Technical Parameters Of Industrial Coffee Roasting Machine

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Technical Parameters Of Industrial Coffee Roasting Machine (2)

Technical Parameters Of Industrial Coffee Roasting Machine: Each coffee roaster manufacturer will have its parameters for its products, which may be the same capacity. Still, the different roasters in terms of the brand will also differ in many other parameters.

Currently, the demand for industrial coffee roasters is growing. Because of this, a variety of coffee-roasting machines were born. Understanding the general parameters of some typical coffee roasting machine capacity will help you easily choose the roaster that suits your needs.

1. 1 kg Coffee Roaster

This mini coffee roaster is often used in homes, offices, or small coffee shops. The capacity of the product is not high but meets the user’s needs. The operating power of the product is from 0.5 to 1 kg of coffee per batch. The roasting time is about 10-15 minutes. The roasting temperature of the machines is mostly manually adjusted.

Technical Parameters Of Industrial Coffee Roasting Machine (2)

2. 2 kg Coffee Roaster

This line of coffee roasters is also often used in places where coffee is roasted in small quantities. Usually, this coffee roaster caters to the needs of office workers, students, and the elderly. This product usually has an electrical capacity of about 3.2 kW, a roasting operation time of 18 to 25 minutes, and can use an indoor power source (220V).

3. 3 kg Coffee Roaster

That is also a small type 5 coffee roaster with a total power capacity of about 0.8 kW. The time for each batch of roasting is approximately 10-15 minutes. The product uses hands to adjust the roasting temperature. The sound intensity is not too high, so it does not make noise when used.

4. 5 kg Coffee Roaster

The capacity of this coffee roaster is about 5 kg, with a total machine capacity of 18 kg/hour. With a roasting time of about 18 to 22 minutes. The 5 kg roaster belongs to the industrial roasters with a size and weight of up to 250kg. 5kg roasters are often used for small coffee businesses or roasted cafes with average visitors.


5. 10 kg Coffee Roaster

The specifications of a 10kg coffee roaster are not much different from the 5kg type. This product has twice the capacity of 5kg. The machine capacity also increases from 30 kg/hour.

In addition, the height, length, width, and weight of the product also increase to ensure the process of roasting coffee of the user. The capacity of a 10kg machine is chosen by many people when it can provide the amount of roasted coffee for business needs every day.

6. 20 kg Coffee Roaster

Twice the capacity of a 10kg coffee roaster. Not only that, but the machine capacity is also superior, reaching 60 kg/hour. The product is more prominent in size to meet the needs of consumers. Weighing up to 550kg, the 20kg machine is also quite bulky, used for large cafes and small processing coffee roasting facilities. Each batch of roasting of the device will take 18-22 minutes, optimizing the roasting speed for the user.

7. 30 kg Coffee Roasting machine

That is a prominent type of coffee roaster belonging to the group of industrial roasters, with a machine capable of up to 90 kg/hour. The product is often used a lot for coffee production enterprises, coffee processing facilities, and coffee processing roasting plants.

There is a need to roast a lot of coffee volume per batch. Still, with a roasting time of 20-25 minutes, the book of roasting per batch is significant so that the manufacturer can optimize the roasting speed effectively.

8. 60 kg coffee roasting machine

Currently, this type of coffee roaster is relatively popular because it meets the demand for supplying large quantities to customers. The product is significant, along with a reasonably high machine operating capacity. Meanwhile, the fuel used and roasting of each batch are not too different from the smaller roasters.

Technical Parameters Of Industrial Coffee Roasting Machine (2)

The volume of roasted coffee is greater, helping the manufacturer reduce coffee processing costs. The 60kg coffee roaster is now very popular by coffee processing roasters in large coffee processing and distribution factories in the market today.

9. 120 kg coffee roasting machine

Coffee roasters of this type have an operating capacity of up to 360-600kg/h. A roast batch takes a time of 12-20 minutes. This type of industrial product is mainly used to produce commercial coffee supplied in bulk and regular quantities.


A 120 kg coffee roaster is not very popular because it is only used in huge roasting plants. The roaster at this capacity must often be set separately from the manufacturer if the business wants to own it.

Here are the specifications of the popular coffee roasters. Depending on the purpose of use, you can buy yourself a suitable roaster. Please get in touch with a reputable store to purchase quality products.


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