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How To Roast Coffee In The Microwave (1)

How To Roast Coffee In The Microwave: Roasting coffee with an oven microwave is one of the simple, easy-to-make but highly effective ways to roast coffee at home, with savings often applied by many households. So how to burn? And it should be noted that when roasting coffee in the microwave for the best quality coffee. Let’s find out about these issues now.

1. How to choose an oven microwave to roast coffee at home

To roast coffee, the ranges and microwaves also need to have the following features and designs to ensure the quality of coffee after roasting is the best:

How To Roast Coffee In The Microwave (1)

  • It is recommended to choose and use the type with the distance between the lower stove, and the meat skewer is the lowest.
  • Choose an oven with 200-250 degrees Celsius because this is the ideal temperature to create the finished roasted coffee with the most beautiful color and best taste.
  • Choose the type with a capacity of about 25l- 35l or a total of 50-80 liters.

2. Instructions on how to roast coffee by the oven, microwave

Materials to prepare:

  • Stainless steel plates or perforated trays are about 0.5cm small (do not punch large holes because it will cause coffee beans to fall) and about 1.5cm apart for ventilation. Or you can buy a coffee roasting cage or bend the stainless steel sheet into a cell to store the coffee in the oven microwave for roasting. Simpler and more economical, you can use a box of perforated formula milk to make a coffee roasting cage.

Note: It is recommended to use or bend stainless steel plates of the right size for the oven to use the optimal capacity of the range. It is best to align so that the distance from the stainless steel cage containing coffee to the lower stove is at the lowest level.

  • The tray is placed at the bottom of the oven to break down the coffee shell to help clean the stove conveniently and quickly.

2.1. How to roast coffee with a meat-turned skewer oven (leave coffee beans in a stainless steel cage)

  • Step 1: Put the coffee beans in a stainless steel cage and put them in a heated oven.
  • Step 2: Turn on the oven at a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius
  • Step 3: Monitor the color of the coffee beans and hear the coffee beans explode
  • Step 4: After about 7-10 minutes, you can take it out and use a fan to cool the coffee.

2.2. How to roast coffee by the oven (put coffee beans on top of trays)

  • Step 1: Spread fresh coffee beans on stainless steel plates or perforated trays. Note: Do not let the seeds lie on top of each other because it will make the coffee not evenly ripened. Then cover it with foil in the oven.
  • Step 2: Turn the oven to a temperature of 260 degrees Celsius.

How To Roast Coffee In The Microwave (1)

  • Step 3: After 10 minutes, check the color of the coffee beans and listen to the explosion of the beans.
  • Step 4: About 5-7 minutes later can be removed. Depending on the color and taste of the coffee that you hope, you can take it a little sooner or later.
  • Step 5: Roasted coffee beans need to be cooled immediately to preserve the pure aroma for a long time.

2.3. How to roast coffee in a microwave is simple and of the best quality

  • Step 1: Put the coffee beans in a stainless steel cage.
  • Step 2: Turn on the microwave at a temperature of about 100 degrees. When the oven is hot, put the coffee cage in the oven.

Step 3: Observe the change in color aroma and listen to the explosion to adjust the oven’s temperature accordingly.

  • Step 4: When the coffee beans crack 1 (explode for the first time), increase the microwave temperature to 250 degrees. After the first explosion, a few dozen seconds later, it will flash a second time. Observing that the coffee beans turn dark brown, turn off the oven and take out the coffee.
  • Step 5: Use a fan to cool the coffee as quickly as possible to retain the pure aroma of the coffee.

3. Advantages and disadvantages when roasting coffee in an oven, microwave

Using an oven and microwave to roast coffee has the advantages: Simple, the fixed oven temperature should save effort and time, and there is not as much smoke in the house as when roasting coffee with a pan. However, the disadvantage is that coffee beans are not roasted even because we do not turn the seeds during the roasting process.

4. Notes to remember when roasting coffee with ovens, microwave ovens

When using the oven microwave to roast coffee, it is necessary to note the following to get the best results, ensuring the best quality:

  • Use large, solid, non-impurity coffee beans to obtain delicious coffee quality
  • It is recommended to record the temperature, time, taste, and color of each batch of coffee to make appropriate adjustments to the subsequent sets to get a recipe, process, and roasting method that best suits your family’s oven microwave.
  • When roasting coffee, it is recommended to cool as quickly as possible to keep the aroma as long as possible. Then store the coffee in a sealed container or take it to grind and store it in a sealed box or bag.

How To Roast Coffee In The Microwave (1)

Roasting coffee with an oven and microwave is not tricky. Try it too, my friend! This method is best suited when burning in small quantities. Suppose you want to roast in large amounts to give to friends, and relatives or to use to make drinks for your restaurant.

In that case, the best solution is to use the coffee roasting service of professional coffee roasting establishments, prestige. Because this will help you save time and effort and get a stable roasting quality, evenly create quality products to use and as gifts.

Source: Detailed Instructions On How To Roast Coffee By Oven, Microwave

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