type of instant coffee is the best, you cannot ignore this instant coffee line.

Nescafe instant coffee


Coffee Nescafe

Surely coffee lovers are not strange when it comes to Nescafe. Even those who do not regularly use coffee will sometimes hear about this brand of imported instant coffee. As a product from Switzerland, Nescafe is on the list of the most used coffee in the world.

Integrating into the market of instant coffee, Nestle company produces Nescafe instant coffee which has won the hearts of many domestic and foreign customers. Besides, Nestle also offers many products with nationwide popularity.

Some other instant coffee brands

Besides the coffees in the top list of popular coffees mentioned above, when it comes to which coffee is the best, many consumers still cannot ignore other instant coffee flavors such as Cafe Coffee. delphin, Vinamilk Cafe, Cafe Wake, etc. These are all famous types of coffee and are gradually dominating the Vietnamese coffee consumption market.

Is instant coffee good to drink?

Is instant coffee good to drink? This is a question that many coffee addicts are interested in looking for. Instant coffee is very convenient and quick to use, no need to use a filter, but also saves a lot of time, suitable for busy people at work. Using instant coffee every morning is essential for those of you who do office work, drive, and other jobs that require subtlety and alertness.

Moreover, with 25% caffeine in a pack of pure instant coffee, instant coffee is not only suitable for men but also enjoyed by many women. Because the nerve stimulation is not high, it is guaranteed not to cause insomnia or nervous tension. Using instant coffee every day, helps the body stay healthy, and fight against cardiovascular diseases, cancan er, and stroke. Besides, when using instant coffee regularly, helps women keep their skin smooth, and anti-oxidant skin.

Amazing effects of instant coffee

Since instant coffee has been widely used and popularized in the market, it is not only used for refreshment or beauty rather than enjoyment. Packaged coffee also brings a lot of benefits that few people know about.

Instant coffee is effective for weight loss

Coffee is a drink that is beneficial for weight loss if you know how to use it. The caffeine content in black instant coffee will promote lipolysis, which converts fatty acids in the blood and cells into useful energy sources during exercise. At the same time, the fat content in the body will decrease quickly.

Let’s combine a reasonable diet, exercise, and 2 to 4 cups of ready-made coffee per day. You will lose the most natural fat. Make sure your health will not be affected, and your body will become firmer and slimmer.

Drinking instant coffee every day helps increase energy

The effect of instant coffee is to increase the body’s energy every day. Surely, you will find that the vast majority of coffee users are office workers who need a high level of concentration at work. That’s right, according to many studies, instant coffee helps you stay awake and focus on work.

Some tips to choose good instant coffee

Vietnam Coffee Instant

Unlike other types of coffee powder, instant coffee is difficult to recognize its deliciousness unless it is brewed and enjoyed. People often know whether instant coffee is good or not through such aspects as:

  • Water color in coffee

The most recognizable feature and also the standard of delicious instant coffee is that when it is mixed with water, its color is not too black, but it is brown like cockroach wings or dark brown depending on the type of coffee. But often the coffee that gives brown color is considered the best instant coffee.

The aroma of coffee

Each type of coffee will have its own unique aroma, delicious and special coffees will have an ethereal, pleasant taste, an irresistible aroma.

  • Comparison in coffee

When you look at the cup of freshly brewed instant coffee, you will see the consistency in the coffee, you can immediately guess, that coffee has a lot of coffee or a little. This will help you discover which instant coffee flavor is good or not. Good coffee is a moderate comparison, not more or less.

  • Coffee foam

Surely we all can see the foam appearing on the surface of the coffee cup, you should notice in the light, slightly opaque color, quickly falling flat, that is the delicious coffee. With this little tip, you will quickly recognize good coffee. However, if the coffee foam is rainbow-colored or takes a long time to melt, then it is likely that the instant coffee has a lot of foaming substances, which will make the coffee no longer delicious.

People often say “nine people ten ideas” meaning that one person finds the coffee delicious but the other does not find it delicious. Therefore, this article only talks about instant coffees that are voted by many consumers today. Hopefully some of our tips on which instant coffee tastes best will help you choose the right coffee for your taste.


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