Outstanding Coffee Beans On The Market Today

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Outstanding Coffee Beans On The Market Today
Outstanding Coffee Beans On The Market Today: Coffee beans are a very new world, even with quite a lot of you enjoying coffee every day. We are primarily familiar with coffee, hot aromatic espressos, creative latte art. It’s not just the baristas’ effort. It’s also from farmers traders to clean coffee roasters. Let’s learn more about coffee beans to have the right clean bean coffee distributor.

1. Arabica coffee beans

The French brought Arabica to Vietnam in the 1930s with their gout enjoyment. Cau Dat, Da Lat (Lam Dong) is considered the arabica coffee growing paradise of Vietnam with “gold indexes”: 1,500 m high, extraordinary temperate climate all year round, the maximum temperature in the year does not exceed 330C, polar temperature 50C.

It is the highest quality Arabica coffee-producing region in the country. The higher the terrain, the colder the gas, and the better the arabica beans produce.

Outstanding Coffee Beans On The Market Today

Arabica Cau Dat has a sour taste mixed with a mild bitterness, light brown water, and clear amber. The scent of Arabica is ethereal and noble; Arabica has the smell of syrup, the smell of fruit, blends with the scent of honey, and the smell of toast, the smell of the straw field at noon in summer … Arabica conquers most culinary connoisseurs in the world. Arabica coffee is the main ingredient of coffee companies, the most famous coffee brands in the world today.

Arabica coffee lines include Bourbon, Typica, Mocha, and Catimor. Bourbon, Typica, and Mocha are the oldest coffees globally, but these three are challenging to grow and susceptible to pests. In contrast, the Catimor coffee variety, developed in Portugal in 1959, is a hybrid of Caturra and Timor (Timor is a hybrid of Robusta Canffea coffee with Arabic). This type is easier to grow, highly productive, and resistant to pests.

2. Robusta coffee beans

Robusta coffee is also known as coffee canephora Pierre ex A. Froehner. That is a coffee variety well adapted to the climate and soil on the rich basalt red land – Central Highlands with an 800-1000m above sea level. It is the most cultivated coffee in Vietnam, accounting for more than 90% of annual production.

This crop is very suitable for the climate and soil in the Central Highlands of Vietnam – especially basalt land (Gia Lai, Dak Lak) – annually reaching 90-95% of the total production of Vietnamese coffee, the aroma is vital, not sour, high caffeine content, suitable for Vietnamese taste, but too dense for foreigners.

Outstanding Coffee Beans On The Market Today

Growing Robusta beans must be intensive to achieve high yield because the fruit is perched on the branch once, and must create new branches (secondary branches 1,2,3). The farmer must have the capital-specific basic knowledge to accomplish this factor.

Robusta coffee beans are round tables and are usually two seeds in 1 left. Undergoing the processing process on a modern equipment line with high technology to make Robusta coffee have a soft aroma, bitter taste, water with a brown color, not sour, enough caffeine content has created a unique coffee to suit the taste of Vietnamese people.

3. Culi coffee beans

That is a choice of whole coffee beans of Robusta, Arabica, and Cherry coffee varieties. The beans have accumulated what the most quintessential nature has for the basalt-red land.

Culi beans are ground coffee beans. In particular, in one fruit, there is only one seed. The bitterness, the intense aroma, the high caffeine content, and the blackness compare what Culi brings. It is the ideal combination of uniqueness.

Outstanding Coffee Beans On The Market Today

Culi Robusta bean coffee, this coffee has a more robust, bitter, fatter flavor, and more caffeine than regular robusta coffee, deep aroma, deep taste, and long bitter after-taste, suitable for people who like deep bitter coffee, like deepness.

4. Cherry

Not very popular because the taste is very sour – but drought-tolerant. Simple care, meager cost – but the export market is not famous even domestic, so few people grow this type. A cherry coffee plant (also known as jackfruit coffee) is 15-20 years old; if good can harvest from 100kg -200kg of fresh seed coffee if located near the cowshed or family living place.

Cherry seed coffee consists of two main varieties, Liberica and Exelsa. This type is not very popular, but this type is very resistant to pests and very highly productive. They are grown in the windy and sunny drylands of the highlands. Cherry carries a very different characteristic and taste of a mature plant species under the sun and wind of the Highlands.

Outstanding Coffee Beans On The Market Today

The golden, shiny coffee beans are beautiful. When the mixture creates a gentle aroma, especially the sour taste of cherry creates a refreshing feeling. Cherry is very suitable for female preferences with various smells and flavors, making sense of folk, and noble luxury deeply intertwined.

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