Common Mistakes When Roasting Coffee: Causes And Solutions (coffee roaster)

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Common Mistakes When Roasting Coffee: Causes And Solutions (coffee roaster)
Common Mistakes When Roasting Coffee: Causes And Solutions (coffee roaster) – Coffee roasting experts share that to have proficient skills, a sophisticated sense, understanding, and insight about coffee to create deliciously, quality, and standard roasts, they had to do it. Onions went through many bad roasts; each roast has a different flavor: sometimes a little woody, occasionally bitter, sometimes sour, etc. But every roast they record, observe, and Taste the taste to find out the answer to why the coffee flavor is like that? Where is the error in its process to fix? This is a way to help professionals and roasters improve and improve their roasting skills to create quality roasts.

Summary of common mistakes when roasting coffee

Error of scorching grain surface (Scorched)

Coffee beans are scorched on the surface and have a bitter taste. Caused by overheating during roasting

The fix: Roast slower, set the temperature lower, and increase the drum rotation speed to ensure that all beans receive an even temperature.

Two-headed fire fault (Tipped) (roaster)

Similar to the scorch bug, the burnt part only appears on the two ends of the coffee beans. The reason is that the temperature is too high in the roasting cage.

How to fix: Reduce temperature, open more air if roasting by cage / reduce temperature, stir evenly if roasting on the stove.

Error of unripe coffee beans (Underdeveloped)

Cause: Because the heat goes too low during roasting, leading to no explosion or under explosion, or because the roasting time is not enough, the finished roasting coffee has a very light brown color, a grassy, ​​sour, or acrid taste. Sometimes this error can also be caused by the quality of the input coffee being not carefully selected or the soil.

How to fix: Selection of good quality raw materials, large, firm kernels. Adjust the heat levels to suit each stage of the roasting process.

Overripe coffee bean error (OverUnderdevelopment)

With this error, the coffee beans are roasted for too long, or the heat is too high, causing the coffee beans to burn, pour oil, and have a black color. It is very bitter and has an unpleasant burning smell when drinking coffee.

How to fix: Adjust the temperature and roasting time, pay attention not to let the coffee exceed the boundary, the level of coffee roasting.

Bottled coffee beans (Baked) (roasted)

Cause: Because coffee roasting is too slow, the temperature is uneven, making roasted coffee beans have a horizontal, pale taste that is difficult to drink.

Remedy: Increase heat during the drying phase.

Burnt coffee roasting error (roast coffee)

Cause: Roasting coffee for too long reasons the coffee to burn and have a bitter taste

How to fix: The batch should be completed at the latest when the coffee beans start to explode for the second time (crack 2)

Broken coffee bean error (crater)

If the temperature is too high after the explosion stage, it is easy to cause the coffee beans to break and create small burning holes; the coffee has a bitter taste when brewed.

The fix: Adjust the temperature accordingly after the beads explode.

In fact, on good roasts, there may still be seeds with these errors, but the amount is minimal. This situation occurs due to low-quality input seeds or roasting equipment. Therefore, after roasting, removing the faulty beans before grinding and mixing is also a way to help create the most delicious cups of coffee.

Hopefully, the information shared about common mistakes while roasting coffee above will help you gain more knowledge and experience to avoid making them.

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