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The World of Coffee Athens 2024: Experience The Pinnacle Of Coffee In Athens

World Of Coffee Athens

World Of Coffee Athens

The World Of Coffee Athens: This year’s premier event by the Specialty Coffee Association, the European World of Coffee (WoC) trade show, is set to dazzle in Athens, Greece, from June 22 to 24. Renowned as one of the most significant and thrilling gatherings in the global coffee sphere, it annually features multiple World Coffee Championships.

Complementing the WoC Athens, the event calendar also includes an annual edition in Dubai and, marking a first, WoC Asia in Busan, South Korea, from May 1 to 4, 2024. Expected to draw thousands, WoC Athens promises a blend of excitement and innovation.

Dive into the details about WoC Athens 2024, including highlights and activities that enrich this three-day extravaganza.

Awards and competitions highlighting the world of coffee

The Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) premier European showcase, World Of Coffee Athens, roams across the continent annually, landing in 2022 in Milan, Italy, and attracting over 10,000 enthusiasts. This edition sets its stage in Athens, Greece, a city with one of the richest histories worldwide and a dynamic coffee culture blending traditional and specialty influences.

At the heart of WoC Athens, two prestigious awards spotlight the industry’s finest World Of Coffee Athens: the Best New Product and Coffee Design Awards, heralding innovation and excellence within the global coffee realm.

The Best New Product Award celebrates groundbreaking offerings that enhance the specialty coffee experience across various categories, from coffee accessories and commercial equipment to consumer gadgets, flavor additives, and beyond. World Of Coffee Athens: An Open Class accommodates the uniquely innovative.

The Coffee Design Awards acclaim creativity in product and packaging designs, evaluating entries on innovation, design excellence, educational impact, agroecological integration, and scientific contribution. Celebrations at WoC Athens will crown the victors, showcasing the pinnacle of creativity and ingenuity in the coffee industry.

2024 world coffee championships at WoC Athens

The highlight of WoC Athens is undoubtedly the 2024 World Coffee Championships, set to commence on June 21st. This year’s edition in Athens is proud to host the World Barista Championship, World Brewers Cup, World Cup Tasters Championship, and World Cezve/Ibrik Championship.

Among these, the World Barista and Brewers Cup Championships stand out as two of the most prestigious and celebrated contests within the global specialty coffee community, promising to draw the largest crowds and showcase the pinnacle of coffee artistry and expertise.

Lectures, workshops, and cupping sessions at WoC

World of Coffee annually attracts leading voices in the coffee industry to share insights through lectures and hands-on workshops. This year, in collaboration with the Coffee Knowledge Hub and Simonelli Group, attendees will be treated to over 25 lectures spanning a wide array of subjects such as the business viability and industry impact of infused coffees, enhancing sensory skills through science, and the SCA’s innovative Coffee Value Assessment.

Furthermore, the SCA will conduct comprehensive workshops throughout the event. These sessions, ranging from one to three hours, are designed to deepen understanding on topics like optimizing flavor through equipment programming, evaluating experimentally processed coffees, and offering a multi-sensory coffee experience.

A staple of the World of Coffee, the Cupping Rooms, will once again offer exhibitors the opportunity to book one-hour slots for either public tastings or private sessions. World Of Coffee Athens: The full cupping schedule for 2024 will be announced in due course.

In addition, following its debut at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland, the SCA will introduce its updated cupping protocol and form during the WoC Athens cupping sessions, marking a new phase in coffee evaluation.

Attendees of world of coffee Athens

World of Coffee Athens is renowned for its expansive trade shows, attracting a wide spectrum of participants from across the coffee industry. World Of Coffee Athens: This includes a rich variety of producers and cooperatives, roasters, importers and exporters, coffee shops, and manufacturers of coffee equipment.

Leading companies and iconic brands from the global coffee scene will be present, many showcasing their innovations and products at their own dedicated booths.

Espresso machine and grinder showcase at world of coffee Athens

At World of Coffee Athens, attendees will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge equipment from the industry’s forefront manufacturers, including the esteemed Gruppo Cimbali. Known for its innovative Italian espresso machines and grinders, Gruppo Cimbali stands as a beacon of excellence.

Group Business Director Andrea Clerici shares his enthusiasm: “We’re thrilled to participate once again in WoC, a cornerstone event for the coffee sector. We eagerly anticipate welcoming guests to our booth, where they’ll engage with our products through various interactive sessions alongside our partners.”

Gruppo Cimbali will feature a comprehensive stand, showcasing its celebrated LaCimbali, Faema, and Slayer brands. World Of Coffee Athens: The highlight will be the MUMAC Academy’s demonstration of the M200 and E71e espresso machines at the exclusive “It’s only Roast ‘n’ Brew” showcase. Here, visitors will witness a parade of roasters brewing coffee on these standout machines.

