Vacuum Sealed – Vacuum Packaging

Vietnamese Coffee Exporter
Vacuum Sealed – Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Sealed – Vacuum Packaging: Coffee is usually stored in vacuum packing. Which is entirely sealed and does not allow air to circulate. These sealed containers are not the best way to store coffee since after roasting, CO2 and other gases are generated from the beans, which, if not allowed to escape, can decrease the flavor quality of the coffee.

Vacuum Sealed – One-way exhaust valve with a sealed valve

Although vacuum-sealed packaging is ineffective at keeping coffee, leaving it unpackaged is much worse, as moisture, sunlight, sky, and air will cause the majority of the flavor to decay.

Vacuum Sealed – Vacuum Packaging

As a result, the packaging was paired with a one-way air outlet valve (Valve-Sealed bag). The one-way valve only allows gas from the packaging to be released to the outside without allowing air to enter, allowing the coffee to be stored for longer while limiting quality loss.


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