How To Storing Raw Coffee Beans

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How To Storing Raw Coffee Beans

How To Storing Raw Coffee Beans – For the first time, you must understand what is the raw coffee beans before you know how to storing raw coffee beans:

Our industry calls coffee beans that haven’t been roasted “green” because they look like. Because they are natural, they have a green tint to them and have a green color.

How long you can store raw coffee beans?

People who store green coffee beans in the right way and in the right conditions can keep them for up to a year. This depends on how they are stored and how they are kept. You can see why more and more people are switching to raw coffee. Roasted beans stay stable for six weeks, and ground coffee stays stable for only one to two weeks.

How to store raw coffee beans right?

here are factors you need to take care of when you preserve green coffee beans:

Moisture levels

Humidity is one of the important factors when preserving green coffee because if it is too wet, it can mold, and if it is too dry, it will lose the taste of coffee.

According to ICO, the standard humidity you should store for green coffee is between 11-12.5%. You must always maintain this humidity in a stable manner during storage.

Temperature levels

Green coffee should be stored at a temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius to keep it fresh. The more water molecules that the air has, the more it can hold on to them as the temperature rises.

Warmer air has more moisture in the air, and cooler air has less moisture in the air. You may have heard of freezing or refrigerating before, but you don’t know what it is. For me, it isn’t ideal.

Light levels

Once your green coffee has reached the standard moisture content, keep them out of direct sunlight, this will help you to preserve the green coffee longer.


Pests left in the coffee bags can continue to infest them. With traditional cloth bags, these are favorable conditions for pests and insects to breed.

By removing pest seeds by hand and color sprayer, the producer minimizes the possibility of residual pests during storage and transportation.


If stored in good conditions, green coffee can be stored for up to 12 months as mentioned above. But know that the coffee after being harvested has been delivered perhaps to your warehouse for several months.

Storage and packaging options

Burlap or jute sacks of coffee beans have a lot of people interested because they are cheap and environmentally friendly. Pests, heat, or humidity damage could cost the producers and the people who make and sell the coffee, so they can’t lose a lot of money.

Containers that have many layers of high-barrier plastic help keep the storage environment stable. There are packaging companies that are making these kinds of containers When you think about the best ways to store your unroasted coffee beans, think of them as fresh plant products.

Every type of fresh plant food has a different flavor or quality because of things like light, heat, air, moisture, time, and pests.


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