Best Arabica Origin Coffee In Vietnam?

Vietnamese Coffee Exporter
Best Arabica Origin Coffee In Vietnam?

Best Arabica Origin Coffee In Vietnam? Arabica is world-famous for its characteristic and unmistakable taste. It is grown in many parts of the world, such as Brazil and Colombia.

In Vietnam, coffee beans, Arabica, are not grown as much as Robusta but belong to the “coffee masterpiece,” especially in the following places. Learn about the Best Arabica-origin coffee in Vietnam with Helena.

Arabica Cau Dat Coffee (Dalat). Original Vietnamese coffee

Cau Dat Bridge is 25km southeast of Da Lat, Lam Dong, in the famous coffee highlands of Vietnam coffee market. Da Lat Bridge has the golden electricity to be the perfect land for Vietnam arabica coffee.

Best Arabica Origin Coffee In Vietnam? - Helena Coffee Vietnam
Best Arabica Origin Coffee In Vietnam?

The height of Cau Dau Vietnamese coffee beans is ideal, averaging from 1450 – 1650m above sea level, which is very suitable for Arabica coffee’s best Vietnamese coffee. In addition, the soil is fertile basalt soil is enough conditions for Vietnam’s arabica to survive and develop most completely.

The temperature range for the year ranges from the coldest to and highest 5 degrees and does not exceed 33 degrees Celsius.

Because of such conditions, arabica varieties grown here are exceptionally well adapted to the climate and rarely suffer from pests. Expanding on the high ground makes Arabica’s maturation cycle longer, leading to deeper sugar inside the coffee beans, helping to maintain a better taste, creating an Arabica with a unique and unforgettable flavor.

Best Arabica Origin Coffee In Vietnam? - Helena Coffee Vietnam
Best Arabica Origin Coffee In Vietnam?

This is also the “motherland,” where the D&D Kaffee coffee brand started.

Khe Sanh Arabica Coffee Vietnam (Quang Tri)

Khe Sanh is a land in Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province, one of the economic areas that thrive on coffee. The area of coffee cultivation is 5000ha, named Arabica Khe Sanh. Khe Sanh has an altitude above sea level from 350m to 500m.

Best Arabica origin coffee in Vietnam
Where are Vietnamese coffee beans from

In 2012, high-quality Arabica Khe Sanh brand coffee reached an export value of $25 million. Shortly, Arabica Khe Sanh will “fight” in the international market, especially in the United States.

Northwestern Arabica Coffee (Dien Bien, Son La) top. Vietnamese coffee trio

Nguyen Vietnamese coffee

It is flawed, not to mention the two provinces that grow Arabica cafes the most in our country: Dien Bien and Son La in the northwest mountains compare.

Soil conditions, altitude, and climate in these two provinces are not inferior to Cau Dat (Da lat). So they have grown the original Arabica and quality.

Best Arabica origin coffee in Vietnam

However, Vietnam’s coffee has not achieved stability in quantity and quality due to the traditional and spontaneous production methods.

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