Specifically, for the Faema brand, the event will spotlight the President GTI espresso machine, with Mumac Academy trainers offering hands-on demonstrations and training with the Faemina espresso machine.

The event will invite 16 distinguished roasters to craft coffee using Cimbali’s Steam LP and the single-group Slayer espresso machines. World Of Coffee Athens: Additionally, Cimbali is set to organize an espresso competition in collaboration with Comandante and host the “Barista on Decks” technology-driven training sessions, enriching the three-day coffee extravaganza.

Innovations in water filtration at world of coffee Athens

At the forefront of water filtration technology within the coffee industry, World of Coffee Athens will feature leading companies, including the renowned Pentair, celebrated for its sustainable water treatment solutions.

Ronny Billemon, a Foodservice Technical Support and Applications Engineer and Pentair Europe’s coffee ambassador, emphasizes the importance of water quality in coffee preparation. “High-quality coffee should not be compromised by water concerns. Our Claris Ultra range ensures that water quality is perfected for the ultimate coffee experience,” he states.

Pentair is set to unveil its Everpure Claris Ultra water filtration cartridges at WoC Athens, showcasing this revolutionary product at their booth. World Of Coffee Athens: The Everpure Claris Ultra stands out with its patent-pending technology that harmonizes mineral reduction and corrosion protection. These cartridges not only mitigate limescale and metal migration but also comply with EU drinking water pH regulations, enhancing the quality of espresso, filter coffee, and even ice cubes for cold beverages.

Designed with efficiency in mind, the Everpure Claris Ultra cartridges also aim to cut down energy use, potentially reducing costs. For those interested in elevating their coffee and beverage offerings with superior water quality, a visit to Pentair’s Booth M45 in Hall 3 at WoC Athens is a must. Further details on the Everpure Claris Ultra range can be found on Pentair’s website.

Sustainable coffee packaging innovations at WoC Athens 2024

WoC Athens 2024 will be a gathering point for leading companies in green and roasted coffee packaging, including Ecotact, a frontrunner in sustainable packaging solutions for green coffee.

Hanuman Jain, CEO and founder of Ecotact, shares his vision for the company, “Ecotact is at the vanguard of fostering a more sustainable and equitable future for the coffee sector. World Of Coffee Athens: Our mission is to transform the industry with hermetic packaging solutions that safeguard green coffee’s quality, ensuring farmers are justly rewarded for their efforts.

We’re dedicated to continuous innovation in sustainable packaging to reduce our environmental impact. At Ecotact, we stand by the principle that sustainability and economic viability are complementary, leading the charge towards a greener, more profitable future.”

Ecotact has been instrumental in introducing packaging technologies that extend the shelf life of green coffee by utilizing a nine-layer hermetic packaging system that upholds coffee’s integrity and advocates for environmental sustainability. World Of Coffee Athens: The majority of Ecotact’s offerings are recyclable and reusable, embodying the company’s commitment to sustainability.

During WoC Athens 2024, Ecotact is excited to present three of its newest products: The Ecotact Biome Tray, ideal for coffee cuppings, tastings, and display purposes; the Ecotact Penta Pak, a 100% recyclable hermetic package designed to maintain coffee’s freshness and quality; and the Ecotact Farmer D’lite, a reusable storage solution tailored for coffee producers to store parchment and green coffee efficiently.

Innovative coffee production and co-operatives at WoC Athens

WoC Athens will showcase some of the coffee industry’s most forward-thinking producers and co-operatives, including Sancoffee from Brazil. Known for its commitment to direct trade, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility, Sancoffee epitomizes innovation in specialty coffee co-operation.

Allan Botrel, the Business Development Manager at Sancoffee, reflects on the co-operative’s journey, “Each harvest season reinvigorates our passion, evidencing the direct impact of our collective efforts on farmer welfare and the exceptional quality of our coffee.”

Attendees visiting Sancoffee’s booth will gain insights into how the co-operative’s initiatives have uplifted origin communities. World Of Coffee Athens: In a groundbreaking effort to address climate change, Sancoffee has been researching carbon emissions within its supply chain for the past three years, achieving a remarkable milestone as a carbon-negative entity. The co-operative is in the process of evaluating the carbon footprint of all its member farms.

In collaboration with Clever Coffee in Denmark, Sancoffee has introduced a carbon-neutral coffee, highlighting the carbon emissions data for this specific batch at WoC Athens. Additionally, the co-operative will feature women-produced coffees from the Nascentes project and other select lots from the current year’s harvest. World Of Coffee Athens: Visitors can partake in cupping sessions scheduled from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm daily throughout the event.

For those interested in learning more about Sancoffee’s innovative practices and sustainability efforts, a visit to Booth 19A at WoC Athens is highly recommended. Further information can also be found on the Sancoffee website.

