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Vietnam Coffee Filter: Coffee Filter Culture

Vietnam Coffee Filter

Vietnam Coffee Filter: Coffee Filter Culture: Although at the present time there are many different types of drinking water, filter coffee still has an important place in the hearts of many Vietnamese people. Because inside the filter coffee cup is both rich and fragrant with the coffee flavor. It also contains its own characteristics imbued with Vietnamese culture. And it also contains all the essence of Vietnamese coffee. Why is filter coffee so unique? And how does the Vietnamese filter coffee culture exist to this day? Let’s find out together!

The origin of Phin coffee is unique

Vietnam Coffee Filter

Probably few people know that before being introduced to our country, coffee originated from France and was mixed with a filter. It was not until later that coffee was brewed with a filter. An utensil is punched with small holes in the bottom. To create a Vietnamese filter coffee culture with bold Vietnamese breath.

Coffee can be found in many places, but only in Vietnam can people find the right cup of coffee. The reason for its uniqueness is that the raw materials must be from Robusta coffee beans with a large enough caffeine content grown in the highlands of Vietnam.

Want to enjoy a proper cup of filter coffee?

But in order to keep all the original flavor of the coffee beans, it must be brewed with Phin elaborately and meticulously. Because if filtered through a filter, the boiling water will soak into the smooth coffee powder layer and crept, filtered through each small hole to create the most quintessential and rich coffee drops. After all the stages, we get a unique filter coffee. It cannot be mixed with any other drink.

Use pure Robusta coffee beans with a little condensed milk and you have an enchanting drink right away. The passionate aroma of coffee will spread throughout your body. This is really a drink that makes many people become its hardcore fans. Because it has a rich flavor but no less delicate. It is no exaggeration to say that filter coffee is the essence of Vietnamese coffee

Vietnam filter coffee culture

It can be seen that the taste of coffee is no longer strange in the hustle and bustle of Vietnamese people today. The delicate beauty of filter coffee has become a part of everyone’s culture and style of enjoying coffee.

Each country has its own way of enjoying coffee. If many people liken Americans to drink coffee as a quick drink to combat drowsiness, Vietnamese people are complete strangers. Vietnamese filter coffee culture is very unique. They don’t consider coffee simply a drink. It’s like a culture to sip and think about. People often sit and sip coffee while reading newspapers or chatting with friends. Vietnamese people often have their own taste in enjoying coffee: strong, bitter and aromatic. And so filter coffee is considered the most popular drink.

The effect of coffee on daily life

Many people still use coffee as a beverage to quench their thirst. But few people know that it also has many other uses for people’s health.

Coffee helps improve morale and work efficiency

This is a well-known use. Because in coffee there is a amount of caffeine that stimulates brain activity. It helps people get alert and focus on work. That’s why coffee is a very popular drink in the workplace.

Coffee improves health for each person

The hustle and bustle of today’s life makes many people tired and affects their health. Certain diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes are quite common in many people. And if you drink enough coffee, you can help reduce the risk of these diseases. In addition, coffee also has the ability to support increased muscle strength. It also reduces body fat.

Coffee creates a feeling of refreshment, relaxation and helps people get closer together

A cup of coffee every morning when you wake up will make you feel refreshed. At the same time, the moments of relaxing, sipping a cup of coffee with friends and relatives will be moments for people to get closer and understand each other better.

Where to enjoy the right quality filter coffee?

There are many places from luxury, modern to affordable that you can choose to enjoy coffee. If you want to enjoy Vietnamese filter coffee culture to the fullest and most complete. You can learn about Pure Coffee. With 100% pure coffee beans originating from the famous Central Highlands coffee land. Pure Pure Coffee will be a reliable choice when you want to buy or enjoy strong pure filter coffee.

If you want to make your own filter coffee, you can learn about the products here. There are all kinds of coffee from pure coffee, powder, beans, Robusta coffee, … with reasonable prices, guaranteed quality, so you can rest assured and trust.

If you want to go to the shop to enjoy, Nguyen Tat Coffee also has a network of coffee shops that cover many places, so you can easily search and enjoy.

The Vietnamese filter coffee culture has been and will continue to be maintained and developed. Even at the present time with the development of increasingly large fast drinks. But filter coffee still exists and has a certain place in the hearts of true coffee lovers. Filter coffee will always remain one of the culture of Vietnam and retain its inherent quintessential values.

How to make Vietnam coffee filter

To make a cup of Vietnam coffee, it is necessary to operate a good coffee filter, a good filter must fully meet the following factors:

Currently on the market, there are many types of filters made from many different materials such as coffee filter paper, coffee aluminum filter, coffee ceramic filter…. Each type has its own characteristics.

Types of coffee filters

Stainless Steel Phin:

Trung Nguyen stainless steel filter

Stainless steel material.

Easy to use and clean, no rust.

Poor heat retention ability to easily lose water heat.

No harm to health.

Aluminum Filter:

Trung Nguyen aluminum filter

Aluminum material, silver white, eye-catching

Easy to use and clean.

No rust.

Good heat retention, suitable for making coffee.

No harm to health.

Ceramic Filter:

Bat Trang ceramic filter

Ceramic material, various textures and colors.

Easy to use and clean.

No rust.

Good heat retention, suitable for making coffee.

No harm to health.

Filter 1 ounce, filter 2 ounces:


Filter 1 cup of coffee

Aluminum material, silver white color, eye-catching.

Under the filter is an aluminum kettle.

One filter can make many cups of coffee at the same time.

Easy to use and clean.

Suitable for use in restaurants and cafes.

No rust.

Good heat retention, suitable for making coffee.

No harm to health.

Filter paper filter:

Filter paper filter

Convenient, it only takes 1 minute for a good cup of coffee in the right style.

Keep the original coffee flavor

Can be used anytime, anywhere, without having to wash filters and preparation tools.

No harm to health.

Born in 1990, filter paper filter is a utility product invented by the Japanese, filter paper helps to limit the harmful effects of coffee powder when brewed directly with the filter. At the same time, this way reduces the flow rate of coffee, so the flavor is more concentrated.

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