Robusta Natural, Honey, Washed Processing – What Is Better?

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  • Honey processed coffee bean/honey process

  • Natural process

  • Processed coffee/washed process

  • Pulped natural coffee

Currently, there are many types of coffee on the market, but those who have a preference or taste for which type will choose that type. And we cannot argue who is right and who is wrong because that’s everyone’s taste.

The problem here is that coffee lines have many types, and typically Robusta is a widely used and widely used kind of coffee. But distinguishing and knowing which is delicious will be tough for inexperienced people and me; I am still confused when I have been coffee-making for three years. So which is the better Robusta natural, washed, honey, and to know which is better, let’s go into their characteristics.

Robusta coffee plant (arabica)

The robusta coffee plant is a hardy little creature. It can resist high temperatures (over 30°C) and direct sunlight. It enjoys being hydrated and needs a lot of water to stay happy and healthy.
It thrives at low altitudes, from sea level to 600 meters, and is insect and disease resistant.

It grows to a height of roughly 10 meters in the wild, but when planted for commercial purposes, it is pruned to a height of around five meters to make harvesting easier.
The flowers are white and have a jasmine-like scent.

The robusta coffee plant’s fruit becomes a rich red color as it ripens, which takes about 6 to 8 months. Like blueberries, the fruit does not all ripen at the same time, and there may be ripe and unripe fruit on the same branch.

Each “cherry,” or ripe berry, usually contains two coffee beans (seeds).

First, we will talk about the natural robusta line

Natural processing/natural processed coffee/natural processed coffees

It is selecting ripe coffee beans and then drying them in a greenhouse, the coffee is dried whole, and after the beans are dry, the shells are extracted.

Therefore, the coffee is not fermented, so the caffeine content is preserved, so the bitterness of the coffee is not reduced.

This line will be suitable for people with a strong, rich, after-sweet taste from the ripeness of the coffee fruit, and the most convenient is the filter, while the machine will taste a bit bold.

As for the Honey line (words)

Coffee Honey/honey processing is the process of selecting ripe coffee beans, then separating the outer silk, and finally drying in a greenhouse.

This line will be suitable for people with a light taste, dark, delicate aroma, and sweet, slightly sour taste, and this line is very convenient for machine mixing processes.

Robusta honey

For the Robusta washed

It is selecting ripe coffee beans, separating the silk skins, soaking them in water, and finally drying the coffee in a greenhouse.

This line is suitable for people with a light taste; if anyone likes to drink coffee but gets drunk, drinking this type will not get drunk, the coffee water will be very dilute and sour, and the coffee flavor is very fragrant. Because coffee is soaked in water, people sometimes mistake it for Arabica.grown, brewing, subscribe, varieties, menu, blend, quiz, day     

Robusta washed

From the characteristics of the three types, we can choose the right kind of processed coffee whole bean and the best one when it suits the taste or preference of the drinker caramel.

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