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You have to love coffee to roast it properly; you have to live and breathe coffee to enjoy it. There are many reasons for this article, and none of them are intended to promote the Probat coffee roaster business.
Chronicles of the Probat Roaster is an approach to coffee roasting where a brand’ll lead you with 150 years of experience in roasting from manual to industrial scale and above all. Probat represents three elements for us coffee makers: long experience, a unique passion, and superior quality.

150 years of Probat’s coffee roaster invention

Are you aware of the meaning of the coffee roasting process? Very simply, you can analyze and research coffee, mix it with French press, Espresso or Pour over .., or dozens of other techniques, then add sugar, milk, in hundreds of recipes. . But before you can do anything, you need to roast it. So coffee is just a concept after roasting a bean only!

The increase in demand for roasted and ground coffee

In the late 30s of the 19th century, coffee was a 1,000-year-old drink (See also History of the coffee ). Initially, coffee was roasted in a pan to be enjoyed. From the early 18th century and many decades after the advent of cylindrical roasting drums, coffee was roasted with better quality and higher yields. However, achieving uniformity between batches is extremely difficult during this stage.

During 1860 – to 1870, Jabez Burns (USA) sold hundreds of coffee roasters due to increased coffee consumption.

In 1868, entrepreneurs including: Alex van Gulpen and Johann Heinrich Lensing teamed up with engineer Theodorvon Gimborn to form the Emmericher Maschinenfabrik und Eisengießerei (Emmerich am Rhein for short). The specialist van Gülpen saw the huge potential of the coffee roasting equipment market, the inefficiency of the roasters at the time in the industrial process.

Founders of Probat

Pioneer in the coffee roasting equipment industry

In 1870, the first spherical coffee roaster was born – the forerunner of all modern Probat roasters (the machine was granted Royal German patent number 100 in 1877).

By 1884, With the patenting of Kaffeeschnellröster (‘quick roast coffee’), an era of innovation began. This patent has important implications for the revolutionary development of the modern coffee roaster. By 1900, the company had sold 50,000 coffee roasters. 20 years later, In 1920, Emmericher Maschinenfabrik und Eisengießerei changed its name to PROBAT.

Probat’s first coffee roaster

Here are some of the notable developments in Probat’s History – I’ll summarize them here because there’s so much more to talk about:

  • 1920 – The first coffee roaster named ‘PROBATE’ is produced at the Emmerich Machine Factory
  • 1930 Probat shipped a Series G coffee roaster dedicated to roasting Espresso for Espresso
  • In the late 1970s, Probat developed specialty coffee roasters due to demand from the second wave of coffee.
  • 1997 Probat and Burns Company merged, and by the 2000s, Probatburns had created industrial roasters of more than 4 tons of coffee per hour

“When the founders of Probat built their first coffee roaster, the engine rooms were still lit with gas lamps because Thomas Edison had not yet invented the electric light bulb. And when a certain company starts to enter the coffee roaster market, Probat has been making roasters for over 150 years before that.”

The core element in every Probat coffee roaster

Jabez Burns was the father of the first commercial coffee roasters back in America. He patented an industrial coffee roaster in 1864. In The Spice Mill, published in 1878, he wrote:

“You do not give to pepper or ginger or cinnamon or cloves strength or quality, pungency or aroma – but the coffee you develop and by skill and judgment change from caterpillar to butterfly.”

Without the roasting process to bring out the flavors inside each bean, this drink would have no history, no culture. Today, the company Burns created is part of the Probat Group of Companies. In the age of technology, coffee roasting is often misunderstood. This is not an exact science. Admittedly, it depends on the principles of physics and chemistry, the process stages crack1, crack 2. But coffee roasting is not a programmed process and always produces the right one—exact similar results. Coffee roasting is a handshake between science and passion.

Passion & understanding of coffee by Probat

What makes the Probat coffee roaster different?

A good roaster is just a tool—nothing more, but nothing less. Anyone who wants to be the best must try their best – always. That has been the Probat philosophy for over 150 years. Probat coffee roasters are built with proven quality standards. But what sets each Probat roaster apart is its understanding and passion for coffee and the roaster itself. These are factors that cannot be copied and have a decisive influence on the success and reputation of Probat. That’s why coffee roasted from a Probat machine has “something” special.

In short, in 15 decades, you can hardly find a brand in the coffee industry that represents passion, experience, let alone quality like Probat.

Representing quality

Anyone who knows about Probat before reading this article, it is for one of two reasons: either the impeccable quality of the German roaster or the highest price in the world.

If you have never known, the following clip will help you understand the value of the Probat coffee roaster:

The quality of the product and the consistency of each roast are undisputed factors for the success of any roaster, from the coffee shop scale to the “big industry.” It would help if you had high-quality and reliable equipment to roast the identical batches of coffee every hour, every day, every year.

“We provide roasted coffee from 3, 5, 7kg; high-quality raw materials are roasted by Probat machine”. It’s an ad popularized by Probat-powered roasters, more than any other word-of-mouth – Probat has come to represent the quality of coffee every roaster aspires to.

It is a manual process with experienced professionals. It sounds like Mercedes AMG, Porsche or Audi talk about their high-performance cars with a production process that does not separate the human element. At Probat, that is also done on its roasters. A Probat coffee roaster can endure coffee and fire for decades with durable materials, block-molded components, and hand-assembled components.

Coffee roasting machines

To select the appropriate machine size, estimate how much coffee you expect to roast each week over the next two years. Take note of the amount of coffee you expect to roast each week in two years. I recommend purchasing a machine that can roast that amount of coffee in no more than 25 hours.

When performing these calculations, keep in mind that a machine’s true capacity is likely to be less than its stated capacity and that beans lose 14–20 percent of their weight during roasting. (For comparison, third-wave roasts lose about 14%, whereas a Starbucks roast may lose 20% or more.) The capacity of a machine’s burner, not its drum size, determines how much coffee it can roast well. Assume that a quality roast of one kilogram of green coffee requires 11,500 kj/hr.

Neptune drum roaster

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