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Kosher certification is one of the coffee certifications that proves that coffee is safe and free of chemicals. So what are the features of this certification? And who provides Kosher certified instant coffee supplier? Read this article now.

1. What is Kosher Certification?

Kosher means adherence to a religious dietary practice rooted in Jewish tradition. A kosher-certified company ensures discerning Jews can safely consume their food and drink. When a company has been certified kosher, the rabbi has overseen the production process and thinks it adheres to strict standards.

2. Is Coffee Natural Kosher?

In its natural form and during the roasting process, coffee is considered kosher because it only comes into contact with water. When coffee is decaffeinated or flavoured, it can transform into a non-diet food. For flavoured coffees, artificial flavours can be added to achieve a vanilla or pumpkin spice taste, which will modify the coffee to be kosher-free.

Kosher Certified Instant Coffee Supplier

There are two main methods used for decaffeinated coffee:

  • Water-based: Water cupping is a natural and kosher method that uses activated charcoal to remove caffeine.
  • Ethyl acetate: Ethyl acetate is derived from grains and uses a chemical process to dissolve the caffeine, not Kosher.

3. Benefits of Kosher certification

Observant Jews are not the only consumers buying kosher products. Many others choose to purchase kosher food and beverage products because of the assurance that the product is wholly made, safe, clean and of high standard.

Having your product kosher certified offers an opportunity to sell your coffee to a new group of customers beyond members of the kosher-observing Jewish community – more and more people today are becoming concerned about the food. products they are consuming.

When determining kosher certification, rabbis visit processing plants and trace the origin of all ingredients. These high standards are often stricter than some government inspection agencies.

4. Kosher certified instant coffee supplier – Helena Coffee

Helena Coffee provides instant coffee according to Koshe standards, which is safe, chemical-free and delicious.

Helena Coffee currently offers two types of instant coffee as follows:

4.1 Spray-dried instant coffee

Helena’s spray-dried instant coffee is made from Vietnam’s highest quality Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, using a unique and harmonious combination of traditional roasting and modern processing to keep the original coffee flavour.

Kosher Certified Instant Coffee Supplier

4.2 Freeze-dried instant coffee

Freeze-drying is a process in which brewed coffee is frozen into beans and then placed in a vacuum chamber where the water sublimates, bringing out the best aroma and flavour.

Freeze-dried coffee is a high-quality crystalline form of instant coffee that, as the name suggests, is produced by cold processing.

Helena’s freeze-dried instant coffee is made from delicious, high-quality coffee beans and is carefully cared for by Vietnamese farmers. With modern processing methods, freeze-dried coffee retains its delightful taste and promises to bring you unique cups of coffee.

Contact us if you would like to sample and get more information about Kosher-certified instant coffee:

Office address: 124 Ngo Quyen, Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak, Vietnam

Phone: +84 789.818.828


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