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What Is A Coffee Roaster? Top 4 Good Coffee Roaster Machine Price For Sale, Reasonable Prices

Coffee roaster machine price for sale: A coffee roaster is essential if you want to drink pure coffee. Currently, many coffee connoisseurs prefer to drink directly roasted coffee instead of instant coffee. Therefore, in this article, I will introduce to everyone the Top best coffee roaster products to buy!

What is a coffee roaster?

This is a specialized equipment for processing coffee beans after harvesting and drying. This type of machine integrates heat roasting technology, cooks coffee quickly, wakes up the aroma of coffee beans.

The coffee bean roaster is usually designed with a closed roasting cage, heat transfer process, stirring, automatic coffee island, evenly cooked coffee beans. Roasting temperature you can set automatically in advance, bringing convenience to users, suitable for shops and restaurants specializing in providing coffee.

Should I use a coffee bean roaster?

The quality of coffee is an important factor for drinkers to sip the most complete cup of coffee. On the market, there are many lines of instant coffee with flowery advertisements, but in fact, the taste is not so.

Many coffee connoisseurs become sophisticated and no longer believe media advertisements. They prefer to drink coffee from on-site roasters, making sure the beans are real, bringing interesting feelings.

coffee roaster machine price for sale

Especially when using a roaster, you can manage the quality of coffee, not depend on the coffee processing unit, so the café’s coffee is always stable, the taste is the best. Besides, roasting coffee also helps you reduce the selling price by about 30% compared to the market price.

But most owners do not have the experience and technique to make the best choice before there are many roasters on the market with all different prices. So in this article, I will note some important factors to pay attention to when buying a coffee roaster so that everyone can choose the best product.

Criteria for buying a good coffee roaster, reasonable price

Determine the need for coffee bean roaster for the shop

You need to determine the need for a coffee roaster to choose the right product. Currently on the market there are the following roasting machines:

Classify coffee roasters based on their operating capacity

– Classification based on technology used:

Coffee roaster uses direct heating technology: This product line has a low price, but the coffee roasts unevenly, the color is not beautiful and easy to burn.

Coffee roaster according to Hot Air technology: With this technology, the heat flow is created evenly, helping the coffee beans ripen well, not burning. However, this type of machine usually has a higher price.

– Classification based on the power source of the machine

Electric coffee grinder: This machine will use a voltage of 220V to help heat and transfer heat to the roasting cage of the machine. This is the best-selling model today.

The coffee roaster uses gas with the energy source of combustion gas.

Research the Key Features of a Coffee Bean Roaster

– Roasting cages must meet the following criteria:

– Dust extraction system:

Balancing factors along with the calculation of accurate parameters such as capacity, speed, air flow .. filter to clean smoke, dust, silk shell made of superior dust extraction system. Thus, the coffee beans are clean and smooth, the taste is excellent without impurities while saving energy, limiting the minimum heat loss.

– Gas unit:

The gas unit must have enough capacity to supply the coffee roaster (if the gas unit is too weak, the ability to quickly heat the machine will be limited), the meter corresponding to the gas unit must show the bar, and clear parameters

– Thermometer:

Small roasters often have 1 roasting drum heat sensor and only 1 coffee bean heat sensor left. If there are both then the ability to control and monitor the heat in the roasting batch will be more accurate. In addition, the sensor placement needs to be accurate and in the right place for maximum efficiency

coffee roaster machine price for sale

– Wind speed:

This factor is very important in 1 batch of roasting, requiring the roaster to adjust the wind speed flexibly, as this is mandatory during roasting.

– Cooling table:

The cooling time of coffee is usually from 3 minutes to refill, so it requires the exhaust fan to be powerful enough to cool the coffee quickly in a period of 2-3 minutes.


Coffee bean roasters need to be made from sturdy materials to ensure roasting stability.

– Sampling department of the machine:

Professional coffee bean roasters all have this part to help users see the ripeness of the coffee, thereby choosing the most appropriate ripeness level for each roasting batch.

Instructions on how to use the Coffee roaster correctly

To use the machine effectively, roast delicious Coffee, bold taste of Coffee and help the machine have long-term durability, you should pay attention to the following 1 number of issues:

Hopefully, with this article, you will choose a good coffee roaster, suitable for your needs and economic finance.


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