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Authorized SCA Trainers

Authorized SCA Trainers – There are almost 1,800 SCA Authorized Trainers (ASTs). The SCA program training system authorizes ASTs to conduct courses. Who are the ASTs (Authorized SCA Trainers)? What are the requirements to become an ASTs? 

Who are ASTs (Authorized SCA Trainers)?

Professional trainers are known as Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs). Have a lot of professional experience and a lot of coffee expertise. They are capable of providing high-quality coffee education on a global scale. They are recognized and valuable on a worldwide scale.


To become Authorized SCA Trainers, the first thing you must do is complete the following steps (ASTs). It entails taking part in and passing SCA training sessions. The learning paths, assessments, and materials used in SCA courses are based on decades of expertise, study, and practical practice.

Authorized SCA Trainers

Employers throughout the globe recognize SCA credentials. That is also the highlight of the barista’s resume. Run your own company or work for someone else, no matter who you are. Individuals with SCA credentials will have a better reputation. In addition to the service, you are building a product.

What are Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs)? How do you become an exemplary AST? Why is ASTS a desired and proud milestone for people pursuing a career in Coffee?

The SCA (CSP) training program contains the following components:

  • Introduction to Coffee: A Quick Overview
  • Skills of a Barista: Skills of a Barista
  • Brewing Techniques: Brewing Techniques for Craft Brewers
  • Taste skills are a kind of sensory talent.
  • Green Coffee is made up of green kernels.
  • Roasting Techniques: Roasting Techniques

Where can I get SCA credentials to study?

To locate reputable SCA training classes. To discover the nearest ASTs to your location, go to the SCA’s official website. When you register for the program, you may create a student account on this website to keep track of your SCA certificates.


The International Specialty Coffee Association has recognized Barista School as a member in Vietnam (SCA).

” The International Coffee Training Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of Coffee throughout the world”.

Authorized SCA Trainers lead the Barista School Academy (ASTs). Julie Dang is a seasoned barista trainer and an international expert in Coffee.

Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs)

Have the option of becoming the region’s exclusive supplier of SCA training courses. Have the authority to determine their training course tuition costs.

Create schedules that enable them to teach their classes in the areas where they are permitted to deploy. Create unique curricula and instructional materials based on the information resources offered by SCA.

Authorized SCA Trainers

Be able to hold training sessions at any fully equipped and convenient place. Of course, if another AST has “possessed” the SCA accreditation, the organization does not breach the monopoly restriction. Courses may be delivered using a mix of in-person and online learning approaches.


ASTs’ duration and abilities

The International Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) agrees with licensed ASTs every three years if all prerequisites are satisfied. ASTs are permitted to utilize course materials and deliver SCA training programs during this period. Students who apply for the test get certificates after completing each level of training, which is funded by the SCA and collected by ASTs.

To assure a network of qualified trainers, give students the most up-to-date knowledge on specialty coffee from across the globe. During the lifetime of the SCA license to operate, Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs) must engage in a minimum number of continuous professional development activities.

Authorized SCA Trainers

Furthermore, ASTs will assist in the upkeep and growth of SCA’s fundamental values. In addition to adhering to the certified SCA Trainers’ code of conduct (ASTs).

Is it simple to become an AST, you may wonder? It won’t be simple, but it won’t be impossible. It is, however, a severe investment path. Time, money, knowledge, patience, hard work, enthusiasm, consistency, and effort are all factors. The key to attaining milestones in this trip is passion and having a goal, as well as the greatest motivation.

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