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This Year’s The Best Coffee Roaster Machine: Reviews and Comparisons

the best coffee roaster machine

the best coffee roaster machine

The best coffee roaster machine: A delicious and attractive cup of coffee will help you more alert and mentally focused for a productive working day. But instead of using instant coffee, directly ground coffee will help preserve the rich flavor of the ingredients. Therefore, many people have chosen to buy a coffee roaster for convenience every day.

What is a coffee roaster?

Coffee roaster is a specialized product used to process coffee beans after harvest and dried. The machine uses thermal roasting technology, making ingredients cook quickly, bringing up the aroma of coffee beans. The machine is designed with a closed roasting cage, inside the heat transfer process, stirring to help the coffee beans cook evenly.

the best coffee roaster machine

The product works fully automatically with a pre-set temperature level, bringing convenience and efficiency to users. Especially cafes and restaurants equipped with this equipment will make the work much lighter.

Experience in choosing the best quality coffee roaster

Choosing a good coffee roaster and suitable for your needs is very important. This not only meets the requirements well but also saves costs. When choosing to buy products should be based on the following criteria:

the best coffee roaster machine

Top 5 good coffee roasters that are being most popular

The market today is offering a variety of coffee roasters from many different brands. Here is a list of the 5 best products you should not miss.

3.1 2000W Homesheel NH01 coffee roaster

Homesheel NH01 is one of the very popular coffee roasting equipment models today because of its compact and delicate design. The product is especially suitable for family spaces or small shops to save space.

This roasting device is applied infrared heat transfer technology with an equipped capacity of 2000W. As a result, the machine can roast up to 2kg of coffee beans while ensuring even and delicious cooking.

In addition, the device is also equipped with many convenient features such as timer, temperature control and allows users to control the device via capacitive touch button. Homesheel NH01 is made of stainless steel with high strength, safety and easy cleaning. This is the machine that deserves to be owned by you

3.2 1500W Coffee Roaster EH01

EH01 manual coffee roaster is a mini roasting device, suitable for the needs of families and small cafes. The machine has an operating power of 1500W, good grinding effect and time saving.

This model is also equipped with heat control, ensuring that coffee beans do not burn. The heart of the pot is made of high-quality materials, insulated pot cover, ensuring safety. The lid of the pot is transparent glass, it is easy to observe the roasting process inside. The product is quite cheap compared to other blender equipment, so it should not require too many features.

3.3 2000W HappySheel Coffee Roaster 2019

HappySheel 2019 is one of the very popular and highly appreciated coffee roaster models. The machine is applied infrared heat roasting technology, always maintaining a guaranteed temperature of no more than 700 degrees Celsius. As a result, the coffee beans will cook evenly, bring up the aroma without burning, ensuring the quality and taste on each cup of coffee.

This model allows roasting up to 2kg / time. suitable for family needs and small water bars. Besides, the device can also be used to roast and grind many different types of nuts. HappySheel 2019 is equipped with a light drying feature before roasting, users can flexibly increase or decrease the heat, helping to save grinding time but still ensure the quality obtained.

The device has a power of 2000W and integrates 6 different capacitive modes. Moreover, the product also integrates a timer feature and the ability to display the time via LEDs and alarms after completing the process. The stainless steel material of the machine is durable over time.

3.4 2000W Homesheel NH02 coffee roaster

Homesheel NH02 is indispensable when it comes to the best coffee bean roasters. This product is equipped with infrared heat roasting technology, helping coffee beans always cook evenly and attractively. The device integrates a capacity of 2000W and the ability to roast 2kg / roasting. Good heat control is also the advantage of this coffee roaster.

Moreover, the roaster is also equipped with many additional safety features such as self-interrupting line protection, 30-second pre-off alarm function and plaster screen, heat-resistant gloves … The product is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability as well as safety when using.

3.5 Lysander mini coffee roaster

Lysander is a beautiful small mini coffee roaster, very popular today. The machine has a small capacity, can roast and grind from 80 – 200g of seeds, suitable for family needs. The machine has a luxurious design and is applied technology using gas energy and direct roasting, bringing delicious coffee quality.

The roasting drum of the machine is made from stainless steel with high thickness, helping to increase the efficiency of coffee ripening. brings attractive colors. Moreover, the machine is also equipped with internal paddles, ensuring even ripening of seeds.

Above, the article has suggested you the top 5 coffee roasters that are very popular today. You can refer to it for more options when buying the right product for your needs and purposes and making your own attractive and delicious coffee. Customers should find a reputable address to choose the best product.


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