The Coffee House Vietnam

Vietnamese Coffee Exporter
The Coffee House Vietnam

The Coffee House Vietnam: Even though it began in 2014, many companies, particularly those in the F&B industry, dream of building a successful brand. The Coffee House Vietnam, related to a Vietnamese coffee brand, said it would eventually become the second Starbucks in Vietnam.

Whose Coffee House is it?

The Vietnamese coffee market is organized into numerous distinct divisions, and significant businesses participate in each category.

Trung Nguyen, Highlands Coffee, and international brands like Starbucks Coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Nydc are available in the market segment for office employees. Passio and Urban Station are consistently present in part devoted to youth or teenagers.

Nguyen Hai Ninh resigned from his position as a co-founder when the urban station coffee business opened its 28th location to follow his passion. Ninh’s second project, The Coffee House, has a distinctive “Hai Ninh” style that is very remarkable.

If somebody is sophisticated, they’ll recognize The Coffee House as a cross between Starbucks and Highlands Coffee. The Coffee House thus targets clients who have travelled, have gone to work and enjoy experiencing upscale cafes at reasonable pricing.

The Coffee House Vietnam
The Coffee House Vietnam

Despite the Coffee House’s current success, few people are aware of the struggles Hai Ninh had before receiving funding from the Seedcom Investment Fund and achieving its goal of opening 200 locations by 2021.

The Coffee House currently operates 80 sites and serves more than 40,000 customers daily. And it was on track to consume nearly 300 tons of coffee in 2018.

What is The Coffee House Signature?

The shop’s interior is divided into two stories: high ceilings, tables, seats, and a very tastefully built lighting system. Every nook and cranny is incredibly cozy for working or enjoying a coffee. You can forgo an inside setting if you want a calm, open outdoor setting. Additionally, wood furniture imparts a sense of warmth and elegance.

The stunning point of surprise for you when you first enter The Coffee House Signature is the location of the ingredients to make coffee right in the middle of the roomy, contemporary, and spotless bar. Since The Coffee House Signature is a high-end coffee establishment, you won’t find macchiato or lemongrass peach tea here.

Which drink should I order when I visit the coffee shop?

When choosing the components for coffee and all other drinks, The Coffee House only uses products that have passed thorough testing and meet the highest standards for quality. The Coffee House’s complete staff’s dedication is the most important “raw material” we use to make each product.

A love of flavour, concern for customer satisfaction, enthusiasm for serving, and meticulousness to attain the highest quality are created for each cup of coffee.

If you’re searching for a beverage to keep you alert and rejuvenated, ground-iced coffee dishes won’t let you down. Just choose your favorite flavour of coffee from The Coffee House’s menu.

The delight of the coffee shop is to create such priceless moments; the only thing more important than time spent with friends is a cup of chocolate.

You can get a cup of tea whenever you visit The Coffee House and at any hour of the day. Smoothies, made by blending yoghurt, fruit, and fresh milk, are an excellent option for relaxing and reviving the skin. Since they combine energy, freshness, and colour.

What makes The Coffee House so awesome?

Menu options include espresso, macchiato, smoothie, … The Coffee House offers its clients a variety of high-quality cakes as well as breakfast and lunch options. Additionally, there are other practical experiences that every diner will feel and value differently.

Offering specialities like Lemongrass Peach Tea, Milk Cafe, Matcha Macchiato, Macchiato Black Tea, Silver, Americano, Hazelnut Ground Ice, Latte, Mocha, Caramel Macchiato, Caramel Ground Ice, Cappuccino, Mocha Ground Ice, Ground Ice Chocolate, Ground Ice Cookies, as well as various teas and fruit drinks.

What are the typical discounts at Coffee House?

The Coffee House app was developed for mobile devices, not only to “give.” But also because it is a channel that generates substantial amounts of income for the retailer. Customers receive a complimentary water portion after earning 20 points and a 10% loyalty discount.

Customers of The Coffee House can benefit from an enticing discount offer of 40,000 VND by phoning Local Delivery and using the Moca payment application (QR scanning online payment). Guidelines for getting rewards:

First, download the Moca app and connect it to your HSBC, ACB, or Sacombank card.
Step 2: Order from and select the Moca payment option.
Online payment scanning is step three.
– Step 4: On the Moca App, enter the offer codes “2HSBC,” “2ACB,” “2SACOM,” and “2ACB” at the checkout stage. If you have an HSBC card, enter the offer code “2HSBC”. If you have an ACB card, enter the offer code “2ACB.”


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