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Learn Typical Flavor Of Pure Robusta Honey Coffee

Typical Flavor Of Pure Robusta Honey Coffee

Typical Flavor Of Pure Robusta Honey Coffee

Learn Typical Flavor Of Pure Robusta Honey Coffee: Up to now, when mentioning Robusta, people immediately think of its rich, unforgettable flavor. Pure Robusta coffee is more delicious and healthier, do you know what creates that flavor? Let’s find out with Helena Coffee the characteristics that create the flavor of this pure Robusta coffee!

What is Robusta coffee?

Robusta’s scientific name is Coffea Robusta, or Coffea Canephora. Vietnamese people give it a familiar name, Voi coffee. This is a type of coffee originating from the Republic of Congo. Initially this was just a wild plant in West and Central Africa, then it was widely grown in African countries such as Liberia, Tanzania or Angola.

In Vietnam, Voi coffee was brought by the French to grow in 1875. Initially, the main area was in the northern provinces such as Ha Tinh, Thanh Hoa, Son La or Nghe An. However, later due to climate and soil conditions, Robusta was transferred to the Central Highlands provinces such as Gia Lai, Dak Lak or Lam Dong.

Characteristics of Robusta coffee

In terms of shape, Robusta coffee beans are round, about 10 – 13 mm in diameter. Robusta beans have a dark brown color and a caffeine content of 3 – 4%. Meanwhile, Arabica only accounts for 1-2%.

Robusta coffee grows well in areas with lots of rain and lots of sunshine. The appropriate temperature is 24 – 29 degrees Celsius. Live in areas with altitudes below 1000 meters, commonly at 850 – 900 meters. And areas with fertile red basalt soil.

Pure Robusta coffee flavor

Pure Robusta coffee is popular with many people because of its rich taste and unique aroma. In general, pure Robusta often has a much more astringent and bitter taste than Arabica. One of the reasons for this property is that Robusta is often subjected to dry processing methods.

In addition, pure Robusta coffee beans contain a lot of Chlorogenic Acid (CGA). Although it is called an Acid, Chlorogenic Acid is not characterized by a “sour taste” but a “bitter taste”. During the roasting process of coffee beans, CGA will decompose to form caffeic acid and quinic acid. These substances, when combined with caffeine, will create the characteristic bitter taste often found in Robusta. So even though Robusta has twice the acidity of Arabica, it is actually not sour at all, but more bitter than Arabica.

Besides, the average caffeine content is twice as high as that of Arabica. So when combining these two types of coffee, it creates a harmonious product that many people love. Therefore, on the market, many types of Italian coffee (Espresso) always contain 10 – 15% Robusta coffee to enhance the flavor and create a more attractive crema layer.

Robusta coffee growing region in Vietnam

Robusta coffee growing regions in Vietnam today are very diverse. However, when mentioning the most famous coffee growing regions, it is impossible not to go to Buon Ma Thuot and Dak Lak. With the characteristic soil, climate and altitude, it is very suitable for growing this coffee variety. This land is a specialized coffee growing area with the districts of Ea Ao, Etam, Tan Loi, Cu Mgar, Krong Ana… This place stands out with red basalt soil at an altitude of 500-600m above sea level. The climate is cool and there is a lot of rain. Provides the most favorable conditions.

Not only these lands, but also places like Lam Dong, Gia Lai, Son La… are also lands that bring delicious pure coffee flavor. However, due to differences in soil, the flavor of Robusta is different from other regions. Coffee connoisseurs can easily feel the impressive difference that this type of coffee brings.

How to process and enjoy Robusta coffee

Processing Robusta coffee

After harvesting, Robusta seeds will be dried according to standard procedures. To be able to use it, the roaster will roast the coffee to the appropriate temperature. After roasting, Robusta coffee can be left as pure coffee or mixed with other flavors.

Enjoy pure coffee

On the market, people will mix coffee powder with cornstarch and some typical ingredients to bring a better consistency and aroma. However, the current trend is to prefer pure coffee to be able to fully experience the delicious taste of coffee. Furthermore, pure coffee ensures health for those who enjoy it.

Another characteristic stems from the rather strong taste of Robusta, so people rarely drink this type of coffee alone, but mix it with other types, usually Arabica. Normally, to make delicious phin, people apply a mixing ratio between Robusta and Arabica of about 7:2 to 7:3.

How to brew pure coffee

Pure Robusta coffee can be used for filter or machine brewing. For traditional coffee, Vietnam often uses filters to make coffee. So we will tell you how to make delicious filter coffee below.

With the above ways to brew Robusta, hopefully you can make yourself a delicious cup of coffee and enjoy the full natural flavor through a real cup of Robusta.

Choose pure Robusta coffee

Depending on each person’s personal preferences, they will have their own “taste” of coffee. However, pure coffee, clean coffee without impurities is always the top choice criterion for those who love coffee. The passion and magical emotions of coffee lovers when sipping cups of pure, flavorful coffee,

Helena Coffee a 100% natural clean coffee brand, will bring you a cup of pure Robusta coffee with the ultimate blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee with clearly traced origins and an unmixed roasting process. and other by-products according to European standards.


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