The Value Of Dien Bien Coffee Comes From Quality

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The Value Of Dien Bien Coffee Comes From Quality

The Value Of Dien Bien Coffee Comes From Quality: Dien Bien TV – Dien Bien province has a cold climate due to the influence of the northeast monsoon with heavy rainfall, inconspicuous dry season, favorable soil and weather conditions;

Muong Ang land, in particular, Dien Bien is generally suitable for coffee trees to grow and develop. Up to now, Dien Bien coffee has gradually affirmed its position as a key crop, contributing to hunger eradication and poverty alleviation, bringing stable income for many farming households in the province; at the same time, creating products with export value, making an essential contribution to the transformation of crop structure.

With the desire to create a clean and safe product from the raw material area to the collection, processing, and packaging process, Mr. Pham Manh Hung in residential group 1, Muong Ang Town, has chosen a different approach than many households.

In the region. That is growing Coffee under scattering, without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Coffee is a shade-loving plant, so his family’s coffee garden grows more large trees to cover and regulate the climate.

To keep the environment clean, he does not use pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers; instead, the tree is only fertilized with compost made from the pods of the coffee cherries.

According to Mr. Hung, the roasting stage is the most difficult in the chain of processing stages. Coffee has antioxidants, which are good for health, but if the roasting technique is not guaranteed, the Coffee will quickly burn, causing this substance to be lost. Proper roasting of Coffee helps control sugar, fat, aroma, and beneficial compounds.

Standard roasted Coffee is when the beans turn yellow, inside and out, without black spots. The worker pours the seeds into the jar and incubates for 30 days to stabilize the scent when cooled. The raw materials are taken out for roasting and packaging at the end of the brewing process.

Thanks to the standard roasting technique, without mixing or marinating additives to create flavor, his Muong Ang coffee products have the dry, uniform color of cockroach wings, a combination of sweet, mild bitterness. Acrid, original fragrance. And to do this, it is a persistent thing that only ripe cherries that meet the standard requirements will be used when harvesting.

The standard Coffee picked in the garden continues to be screened one more time, then it is dried, soaked, fermented, and produced rice coffee. Unlike other coffee-growing households, Mr. Hung has invested in a greenhouse and installed a fan system to dry Coffee.

This solution has significantly reduced the cost of fuel for coffee drying, made the Coffee dry faster, saving the drying yard area, and at the same time increased the quality of processed Coffee.

Identifying Coffee as a critical crop associated with job creation and bringing gsocioeconomicnomic benefits, Muong Ang District has come up with specific solutions such as: Actively propagandizing and mobilizing

People to maintain the existing planting area and actively taking care of and restoring 800ha of poor-quality coffee gardens; guide people to develop a clean coffee production process, from the selection of varieties, planting, care to harvest and product consumption;

Technology transfer to coffee producers; mobilizing coffee makers only to harvest 95% or more ripe berries, not green ones to ensure quality standards, and at the same time encourage and create favorable conditions for businesses to invest in building factories. Processing Coffee according to advanced technology.

In addition, the district government has also proposed to the Provincial People’s Committee to issue a policy to support coffee growers, a decisive factor in maintaining and expanding the area of ​​coffee gardens instead of just supporting processing activities. Manufacture; Trade promotion, advertising, product introduction.

Along with that, with the determination to develop a sustainable coffee area, the district has promoted propaganda about quality standards and the benefits of applying quality standards to create clean coffee products, helping people understand and taken seriously

At the same time, strengthen the State management of product quality; actively research, breed and select coffee varieties with disease resistance, high yield and quality to put them into mass production, contributing to the development of sustainable coffee areas.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Dat, Deputy Secretary of the Central Committee of the District Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the People’s Council of Muong Ang District, said: Regarding the policy and orientation for coffee development in the coming years, the district still identifies Coffee as a critical strength tree for developmsocioeconomicnomic development and poverty alleviation.

The district will focus on sustainable coffee development, branding, attention to deep processing, finding a stable output market, and maintaining and taking good care of the existing coffee area.

Expand the site based on planning, develop sustainably, ensure 4c standards, promote calling for investment attraction, and process plants so that Muong Ang coffee is a strong country tree. District, contributing tosocioeconomicnomic development of the community as determined by the resolution of the 20th district Party Congress.

