Robusta Cherry Coffee – A Distinct Flavor

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Robusta Cherry Coffee - A Distinct Flavor

There are more than 50 coffee-growing countries in the world today, with approximately 125 coffee types. Because of scientific advancements, there have been several hybrid coffee kinds with outstanding quality and high yield in addition to purebred coffees. If you are a true coffee connoisseur, you will not overlook Robusta Cherry coffee, beloved by many for its unique and delectable flavor. Cherry coffee is one of the “unique” children of the highlands in Vietnam’s Tay Nguyen, the coffee center landscape. In comparison to other coffee kinds, such as Robusta or pure Arabica, this is one of the coffee varieties with a minimal supply.

Origin of Cherry coffee: What is Robusta Cherry coffee?

Cherry coffee, also known as Excelsa or Liberica, is the third most popular coffee variety after Arabica and Robusta. It is a member of the Rubiaceae family. The tree is also known as jackfruit coffee since it has the same size and leaves as the jackfruit tree. Cherry coffee is a form of coffee that grows well in various temperatures and is resistant to pests and diseases. Due to their extreme acidity, they are rarely farmed and only contribute to roughly 1% of global coffee consumption.

The first coffee cherry (Liberian coffee) was discovered in Liberia, Central Africa, in 1843. Spaniards brought it to the Philippines in the 18th century. Jackfruit coffee was introduced to Indonesia towards the end of the nineteenth century to replace the Arabica type, which was decimated by rust. Liberica coffee trees are grown primarily in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, with some in Africa and India.

Robusta Cherry coffee characteristics

Characteristics of trees

Cherry coffee trees can reach a height of up to 15 meters when grown in the wild. Unlike Arabica coffee, the stems, leaves, and fruits are huger. And because of its exceptional pest and disease resistance, drought tolerance, and low water requirements. That’s why Cherry coffee is popular with gardeners, who use it to make rootstocks for other types of coffee because of its “unique” qualities.

Characteristics of flowers

A mature Cherry coffee tree has between 30,000 and 40,000 blossoms, which bloom for 3-4 days and repeat the same position the following season, signaling that it’s time to harvest. Cherry coffee blossoms bloom in white clusters simultaneously and have a sweet aroma.

Characteristics of fruit

Cherry coffee is a popular fruit with an oval form and a gorgeous glossy yellow color. They have 1.5 times the fruit size of Arabica coffee, which is currently regarded as the most significant coffee type. Because acerola coffee pods are thicker than other coffee kinds. It takes longer to process coffee beans after they are collected.

Cherry coffee blooms and is harvested late in the Central Highlands of Vietnam because the blossoms grow thanks to rainwater, so the cherry coffee season begins after other forms of coffee have been collected, usually around lunar December. However, jackfruit coffee has little production. Dragon fruit is typically grown in rows with a spacing of 5-7 meters between trees, either as a pure species or as a windbreak for coffee plantations. The jackfruit coffee yield is tiny, but the kernels are enormous, elongated, and white.

The taste of Robusta Cherry robusta coffee

If adjectives like delicate, ethereal, and sweet aroma of fruit are used to describe coffee, tea, and bitter flavor, the woody end of the palate is used to describe coffee. Jackfruit coffee or Cherry coffee has a highly distinct taste with distinctive qualities. They have a faint perfume of jackfruit mixed with the sour taste of cherries, and when consumed, they have a light chocolate aroma blended with a bit of sweetness of ripe fruit, a very faint floral and spice aroma, and an excellent taste. Cherry coffee is also not bitter, so many women enjoy it.

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Conclusion (India, blend)

Hopefully, this article has given you some valuable information on Cherry coffee. If you haven’t experienced this type of coffee yet, make it a top priority and seek out opportunities. Who knows? Maybe you’ll fall in love with its unique flavor right away.

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