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Coffee Fillter Supplier

Coffee Fillter Supplier

Coffee filters are one of the most important elements in the coffee brewing process. However, finding a reputable Coffee filter supplier of quality  is not easy. To help you find the perfect combination of quality and reliability in turning your everyday cup of coffee into a great experience. Join Helena Coffee to explore the top brands and the classy products they offer to bring the best flavor to your cup of coffee.

Filter funnels are popular in the Pour Over technique

Clever Dripper Filter Cone

At the forefront is the Clever Dripper, a beginner-friendly aid in the Pour Over technique, easy to use, and typically made of plastic for easy cleaning. Notably, the Clever Dripper has an automatic shut-off valve at the bottom, so when placed on a surface, it resembles a regular cup, allowing you to steep the coffee for as long as you desire without focusing on water pouring skills. Once you feel the steeping is sufficient, just place the Clever on a cup, and the coffee will automatically drip down.

Some equipment is required once Pour Over

Bee House Filter Cone

The Bee House, made of ceramic and originating from Japan, is somewhat similar to a cone and resembles the V60, but the significant difference lies in the Bee House being much thicker and having only 2 small holes at the bottom of the cone. It features a visually appealing and convenient handle. Bee House’s advantage is its compatibility with any filter paper you can purchase. With its ceramic structure and thickness, Bee House retains heat well during Pour Over, allowing the coffee to drip rather than continuously pour.

If you want a filter that can be used with the most easily available filter papers, the ceramic Bee House coffee filter (large) is the optimal choice. Although Bee House offers a less complex coffee extraction compared to other options, it’s the most convenient choice for beginners or those seeking a simple brewing method.

Chemex Brewer

The Chemex brewer is a classic and all-in-one brewing tool. The distinctive design of Chemex serves both as a filter cone and a larger-volume coffee carafe than any other Pour Over filter. Chemex carafes operate on a completely different principle than conventional filter cones, using a specific filter paper that retains the oils in coffee. Additionally, the Chemex design controls water flow, allowing you to savor the best flavors of coffee while minimizing bitterness.

Chemex brewer many cups at once – But most importantly, it is BEAUTIFUL

It’s important to note that Chemex filter papers can be expensive and hard to find. If not rinsed thoroughly, they may retain odors. Moreover, due to its large capacity, brewing a small amount with Chemex is challenging, making it impractical for travel, as it is made of glass.

Despite some drawbacks, you can opt for the Chemex Six Cup Classic series. It’s a great choice for those who want to brew multiple cups simultaneously and appreciate excellent design. Chemex is not just a Pour Over tool; it’s an icon of the coffee industry and can be found in prestigious museums, from the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum to the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Corning Museum of Glass.

Hario V60

The consistent name throughout that article is Hario V-60, and if you haven’t tried the V-60, you haven’t truly experienced Pour Over. This is accurate because despite the various filter options available, for the perfect experience that aligns with simplicity and customization criteria in brewing, V60 has been the sole representative of the Pour Over technique since its inception.

The Hario V-60 is relatively affordable, crafted from various materials such as plastic, glass, ceramic, etc., and, most importantly, provides extensive control over the brewing process. If you want to grasp the essence and ritualistic allure of pour-over, the Hario V-60 filter cone (Size 02) is the key.

The V60 is essentially a filter cone from the Japanese brand Hario, with a seemingly simple design that hides the intricate proportions applied in the V60 cone (See more about the design significance of V60).

Once you feel comfortable with your pouring technique, it becomes intriguing to follow the natural spiral path of the V-60 filter cone; the large drainage hole, the 60-degree angle, and the ridges on the V60 cone walls work exceptionally well with filter paper during the extraction process, demanding a barista’s delicate touch and high concentration during pouring. As mentioned, using the V60 correctly is far from simply pouring water into coffee.

Kalita Wave Filter Cone

At first glance, it may seem similar, but differentiating itself from the Hario V60 is the Kalita Wave, which has a flat bottom (rather than a cone shape) and features three filter holes (instead of one like the V60). The cone walls lack the spiral grooves seen in the V60 but are divided into multiple sections called “Wave Zones,” which serve to create dynamic flow for easy circulation.

Thanks to the flat bottom design, facilitating more even water drainage, beginners find it easier to achieve consistent results when pouring. Kalita Wave is available in three different materials: glass, ceramic, and stainless steel. One drawback is its relatively higher cost.

Kalita Wave flat bottom ensures more uniform extraction – Similar to Vietnamese Coffee Filters | See more uses at stumptown coffee

The flat bottom design of the Kalita Wave, especially, helps stabilize the water-coffee mixture on the filter cone for a longer duration, allowing for better coffee steeping with hot water, resulting in a richer extraction compared to its V60 counterpart. With diverse sizes and materials like glass, ceramic, and steel, Kalita Wave becomes the second choice for those who find V60 somewhat challenging to approach in the Pour Over technique.

Kone Filter – Stainless Steel Filter

The Kone Filter stands out from the filters we’ve just discussed because it eliminates the need for paper filters. In essence, the Kone is a stainless steel mesh cone that can be reused multiple times. Compared to Chemex or Hario V60, it is an eco-friendly filter option for coffee enthusiasts.

It’s important to note that when choosing the Kone for the Pour Over technique, it is not exactly a filter but more of a mesh strainer. In simpler terms, the Kone merely replaces paper filters, so it should be used in conjunction with a Chemex or a well-fitted filter funnel.

While there are numerous other filters available for the Pour Over technique, such as Woodneck, Melitta, or the SCS Carafe, you can explore more to have additional options. However, the filters we have recommended will save you considerable time, allowing you to master the art of coffee brewing.

Helena Coffee – Leading Coffee filter supplier

Helena Coffee has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of coffee filters, renowned for the quality of its products and a commitment to delivering the finest coffee experience for coffee enthusiasts. With several years of experience in the coffee industry, Helena Coffee has solidified its position through meticulous care for each product.

The coffee filters from Helena Coffee are not just tools for removing impurities; they symbolize precision and passion in creating high-quality coffee. 

The diversity in filter types allows Helena Coffee to meet the varied needs of users, from paper filters for pour-over methods to delicate mesh filters for coffee connoisseurs.

Customers of Helena Coffee have consistently praised the filters for their flexibility and high performance, enabling them to craft rich, distinctive, and smooth coffee. Particularly noteworthy is Helena Coffee’s commitment to sustainability, emphasizing the environmental impact of production.

For Helena Coffee, a coffee filter is not just a product; it represents a holistic coffee experience. The fusion of coffee brewing artistry and modern manufacturing technology positions Helena Coffee as the ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts who prioritize quality.

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