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Wholesale Arabica Coffee Beans Is Always Highly Appreciated

Wholesale Arabica Coffee Beans

Wholesale Arabica Coffee Beans

Wholesale Arabica Coffee Beans: Arabica Coffee has a delicate sour taste mixed with light bitterness, light brown water color, clear amber. The scent of Arabica is very ethereal and noble. Arabica Coffee has the smell of syrup, of fruits mixed with the smell of honey and also the smell of toast, the smell of straw fields in summer noon. Arabica conquers the most gastronomic people in the world.

Learn about Arabica Coffee – Tea Coffee

Roasted Arabica coffee, also known as Tea coffee, prefers to live in high mountains. Arabica is usually grown at altitudes between 1000-1500 m. The plant has a large, dark green crown, oval-shaped leaves. Mature coffee trees can grow from 4-6 m tall, if left to grow wild, they can grow up to 15 m tall. The fruits are oval, each containing two seeds. Arabica is the most economically valuable among coffee tree species.

In the market, Arabica pure coffee beans are always appreciated more because of their delicious taste. The price of Arabica coffee is usually more than double the price of Robusta coffee. Arabica coffee represents nearly 70% of the world’s premium coffee products.

Arabica Coffee is native to the tropical highlands of Ethiopia, East Africa. Brazil and Colombia are the two main exporters of this coffee.

Vietnam, Lam Dong province with localities such as Di Linh, Bao Loc, Don Duong, the suburbs of Dalat, especially the Cau Dat region. Considered the Arabica coffee paradise of Vietnam. With the “golden index”, 1,500 m high, the temperate climate is cool all year round. The maximum temperature during the year does not exceed 33 degrees, the minimum temperature 5 degrees. This is the region producing the highest quality pure Arabica coffee in the country. The higher the terrain, the colder the climate produces excellent quality Arabica coffee beans

Outstanding advantages Arabica Coffee

Cafe Arabica Coffee has a characteristic sour taste, low acrid taste, low caffeine content (1%-2%), seductive and enchanting aroma that makes anyone undeniable.

Cafe Arabica is a pure Cafe Arabica coffee ingredient line, roasted. Suitable for Arabica coffee lovers.

Cafe Arabica is used to make filters, paper hoppers, siphons, rackets and filter bags. Especially used for machine brewing because No synthetic flavorings are used and no butter.

Ingredients Arabica Coffee:

100% Arabica bean coffee. No mold – old. no preservatives. no food coloring. No flavouring of harmful chemicals. Do not mix roasted beans and popcorn. no caramel sugar and no impurities (twigs, blades of grass, sand, grit)

How to use Roasted Arabica Coffee:

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. It is better to store in coffee bags with an air escape valve than in a sealed container/seal. It is recommended to use up within 3 months from opening the bag to keep the taste delicious.

Customers can choose 1 of the forms: whole bean roasted coffee, filtered powdered coffee, powdered coffee for machine …Arabica Coffee is freshly roasted 2-3 days before reaching customers to ensure the quality and strongest flavor when used.

Vietnam Arabica Coffee Origins – HELENA COFFEE

Vietnam, the world’s second-largest coffee producer, is predominantly known for its Robusta coffee. However, the country has made significant strides in Arabica coffee production in recent years, with several regions emerging as major players in the Arabica coffee market.


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