The Best Coffee Beans For Dark Roast

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The Best Coffee Beans For Dark Roast

The Best Coffee Beans For Dark Roast – Medium and light roasted coffee we will not talk about in this article. In this article, we will talk about dark-roasted coffee. If you are not sure what dark-roasted coffee is, here is its definition of it:

After the “second crack”, the coffee beans quickly darken, and the surface is shiny because the oil seeps out. Spanish-roasted coffee is usually charcoal black and shiny because the surface of the beans is rich in oil.

At this level of roasting, we will see the beginning of smoke in the roast, which is when the sugar is carbonized. With this roast level, the taste will be smoky/sweet with a light body. The darker the roast, the less sour it will be.

Besides, the darker the roast, the more caffeine it will break down. So dark roasted coffee will have a less stimulating effect than lightly roasted coffee. This is also part of the reason why Robusta beans with high caffeine content are often used to make espresso.

Note: Many coffee beans lose their distinctive flavor if they are roasted to a dark roast level. So consider and learn about coffee beans before deciding on a recipe for a roast.

Coffee tastes have always tended to favor dark roasts, which is the same level of roasting that applies to commercial coffees. But for specialty coffees, lighter roasts are often required to preserve sensitive flavors.

If you like this level of roasting, pay close attention and make sure you’ve mastered the roaster and temperature. Because at this temperature, the coffee beans will move to the next roast level in just a few seconds if not stopped at the right time.

So what are the best beans for a dark roast?

Actually, in my personal opinion, coffee is also a drink that the way to process it to bring the best taste to everyone will not be the same, but we can judge through a number of quality standards along with expert judgments to choose the best coffee beans for a dark roast.

When you drink dark roast coffee you can feel the flavor of the roasting process: it’s bitter, possibly with a burnt and smoky taste.

Robusta in Vietnam is mostly roasted at a dark level because this roasting level is suitable for the taste of many people who like to drink filtered coffee, or brew a drink with condensed milk, or fresh milk, …. Arabica is also dark roasted, but not much because it loses its distinctive flavor.


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