To create coffee products of pristine quality, environmentally friendly, with economic efficiency and a stable consumption market, Muong Ang district promotes the application of scientific and technical advances to select some Arabica coffee varieties that have advantages and are suitable such as TN1, TN2, and Catimor.

In which TN1 and TN2 hybrids were bred between Catimor tea coffee variety with wild-origin tea coffee from Ethiopia (North Africa) performed by the Central Highlands Agro-Forestry Institute, showing that this plant grows Healthy, multi-branched, the yield from 4-5 tons of green coffee/ha, size 100 kernels/15-17g, no rust disease.

In addition, the district strengthens propaganda on quality standards and the benefits of applying quality standards such as TCVN 4193:2005, UTZ, 4C, VietGAP… to create clean coffee products, so that people understand and strictly implement them, and at the same time strengthen the state management of product quality management.

Researching, breeding, and selecting coffee varieties with disease resistance, high yield, and quality to put them into mass production; consider, research to bring suitable types of Coffee from abroad for trial planting; continue researching, amending, and supplementing clean coffee production processes, transferring techniques to coffee producers, encouraging and supporting coffee growers to use guaranteed fertilizers and pesticides. , the proper procedure in taking care of coffee plants.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Kinh, Director of Plant Protection Sub-Department of Dien Bien province, said: ” Coffee tree is known as the tree of the rich, that’s why coffee production and business households, mostly farmers Households have economic conditions and are qualified in farming, therefore, the use of fertilizers and pesticides is chosen by them very carefully through the growth and development stages of crops as well as used on different pests.

As for pesticides, now in Muong Ang, there are also official business agents and licensed business conditions, and coffee growers often buy drugs at these locations. Regarding the origin and quality of the drug.

Taking advantage of the terrain and climate, over the years, the province has directed functional sectors to coordinate with localities in the coffee-growing planning area to build a system of production and supply of local varieties, encourage the establishment of cooperatives and cooperative groups for coffee development.

At the same time, along with the central government’s policy, the province has also issued many mechanisms and procedures to support sustainable coffee production and development.

However, the production of Coffee in the province still faces many difficulties, such as Coffee farming still depending heavily on natural conditions, complicated terrain makes it difficult to apply technical processes. Techniques, building sustainable concentrated production areas; linkages between farmers and enterprises in production, processing, quality control, and trade are still limited; links in the development of raw material areas have not yet been formed; The activities of purchasing and preliminarily processing products are mainly small, and drying is still done manually.

In particular, there is no factory to process coffee products on a large scale, environmentally friendly, the consumption of products is unsustainable and dependent on the export market. Raw materials, the percentage of local and domestic consumption is insignificant. To gradually overcome the shortcomings and ensure the quality of products to meet export standards, our province focuses on implementing solutions to develop Coffee sustainably.

Planning perennial coffee areas in the direction of total production; replanting coffee trees, applying scientific advances to the process of planting, and tending to improve coffee yield and quality. Focus on calling and encouraging businesses to invest in purchasing, processing, and consuming coffee products to build the brand name of Dien Bien coffee in general and Muong Ang coffee in particular.

We strengthen market search by organizing and participating in trade promotion activities promoting Coffee branded products and goods. Concentrating investment resources to develop, build and form a concentrated coffee production area, specializing in large fields in compliance with standards and principles 4C, UTZ, Vietnam… to ensure standards and product quality for export. Continue to inherit and perform well on the “4 houses” and “5 houses” links to consume products for farmers.

Dien Bien coffee, in general, and Muong Ang coffee, in particular, have a distinct taste and quality partly due to the terrain, soil, and climate of the geographical area that is suitable for Arabica coffee varieties. Along with that, the long-term accumulated experience of local people from selecting types selection of planting land to the care and harvesting process, also increases the quality of Coffee.

Regarding processing, all Coffee in the province is processed by the wet processing method to help ensure the intrinsic quality of the coffee beans, resulting in green coffee products with uniform color and quality, so the Coffee is always of good quality and high commercial value.

In addition, people actively invest and apply science and technology in the production process, contributing to improving quality, bringing Dien Bien coffee products to sustainable development, and becoming more and more popular favored.

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