Diverse exhibitors at WoC Athens 2024

In addition to the highlighted brands, WoC Athens 2024 will host a plethora of other esteemed specialty coffee companies, showcasing a broad spectrum of products and innovations. Exhibitors include:

  • Ally Coffee
  • MTPak Coffee
  • AeroPress
  • Dalla Corte
  • Cropster
  • Rancilio
  • Covoya
  • Marco Beverage Systems
  • Guatemalan Coffees
  • Stronghold Technology
  • IMF Roasters
  • Taf Coffee
  • Roastelier by Buondi Craft
  • Fiorenzato
  • Sanremo
  • Toddy
  • Latte Art Factory
  • Sucafina
  • Pinhalense
  • Heylo
  • Elektra
  • Fairtrade
  • Lallemand
  • BWT water+more
  • !FEST Coffee Mission
  • Aillio

World Of Coffee Athens: These participants represent the vibrant diversity and innovation within the global specialty coffee community, offering attendees an expansive view of the latest trends, technologies, and practices in the industry.

Expanded roasters villages at WoC Athens 2024

In response to the increasing interest, World of Coffee Athens 2024 will introduce two dedicated Roasters Villages: Roaster Village East and Roaster Village West. World Of Coffee Athens: These hubs will serve as vibrant gathering spots for the myriad of producers, roasters, baristas, and green coffee merchants present.

Strategically situated within the exhibition area and supported by esteemed sponsors like Rocket Espresso Milano, La Marzocco, Macap, and Mahlkönig, the Roasters Villages will host an impressive lineup of exhibitors. World Of Coffee Athens: Participants such as Falcafé, 19grams, Coffee Collective, Nordic Approach, La Cabra, and Supremo Coffee will showcase their offerings, fostering an environment of collaboration and discovery among coffee professionals.

Exciting events and highlights at WoC Athens

In addition to the marquee competitions at WoC Athens, espresso machine and grinder innovator Dalla Corte will present the eagerly awaited second edition of the World Espresso Championship on June 25th.

Tristan Creswick, Dalla Corte’s Business Development Manager for Oceania & Southeast Asia and the visionary behind the World Espresso Championship, shares his enthusiasm: “Dalla Corte champions the global coffee community by showcasing the intricate skill and creativity required to craft the perfect espresso through the World Espresso Championship.”

Renowned for pioneering high-quality espresso machines and grinders with advanced multi-boiler technology for unparalleled temperature stability and extraction consistency, Dalla Corte continues to set industry standards.

Building on its successful launch at MICE in Melbourne, this year’s competition will feature a knockout format, exclusively open to reigning national Barista and Brewers Cup champions, further elevating the event’s exclusivity and allure.

The championship is slated to unfold at the 360 Degrees Hotel in Athens, spanning the top two floors, on June 25th. Contestants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery using the Dalla Corte Zero, a cutting-edge machine equipped with innovative freestyle extraction technology.

Dalla Corte extends a warm invitation to WoC attendees to experience the pinnacle of espresso artistry at the second World Espresso Championship, occurring just one day post-WoC Athens. For additional information on Dalla Corte and the championship, visit their website or explore stand N20 in Hall 3 during the event.

Green coffee buyers and sellers initiative at WoC Athens 2024

Returning for its second year at World of Coffee Athens 2024, the Green Coffee Buyers and Sellers Programme is designed to streamline the green coffee trading process. This initiative aims to enhance the connections between green coffee buyers and sellers through a structured platform.

Participants are encouraged to leverage the World of Coffee mobile app for networking, where they can schedule 20-minute appointments in designated meeting spaces. This inclusive event welcomes green coffee buyers and sellers of all scales, facilitated by the generous sponsorship of Barista Attitude and COHONDUCAFÉ Foundation.

Networking and celebration events at WoC Athens

Throughout the three-day spectacle of WoC Athens, various companies and organizations will curate a series of engaging activities and exclusive events, many set to light up the evenings. Highlights include:

  • The Barista League’s eagerly anticipated Big Opa event on June 23rd at 7pm, taking place at The Underdog.
  • An exciting after-party jointly hosted by Cropster and Algrano, with further details forthcoming.
  • A fundraising reception by the International Women’s Coffee Alliance, scheduled for June 23rd.
  • A rooftop celebration courtesy of La Marzocco and Beyond the Bean, with more information expected soon.

Please be aware that access to some of these events may be restricted to invitees only, and pre-registration could be required, with the possibility of some events reaching full capacity.

Attendees of World of Coffee Athens 2024 will find an abundance of events, activities, and networking opportunities with fellow coffee aficionados and professionals. Whether you’re participating as an exhibitor, speaker, or guest, ensure to secure your registration and book any event or activity spots in advance to make the most of your experience.


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