Coffee Trees Should Be Fertilized Near The End Of The Fruit

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Coffee Trees Should Be Fertilized Near The End Of The Fruit

Coffee trees should be fertilized near the end of the fruit: Arabica coffee needs to be added in the early days of this August. In addition coffee makes the fruit firm, mature, and gorgeous in colour (the factor that makes the coffee beans not wrinkled and adds flavor). 

It is currently the final phase of fruit farming for the coffee industry. NPK root fertilizer (12-7-17 + TE) with a dosage of 300kg/ha (KN03 fertilizer can also be used to fertilize with an additional dose of 200kg/ha). And Fertilizers are the fertilizers that are suited for this time.

Application of HK or NPK (12-0-40 + 3Ca) to leaves (7-5-44). It is possible to spray twice before harvest. Each time seven days apart, with the final spray occurring ten days before harvest.

Additional fertiliser is required for the Robusta coffee to gain weight, harden the fruit, and ripen uniformly during this period.

Organic fertilizer

This period also seeks to improve fruit weight for coffee. Organic matter is currently crucial for coffee plants. It must be added before the end of August or the beginning of September (fertilize in combination with inorganic fertilizers). We apply various doses of organic fertilizer, depending on its type and quality.

Apply 10 – 15 kg of medium-quality organic fertilizer per plant (organic matter of 20 to 25 percent, total NPK 6 percent). The amount of fertilizer for good grade organic fertilizer is between 3 and 5 kg/plant (organic matter > 30%, total NPK > 8%). Can use Humix and Que Lam mineral organic fertilizer.

Inorganic fertilizers

In particular, you can pick from the following kind of inorganic fertilizers.

Use NPK (16-8-16 + 13S + TE) or NPK (16-8-18 + 7S + TE) at a dosage of 600-800kg/ha. If the coffee leaves are thin, light green, and becoming yellow under the canopy. If you notice thick, brilliant green leaves, add NPK (12-7-17 +TE) at a rate of 600–800kg/ha.

In the case of a single fertilizer, just 300 kg SA and 175 kilogram urea/ha of potassium (KCl) fertilizer are required. Fertilizer containing 225kg/ha of potassium. Keep in mind that using the entire SA fertilizer will result in excess sulfur (S).

Coffee Trees Should Be Fertilized Near The End Of The Fruit
Coffee Trees Should Be Fertilized Near The End Of The Fruit

Whereas using only 100% urea would result in a deficiency in sulfur (S)(coffee plants need S because it creates aroma). At the end of the fruit-growing season, fertilizer KN03 + Ca(N03)2 can also be used in conjunction with SA to fertilize coffee. In the following proportion: 300 kg KN03 + 200 kg Ca(N03)2 + 300 kg SA/ha.

The production and quality of coffee fruit can be increased by applying foliar nutrients high in N, K and, Ca, Mg, Zn. And B during the fruit-growing season if the weather is suitable.

According to Helena Coffee.


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