Types Of Coffee Roasting Machines Today

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Types Of Coffee Roasting Machines :there are many types on the coffee market, each with different characteristics and uses. We can learn about the current coffee roasters to choose the most suitable one.

To learn clearly about coffee roasting machines, we need to know what types of coffee roasters are available and how they are classified in the world coffee roasting market today.

1. Classification of according to needs Types Of Coffee Roasting Machines

Classification of coffee roasters according to needs is a classification that many people often use because it is simpler to recognize. There are two main groups commonly found in this classification.

Mini coffee roaster

Mini coffee roaster products are often used for home use or in small coffee shops; they can also be called home roasters.

This group’s coffee roasting machine products usually have a small capacity, such as 0.5 kg coffee roaster, 1kg, 2kg, and 3kg coffee roaster.

Industrial coffee roasting machine

As the name suggests, industrial coffee roasters are used for the coffee processing industry, and large chains of cafes, restaurants, or resorts have a high consumption of roasted coffee.

Industrial coffee roasters have the lowest capacity from 5kg, 10kg, 20kg to 60kg, or even machines up to hundreds of kilograms for each roasting batch.

Industrial coffee roasters with high capacity can help each batch to roast more coffee, and save time and cost of roasting more coffee. However, industrial roasters that are challenging to operate require high expertise and strict maintenance and operation to bring the best quality of coffee beans after roasting.

2. Classification of coffee roasters according to heating characteristics

For those knowledgeable about the coffee market in general and roasters in particular, it will not be strange to classify according to the heating characteristics of this product. There are three main groups of roasters classified by heating characteristics: hot air roasters, drum roasters, and manual pan roasters.

Hot Air Coffee Roaster

Hot air roaster, airflow roaster, or hot air roaster are all names that people often use to call roasting products designed and manufactured using Hot air technology – one of the most popular technologies in the world—new and most modern technology on the world coffee roaster market.

A hot air coffee roaster uses heat to heat the air in the roasting cage, and this hot air will ripen the coffee right in the cell. The advantage of the hot air roaster is that it helps the coffee beans ripen most evenly from the inside out and retains the characteristic flavor of the coffee beans.

Drum coffee roaster

A drum-type coffee roasting machine is the most popular type of machine on its market today, with a drum-shaped roasting cage design. Unlike the Hot air machine, when using this type of roaster, we will ripen the coffee beans by direct heat acting on the drum wall; the coffee beans, when in contact with the hot surface of the roasting drum, will ripen gradually.

When using a drum roaster, the experience of the roaster is significant; if there is no good experience, it will produce unevenly cooked batches of coffee, affecting the taste of the coffee beans…

We have gas roasters or electric them with the drum coffee roaster. Electric roasters are more convenient and modern, but many opinions say that the roaster is gas for higher quality coffee beans.

Pan-type coffee roaster

In addition to the above professional roasters, pan-type was used a lot but is no longer popular.

This manual coffee roaster uses rudimentary fuels such as coal firewood to ripen coffee beans on one side of the pan; this is an old and manual way of roasting coffee, creating delicious coffee beans. The quality is relatively low due to many changes during roasting.

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There are many popular types of roasting machines on the market; each class will have different characteristics, so customers who are coffee shops, coffee production, business enterprises, etc., should choose carefully to have You can find the best coffee roasters that are right for your business.

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