Top 5 Coffee Roasters For Small Business

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Top 5 Coffee Roasters For Small Business

Top 5 Coffee Roasters For Small Business: If you’re looking for the ultimate coffee experience, then forget to buy pre-roasted beans. There’s nothing quite like the taste of coffee made from beans you roast yourself. But not all roasters are created equally. We’ve searched the internet for the top 5 coffee roasters for small businesses.

Five best small business coffee roasters

The top 5 coffee roasters for small business consist of:

Moongiantgo Electric Coffee Roaster

A perfect machine for the roasting of small sample batches is the Moongiantgo Electric Coffee Roaster, a fully automatic 1600W machine. With a batch size from 130 to 300g, it is ideal for being used at home and in the office and, of course, for trying out the quality of the green beans provided by a new supplier.

It has seven roast levels. So no matter if you require espresso or lightly roasted coffee, this machine will provide you with what you need. An espresso roasted on the highest level will take about 18 minutes to be roasted thoroughly. Afterwards, the integrated cooling feature cools the beans in just three minutes.

Top 5 Coffee Roasters For Small Business
Top 5 Coffee Roasters For Small Business

While the Moongiantgo coffee roaster is quite pricey for a small batch roaster, it is convinced with its high quality and practical and elegant design.

The intuitive display where you can choose the baking level of your beans and start or interrupt the process makes this machine very easy to use. The practical, removable stainless steel coffee bean basket with its rustic wooden handle can be quickly removed and cleaned.

BOCABOCA Coffee Bean Roaster

Another exceptionally well-suited roaster for small batches is the BOCABOCA 250 Coffee Bean Roaster, which gives you a choice between a 110 or 220-volt version.

Because it is relatively quiet during the roasting process, it is perfect for being used in the office or in case your coffee roasting business resides in a spare room in your house or apartment. And you do not want to disturb your neighbours.

With its wooden exterior, the design of this coffee roaster is compact and elegant and will look good in any kitchen or coffee shop. Ideal for you. Not only is the quality of the beans central to your success, but you also need to ensure a welcoming and cosy atmosphere for the room where you advertise and sell your products.

Top 5 Coffee Roasters For Small Business
Top 5 Coffee Roasters For Small Business

The upper portion of the drum is made of glass and thus transparent, which gives you insight into the bean development and enables you to make adjustments whenever you need to provide you with a lot of control over the roast profile.

The roaster is controlled via two switches; one controls the temperature, and the other is a timer that goes up to 15 minutes for the darkest roast. Hence, the Bocaboca works faster than the Moongiantgo and is perfect when you want to taste your creation quickly or when you usually function in a hectic and fast-paced environment.

Mingfuxin Coffee Roaster

The Minofuxin Uoorade 2020 is available in 110 and 220-volt versions. It is a machine with a comparably large holding capacity of 725g.

Still, because it is easy to use and affordable, it is nevertheless an excellent choice for a small business. The Mingfuxin coffee roaster is known for its durability and sturdiness.

Top 5 Coffee Roasters For Small Business
Top 5 Coffee Roasters For Small Business

The user-friendly interface includes two dialers: one lets you adjust the temperature from 0-240, and the other is a timer going up to 60 minutes. This gives you much control over the roasting process, and you can make various choices depending on batch size and the desired roast level.

The coffee roaster has a transparent lid with vent holes that allow moisture to escape, which is important when shaping the flavour of your roast. With this coffee roaster, you will need to remember that it will be necessary to place it in a well-ventilated area. Because there is no smoke suppression included.

DYVEE Coffee Roaster

When you are ready to roast slightly bigger batches, a DYVEE Roasting Machine might be just what you are looking for at 400g; it is still small, lightweight, and compact and does not take up a lot of space. Additionally, it is exceptionally cheap, delivering you the best mechanical roaster in this price range.

Top 5 Coffee Roasters For Small Business
Top 5 Coffee Roasters For Small Business

The temperature has to be set manually, and the quartz glass body of the rotating drum lets you see every step of the roasting process very dearly. Just set it on a gas stove or gas burner to use it. The material of the machine ensures a constant temperature level, and the beans are stirred at a uniform speed.

The wooden handle of the rotator does not conduct much heat, making it safe and easy to use. After roasting, it is very easy to dean since it is coated with food-grade non-stick material. This is the best coffee roaster for small businesses and the best small commercial coffee roaster.

Lamison Coffee Roaster

A larger capacity roaster is the Lamson Coffee Roaster, which holds 800g. But it is always important to note that smaller batches are better for a more even roast, even when a roaster can fit more beans. The opportunity to roast large batches will come in handy on hectic days but might not always satisfy the most demanding of coffee lovers.

The heat-resistant transparent cover with ventilation holes and the anti-scalding handles make it safe to use, and the stir bar guarantees an even roast. With its non-stick bottom coated with Teflon, this coffee roaster can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Top 5 Coffee Roasters For Small Business
Top 5 Coffee Roasters For Small Business

It is lighter and thus easier to transport than other roasters of its size. But it will not achieve the durability of a stainless steel product. You can also use it to make dried fruit or popcorn, making it a perfect multi-purpose machine for your small business. This is the best commercial coffee roaster machine and the best commercial coffee roaster!

Note when using the coffee roaster

The selection of ingredients is way too crucial for the machine to perform well and produce the best coffee roast batches. So, pay attention to the roasting procedure for the perfect roasting batch and find the most satisfactory temperature.

Clean the machine after each batching to keep hold of the coffee beans’ quality and establish the roaster’s longevity. Start the device and then put down the beans to circumvent the coffee beans in the engine.

Coffee roasters are like instruments that must be used decently to secure product longevity, durability as well as the prime quality of the coffee. Here are the tips when using a quality roaster that our readers need to know.

Start a coffee roasting business by following these ten steps:

  1. Plan your Coffee Roasting Business
  2. Form your Coffee Roasting Business into a Legal Entity
  3. Register your Coffee Roasting Business for Taxes
  4. Open a Business Bank Account & Credit Card
  5. Set up Accounting for your Coffee Roasting Business
  6. Get the Necessary Permits & Licenses for your Coffee Roasting Business
  7. Get Coffee Roasting Business Insurance
  8. Define your Coffee Roasting Business Brand
  9. Create your Coffee Roasting Business Website
  10. Set up your Business Phone System

There is more to starting a business than just registering it with the state. We have put together this simple guide to starting your coffee roasting business.


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