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Like other coffee certifications, the Rainforest Alliance certification is a certification that proves that the coffee produced is of high quality. In addition, this certification also proves that coffee products will be made by farmers who are guaranteed human rights, health benefits, etc. Helena Coffee is proud to be a supplier of instant coffee Rainforest Alliance certified.

1. Rainforest Alliance Certified Instant Coffee

The Rainforest Alliance emerged in the early 1990s as an organic coffee certification organization called Eco-OK, now known as “Rainforest Alliance Certified”. The mission of the Rainforest Alliance is to integrate efficient agriculture, biodiversity conservation and human development. The first certified coffee farm was in 1996. The number of Rainforest Alliance certified coffee producing countries is 18, including Vietnam.

In 2018, the RFA merged with another certification program called UTZ, or Utz Kapeh, which means “good coffee” in the Maya Quiche language. UTZ certification was created in 2002 and focused on a code of agricultural conduct that sets standards for farming and growing practices and environmental, human rights and overall management standards, similar to FRG.

With a new set of combined standards released in 2020, RFA and UTZ align perfectly with their mission and vision and today we call it the Rainforest Alliance (or Rainforest Alliance / UTZ) as the receiver. main.

2. Rainforest Alliance certified Helena Coffee instant coffee

Helena Coffee is now offering Rainforest Alliance-certified instant coffee. If you are looking for coffee that preserves nature and biodiversity and ensures workers’ lives, please contact us immediately.

Helena Coffee’s instant coffees:

2.1. Spay Dried Instant Coffee

Helena’s Spray-Dried Instant Coffee is made from the highest quality Robusta and Arabica coffee beans from Vietnam, using a unique and harmonious blend of traditional roasting and modern processing to preserve the flavour. Original coffee aroma.

Instant Coffee Supplier

2.2. Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

Freeze-drying is a process in which brewed coffee is frozen into beans and then placed in a vacuum chamber where the water sublimes, bringing out the best aroma and flavour.

Freeze-dried coffee is a high-quality crystalline variant of Instant Coffee created by cold processing, as the name implies.

Instant Coffee Supplier

3. Learn more about Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

Freeze-dried instant coffee is made by freezing at low temperatures, unlike other methods such as spray drying. Freeze-dried coffee is made on modern and advanced technology lines to keep the original flavour of the coffee.

The benefit of this method is that users can still enjoy the inherent flavor of coffee without fear of being mixed due to over-proportion. The recycling rate is very high, so the taste of this freeze-dried instant coffee is excellent, classified as high quality instant coffee.

Freeze drying is an advanced method that ensures the highest quality standards are maintained, and the best qualities of the natural flavour of instant coffee are maintained.

4. Distinguish spray-dried coffee and freeze-dried coffee

Instant coffee has two types of drying processes, spray drying and freeze-drying. Dried coffee, according to each style, will have different flavours, aromas and prices.

4.1. Freeze Drying Method

The freeze-drying method allows you to enjoy coffee with its flavour. In this method, the coffee solution is cooled rapidly to temperatures as low as -40°C, creating ice crystals that are ground and vacuum-dried. Temperature helps the coffee retain its original aroma after drying, but this method is time-consuming and relatively expensive.

4.2. Spray Drying Method

The spray drying process produces a fine powder that is easily soluble even in cold water; this is a process of fast drying of the coffee powder at high temperature; the coffee solution is sprayed into the hot air chamber to separate the hot air. circulates the water out of the resolution, leaving the dough dry and smooth. Due to the use of high heat, the limitation of the process is that it is easy to remove the coffee smell. This is a commonly used processing method for mass production because the process is relatively simple and inexpensive.

This point also means that spray-dried instant coffee is cheaper and easier to buy. Spray drying is preferred to freeze-drying in some cases because it allows larger scale economic production, shorter drying times, and because it produces fine rounded particles.

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