Immersion – Soaking Method

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Immersion – Soaking Method

Immersion – Soaking Method. Immersion brewing is any method of brewing coffee that reaches its maximum dilution at the start of the extraction process.

Steeping coffee techniques

First, when we think of “immersion,” we think of static methods like the French press and cupping, a type of coffee brewing that people spend most of their time with. it’s time to soak the coffee in a specific amount of water.

Immersion – Soaking Method

Second, pressured immersion technologies like Siphon and AeroPress create a lot of turbulence, which removes ground particles from the brewed coffee.

Finally, “cezve” or “ibrik” (a term used in Turkish coffee preparation) refers to a distinct brewing procedure. Because of its intricacy, which is based on milled grain size, temperature, and direct boiling,

When did we start soaking?

Immersion is a centuries-old technique that predates percolation. Melitta Bentz patented the Melitta filter and its filter paper in the early twentieth century, and this was the first known usage of filter paper.

We provided evidence of unfiltered and unfiltered coffee steeping dates from the mid-15th century, according to a source of knowledge written by Arab scholar Abd al-Qadir al-Jaziri in the mid-16th century.

The most important history of coffee making’s popularity in the Muslim world. We learn from it that Muhammed al Dhabi, a member of Islam’s mystical Sufi group who died in 1470, created water called qahwa, manufactured from the plant’s leaves. Khat, which is used during night prayers.


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