Vietnam Coffee 3 In 1: Why Should You Choose Coffee Trung Nguyen?

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Vietnam Coffee 3 In 1: Why Should You Choose Coffee Trung Nguyen? Cafe G7 3 in 1 is a familiar drink of people, widely sold across the country because it brings many health benefits. A cup of coffee helps you stay awake, creative, and flexible at work. Since then, it has gradually become an indispensable daily drink for some people, especially office workers. However, have you understood all the factors surrounding it? 

1.  Introducing Vietnam Coffee 3 In 1

Vietnam Coffee 3 In 1
Cafe G7 3 in 1 is Trung Nguyen’s instant coffee from Vietnam. Trung Nguyen Cafe, a small coffee processing and production company has matured over time into a separate brand. With thousands of distribution systems across the country.
Extracted directly from clean, pure coffee beans from the legendary land of Buon Ma Thuot combined with the unique secret of clean coffee, fresh coffee, and the most modern coffee production technology in Vietnam.
Currently, Trung Nguyen coffee has launched many different models: G7 3-in-1 coffee, G7 coffee without sugar, G7 cappuccino, G7 black coffee, G7 instant coffee, strong g7 coffee x 2… products of Trung Nguyen with a completely different taste, rich and attractive aroma. Is an instant coffee product with a taste that no other place can achieve.
G7 is an abbreviation for the Group of Industrial countries, which includes the finance ministers of the 7 richest developed countries in the world (except China): USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Germany, Italy, and France. Although this connection is still not well understood, when it comes to G7 coffee or other types of coffee from Trung Nguyen, it refers to premium quality.
G7 3-in-1 Cafe is a combination of 3 ingredients of non-dairy creamer, sugar, and coffee to create a special taste, the sweetest taste for G7 Trung Nguyen’s products. An unexpected thing happened that instead of craving coffee, it didn’t take long to make a coffee filter. Now just 85 ml of water is enough for 1 pack, and 170ml of water if you like iced coffee.
If you are a coffee connoisseur or simply love the taste of sugar in coffee, then surely this flavor is for you. The above combination in addition to the non-dairy creamer creates a satisfying and delicious product, from which 3-in-1 coffee is an indispensable favorite drink for you and your family.
The flavor of the coffee is intense due to the process of dry roasting the coffee beans and then extracting the flavor, not the dead coffee beans. This helps the G7 have a balanced, just sweet taste. Trung Nguyen’s product is a drink for people who understand and love coffee.

2. Vietnam Coffee 3 In 1:  Drinking coffee 3 in 1 brings many health benefits

In G7 coffee contains antioxidants and many nutrients, bringing many good benefits to human health. According to research, people who have a habit of drinking coffee are less likely to get sick than people who do not drink.

Cafe G7 3 in 1 helps to create comfort, stimulate the mind

In coffee, caffeine helps improve brain function, helps promote metabolism, and acts on the central nervous system to bring a feeling of comfort and joy during work, and that comfort will make you feel better. People are easy-going and don’t care about the little things.

In addition, drinking G7 coffee creates a feeling of alertness, and concentration, and changes the level of thinking and creativity in an upward direction.

Cafe G7 3 in 1 consumes excess fat, increases muscle strength

Caffeine passes through the skin, promoting cells to release fatty acids, burning and minimizing excess body fat. Trung Nguyen will be the perfect choice for those who intend to lose weight if they know how to drink it properly.
In addition, when the amount of excess fat is reduced, the muscles will be firm and stimulate the production of energy for muscles.
Cafe G7 is the only instant coffee selected to serve ASEM5 heads of state.

Cafe G7 3 in 1 helps to reduce liver, neurological, allergic, and asthmatic diseases.

Drinking G7 coffee helps reduce the risk of neurological diseases: alzheimer’sparkinson’son… reduce the risk of depression and, suicide. In addition, drinking coffee reduces the likelihood of liver diseases such as liver cancer, and hepatitis, and helps prolong human life.
If you drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day, your chances of getting an asthma attack will decrease by 28%. Caffeine also has the effect of releasing histamine in the blood, helping the body to regulate and control allergies.
In addition, Cafe G7 also has the effect of reducing pain. Pain relievers on the market often contain caffeine. Therefore, G7 coffee promotes rapid pain relief.

Choose G7 Cafe for every day to improve the quality of health

3. How much caffeine does 1 pack of G7 coffee contain?

G7 coffee is a very popular brand produced with advanced technology and modern lines coffee package includes cream, sugar, mi,lk, and ingredients extracted from clean and pure coffee beans. As one of the the famous delicious and premium coffee products of the Central Highlands. Many people prefer the G7 because of its aromatic, sweet, and slightly bitter taste.

So how much caffeine does a pack of G7 coffee contain? On average, a pack of G7 coffee will have about 7-10mg of caffeine, which is a stimulant that inhibits the nerves in your brain. From there, it helps to keep the mind alert, focused, and full of energy when working and studying. So many people use them every morning to focus, or at night if work and study need high concentration.

4. How to drink 3 in 1 coffee properly

According to research, just 2 cups of G7 3-in-1 coffee a day contributes to improving your health. But if not used properly, coffee will bring about the opposite effects affecting health. So how to use coffee is just enough, the right way?
You should drink coffee wisely and properly. Especially in the morning when your body is preparing for the work schedule.
For the body to adapt and become refreshing, you should drink 1 cup of coffee 30 minutes before going to exercise because then the fatty acids in the coffee will dissolve with the energy you exercise, leading to fat burning. At this point, practice will bring more productivity.
In the evening, you should drink 1 cup of coffee 30 minutes after a meal. The amount of caffeine will destroy excess fat in the blood faster, except in the case of people with insomnia, and eating indigestion, it is best not to drink coffee.
Experts also recommend that you do not drink coffee on an empty stomach because that is the cause of diseases such as stomach ulcers.

5. Coffee G7 3 In 1 in Trung Nguyen 

In the G7 product production system, Trung Nguyen decided to turn G7 into a popular drink with diversified investment in quality and convenient packaging and canning. Following the same product quality, we always have a clear origin, introduction, warranty, and convenience for our customers. In addition to G7 3-in-1 instant coffee, Trung Nguyen also launched several other convenient products:

Cafe G7 Cappuccino

Cafe G7 Cappuccino
For Cappuccino lovers, now there is no need to go to the shop anymore. Because at any place, just a G7 cappuccino is enough for you to have a convenient, delicious cappuccino. G7 cappuccino is made from cream powder combined with high-quality ingredients, Trung Nguyen’s unique secret is to bring you an instant cappuccino in Italian style.

With many different flavors: G7 Cappuccino- hazelnut, G7 Cappuccino- Mocha, G7 Cappuccino- Irish cream, G7 cappuccino –chocolate…

Cafe G7 without sugar

Cafe G7 without sugar

Also known as black instant coffee, no sugar, no milk. Made with the finest ingredients, modern technology, and mysterious oriental know-how, the product has a strong, bold flavor. G7 Trung Nguyen brings you a delicious and strong product like roasted coffee, convenient in a short time.

Cafe G7 strong taste X 2

Cafe G7 without sugar
G7 strong taste x 2 is still Trung Nguyen’s pride in terms of convenience, creating strong feelings for users, and increasing alertness, concentration, creativity, and productivity.



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