The Legend Of Coffee Trees On The Central Highlands Vietnam

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The Legend Of Coffee Trees On The Central Highlands Vietnam

The Legend Of Coffee Trees On The Central Highlands Vietnam: The accumulation of coffee trees – the legend of coffee trees in the red land of Basalt Central Highlands (thuot coffee festival).

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The accumulation of coffee trees – the legend of coffee trees in the red land of Basalt Central Highlands (Thuot coffee festival).

Once upon a time, in one land, rivers and waterfalls met. There is a small village living. They live peacefully by the maize, and the green cassava in the mountains, and forests.

Night by the Fire of the House; children heard the village elders tell stories about the brave sons of the village trade; Destroying the beasts that bring a warm life to everyone.

The Legend Of Coffee Trees On The Central Highlands Vietnam

When spring comes, the forest petals bloom everywhere; signaling the sowing season. A new day when the sky is still foggy. From the Side of the House, the village elder beat the gong to call everyone to come.

The village elder said: “Today our village trade welcomes good news: a child who has just been born, a son.”


Already the son of this village trade must have the strength of the lobster, the bear, the toughness of the snake, the python; The legs run as far as the deer. It must be worthy of being the child of the village trade. After the village elder invited the river god, the mountain god came to receive and protect the boy. Everyone took turns rubbing his head and wishing the boy good wishes.

In the mother’s arms, the boy trampled very aggressively. Look at the firm, healthy boy with shiny brown skin, a wide mouth, and star-bright eyes. He’s the son of this village merchant, and soon he’ll be what the village elder said.

He grew up as healthy as every child of the village trade, and at the age of three, he was orphaned by both his parents. Being cared for by everyone in the village, he grew up in the love of everyone. You love your town. Time passed, and soon he became a healthy boy and had a perfect voice.

They call him the nightingale of the mountains. When you sing, the bird ceases to sing. The fish under the slot also stopped swimming, and deer always heard to forget to look for drinking water. The singing flew back to make everyone in the trade forget all the fatigue after a hard day.

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One day a strange bird came from nowhere. Its wings spread out to obscure the sky, wherever the trees leaned. Large traps were set. The next day the birds came back in the old way. When he swooped down into the middle of the village, his feet were immediately caught in a large trap.

The arrows and the tops rushed from all directions, and the big trees rumbled down on him. Injured angry birds destroyed houses. In the face of a sizeable ferocious enemy, the boys still fight tenaciously, but their weapons do not defeat the vicious birds. Seeing that the peaceful life was no longer there, the village elders led everyone to find new land.

The Legend Of Coffee Trees On The Central Highlands Vietnam

Leave behind the land that has been attached to them for generations. Embark on a dangerous journey full of hardships, and dangers waiting for them ahead. Seeing the dear village merchant suffering from the bad birds caused the boy to decide to destroy the bad birds to save the village trade.

Before his will, the village elder sat quietly for a moment and said: “I know your will, but your enemy is a thousand times bigger than you. It isn’t very nice. Many people have to leave themselves because there is nothing to fight against it.”

I heard from the ancients that on the highest and farthest peaks. A white cloud all year round covers a very sacred iron. Every day it’s morning to see its light sparkle. Only iron as a sword can fight the enemy, but no one can make many dangers. What do you mean?


The boy replied. As an older man, I’ve decided that even if it’s hard, I don’t mind.

Then the boy left in the direction of the village elder’s hand, crossing the billowing rivers; The waterfalls were fierce, his feet squeezing toward the setting sun. The old forest was dense. Thorns pierced through the flesh, the strings of the forest clinging to his footsteps. The wild beasts that followed the steam came; But by wit, it didn’t stop him from walking.

Then one day, he stepped foot on the highest mountain. In front of him, the sacred iron appeared brightly in the sun. All the physical pain seems to disappear. Holding the holy iron in his hand as if a flow of power flowed through, the return distance was shorter. The village was happy to welcome the boy back, and the village elder told everyone.

Let’s see if our beloved son has brought back the sacred iron. No animal can harm it. Thanks to the river god, the mountain god of love, who protected him from getting this holy iron back. Let’s all light that big fire to forge the sword. Then everyone put in the effort to forge the sword of Vietnam.


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They worked day and night without rest and each person’s heart was as excited as if they had eliminated the evil bird. The day the sword was done, the mountain god protected the boy after praying to the river god.

The village elder handed the sword to the boy on behalf of the village merchant. In his hands, the sword suddenly shone a bright light. Holding the sword, he boiled his will to destroy the enemy.

The Legend Of Coffee Trees On The Central Highlands Vietnam

The village merchant contributed the last rice grains, making a big handful of rice for the boy to carry. For days, the fallen forest trees; The boy finally reached where the birds were hiding. The fight between the boy and the bird was very fierce.

The sky was dark, and the whole land was destroyed. The rivers and waterfalls that boiled over cheered to strengthen the boy. It was seven days and seven nights of fighting between humans and birds that were undefeated, and the two sides were gradually exhausted.

There is only one nail left on the bird which is a weapon. The boy’s body was also full of wounds. On the eighth day, a thought flashed through his head. On one occasion, the bird entered, and the boy used his best to launch the sword at the evil bird. The wind-toned blade hit the bird’s chest, which is when the sharp fingernail of the bird and its body crashed into the boy.

The boy’s blood mixed with the blood of the birds flowed down the river red. The river boiled red all over a large area. When the village merchant arrived, there was no boy and the sword; I only saw the dead birds in the red river.

Fierce fight between boy and bird. Standing in front of the old bird’s carcass told everyone. My dear son is no more. It has incarnated into the trees and rivers of this mountain and forest to bring us a peaceful life.


Our village is proud of having a brave son who will live forever in our hearts, always by our side.

Whenever the village trade is in danger, it will always protect us (Vietnam’s central highlands).
From there, the village has lived a peaceful life coffee tree, a life in the new land where the birds are destroyed.

The boy and the fallen bird grow strange arabica coffee trees, that tree grows as fast as it blows; Soon, it was shining, flowers blooming white and bunches of branches of Vietnam coffee. When eaten by people, its seeds feel like there is a power flowing through them.

That land is the land of the Highlands today (central highlands region). And that strange tree is the coffee tree, the tree with intense vitality on this red land of basalt.

It is in this land that night in the House of Feathers that coffee is grown. The village children were still told about the boy’s example by the older man main growing. And the heroic sons of the village trade by the majestic Truong Son range story.

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