How To Make Vietnamese Salt Coffee?

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How To Make Vietnamese Salt Coffee
How To Make Vietnamese Salt Coffee? Coffee is a popular drink in many countries worldwide, including Vietnam. In addition to traditional pure coffee, people also create many other unique drinks from coffee. In particular, it is impossible not to mention salted coffee. The following article will help you understand better what salted coffee is? How to make Vietnamese salt coffee and choose pure coffee to make delicious Hue coffee.

What is Vietnamese salt coffee? Make vietnamese coffee 

What is salted coffee? If people make regular coffee with sugar and milk, that drink combines pure coffee with salt. This concocting gives users a new, unique, delicious, and equally attractive drink.

Coffee, condensed milk, fermented milk, and refined salt are the ingredients used to make salt coffee. Although the salty flavor of salt initially seems to “do not fit” in a cup of coffee, it really brings out the passionate flavor of the coffee, lessens its bitterness, and improves the sweet and fragrant flavor of the milk.

How To Make Vietnamese Salt Coffee

Sodium ions are produced when salt is added to coffee, which helps to lessen the bitter flavor. This gives the coffee a little odd salty taste while yet making it pleasant and easy to drink.

For the same reason, salt is frequently added to food to improve its flavor. When brewing salted coffee, you can substitute a gentler sodium acetate salt if you’re terrified of salt.

Why Add Salt To Coffee?

Reduce Bitterness

Why put salt in coffee? That must be the question of not many readers. The original taste of pure coffee is bitter. To soothe the bitterness and make it easier to drink, the bartender will add ingredients such as milk sugar. Similarly, salt is also a material that can ease the bitter taste. Drinkers will feel the pleasant and no less unique taste.

How To Make Vietnamese Salt Coffee

The main component of salt is sodium. That is the element that helps neutralize the bitter taste. When enjoying taste coffee, it reacts to salty taste instead of bitterness. Sodium is even more effective at reducing harshness than sugar. It has the effect of preventing bitter and sour flavors. That’s also why salt it’s often added to food to be more palatable.

Enriching The Flavor

Salt will increase the taste of coffee. The best thing about salt is that it increases the taste already available by a notably. In addition, many coffee drinkers need to limit the amount of sugar, but if pure coffee is too bitter, you can put some salt in the coffee.

On the other hand, adding salt to coffee also helps to release sodium ions, arousing a more attractive and healthy taste.

Origin Of Salted Coffee

Salted coffee is a drink that originated in Hue. A garden café created this unique coffee at Nguyen Luong Bang Street. Since its introduction, salty coffee has quickly attracted many diners and remains popular to this day. Although no one knows the true origin and inspiration of salted coffee, there is no denying this creativity, unique.

Salted coffee has now been prepared and sold in many restaurants and cafes in Saigon, Hanoi, and other cities of Vietnam. If you love this drink, you can also refer to the process of making and making your own at home.

How To Make Salted Coffee With Pure Coffee

How to make salted coffee is not too complicated. Here are the ingredients and tools you need to prepare to make the best cup of the salty coffee.

Salted Coffee Ingredients

  • 25g pure coffee – about three teaspoons ground in medium fineness.
  • 25ml condensed milk.
  • 100ml water boiled at 95 degrees Celsius.
  • 200ml vegetable fat cream.
  • 5g fine salt
  • Stone.
  • These are the ingredients needed to make a glass. If more is required, calculate and balance the volume of the corresponding raw materials.

Tools For Making Salted Coffee

The necessary tools include cups, stirring spoons, coffee brewing, milling tools. You must rinse the equipment with boiling water to ensure hygiene and produce the best cups of coffee.

How To Make Vietnamese Salt Coffee

Steps To Make Salted Coffee

After you have prepared all the ingredients and tools, start making a cup of salted coffee.

  • Step 1: Coat the coffee with boiled water. That will help you stay warm as well as hygiene. Moreover, the coffee powder will bloom evenly and give the best taste when warm.
  • Step 2: Put the pure coffee in the filter. Place it on top of the glass. Use a wiper to press the coffee powder with moderate force.
  • Step 3: Pour about 45ml of boiling water into the filly and brew the mixture evenly. You should brew coffee only for about 1-2 minutes. Continue to pour another 50ml of boiling water into the filter. Wait for the coffee to drip down the glass until the water runs out.
  • Step 4: Put 5g of salt in 200ml vegetable fat cream. Use a mixed whipping machine for 2-3 minutes.
  • Step 5: Put 25ml of condensed milk in the brewed coffee. Then add 15-20ml of the salty cream mixture to the finished salted coffee cup.

Note For Good Vietnamese Salt Coffee.

Making this drink is not difficult. However, if we know some more tips, we will make salted coffee more delicious and decadent.

Choose Pure Coffee

Coffee is the main ingredient and plays an essential role in determining the drink’s taste. Therefore, you should choose pure coffee to make salted coffee. That coffee brings a delicious flavor to the glass and ensures the person’s health enjoys it.

Prepare Quality And Clean Tools.

Do not forget to prepare quality and clean dispensing equipment. The taste of salted coffee is also partly influenced by this factor. Coat it with boiling water.

It would help if you used glass, porcelain glass instead of plastic glass. It’s very harmful to have hot drinks in plastic cups.

Composition ratio

You can change the ratio of condensed milk, whole coffee, and salty milk to suit your taste.

How To Enjoy Vietnamese Salt Coffee

After making a cup of salted coffee, you can enjoy it with your family and friends. You will feel the difference between this type of coffee with regular milk and sugar coffee. It is possible to add a little ice to make the drink more relaxed in the summer.

Vietnamese salt coffee(make vietnamese coffee) is a delicious drink and is not too difficult easy to make at home. If you refer to and apply those above, you can ultimately make a good cup of coffee in the right way. Pay attention to choosing pure coffee to make salted coffee to have a delicious and healthy cup.


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