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Culi coffee is one of the most mentioned types of coffee, after Robusta and arabica coffee beans. It is often used to blend with Robusta or Arabica Vietnamese coffee beans. This is supposed to accentuate the coffee shop’s general flavor more distinctly. But is that true? We will help you clear up some common misconceptions about this coffee to answer that question.

1./ Is culi coffee another variety?

Culi coffee is not another variety. As we all know, coffee has the Robusta and Arabica family. Therefore, there will be many varieties of Robusta and many different varieties of Arabica. However, culi coffee is not like that. Culi coffee is ground coffee beans. They are variations of Robusta or Arabica coffee.

So what are Culi coffee beans?

Usually, each Robusta or Arabica coffee fruit will have two flat seeds. However, there will be mutant fruits; each fruit has only 1 round bean. That seed is called a coriander seed. Therefore, if correct, we need to distinguish between culi-robusta coffee and culi-arabica coffee for transparency in trading.

So, this coffee is not another coffee variety. It is a variation of Robusta and Arabica only. And usually, in the market, you will mainly be Culi-Robusta.

2./ Is this coffee better?

Whether it’s delicious or not will depend on the drinker’s taste and many other quality factors of the coffee beans. But in terms of origin. Because this coffee is also Robusta or Arabica coffee, it can be said that the similarity is relatively high. That is, Culi-robusta is similar to Robusta and so is Arabica. They will not be the same, but the resemblance is very high.

If you try brewing these beans with Robusta beans with the same amount and process, you will see a difference. Robusta coffee will have a rounder taste and a relatively darker aftertaste than Robusta. But this is the opposite of Arabica. Arabica coffee has a superior taste compared to Culi Arabica.

3./ Is this coffee a bug?

The defects in coffee beans’ beans are poor quality beans such as black beans, worms, and flat seeds… These coffee beans will cause the taste to be significantly reduced after brewing. However, coffee beans do not degrade the flavor of the coffee in the same way.

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So the problem is? In exporting coffee, there will be a requirement for uniformity of beans. Uniform in size and shape of seeds. This depends on the needs of the importing party. Therefore, if there is a high requirement for the uniformity of the body of the coffee beans, the coffee beans will be removed during the coloration process, which is the error of the green coffee batch.

These coffee beans, after being removed, will be sold separately into the culi coffee line as we see today in the market. So, this coffee is not a subpar bean, as many people often say.

So how should we use coffee and roast coffee beans?

It’s best to experiment, then figure out how to the make the best coffee for yourself, call coffee is often mixed with Robusta coffee to increase the depth and aftertaste of the coffee. The mixing ratio is usually 30% or more to show the difference.

In addition, you can also try a sample blend of Robusta, Arabica, and Culi. Using Robusta as the main ingredient with a rate of 50%-60%, the rest will be Arabica and Culi.

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