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Wholesale Coffee Suppliers Canada

Wholesale Coffee Suppliers Canada: Coffee with its rich golden flavor and tempting scent when newly made, the rapid caffeine boost to the system, and the energizing start to a new day, is a kind of ambrosia to humans. It’s no surprise that coffee is the most popular beverage among Canadians.

It is undeniable that coffee has been around since the sixteenth century. It was grown, packaged, and shipped all over the world from places including: Europe, Asia, and Vietnam. Historians claim that Captain John Smith was the first person to bring coffee to North America. According to the stories of this assertion, coffee was also in existence before the captain landed in Canada.

Coffee shops were common in the early days of Canada. There were several coffee shops.

Coffee, beer, and other beverages were available for purchase. Most coffee shops also provided lodging, and they quickly became the favorite location for closing business transactions. Coffee became a type of national drink as Canada grew, thanks to its popularity, which can be attributed in part to the country’s environment.

The coffee culture in Canada

The climate of Canada may be bitterly cold, with temperatures as low as − 38°C. This aspect alone accounts for a considerable portion of Canadians’ coffee consumption. On a frigid morning, coffee’s rich, dark golden brew and accompanying scent make for a calming and relaxing beverage.

Another element is the caffeine spike, which serves as a nice wake-up call for the body on a chilly and stressful day. Life couldn’t be better at that time, with a cup of coffee prepared to your liking, warm layers of wool clothes, and a newspaper in one hand.

Wholesale Coffee Suppliers Canada

Is there a national coffee drink in Canada? Canadians don’t exactly have a national coffee drink, except maplemaple-flavoredesso. They are coffee aficionados. A real Canadian would drink it whether it was flavored, creamed, strong black, decaffeinated, or a latte. Canadians’ great love of coffee fueled the growth of cafes and coffee shops across the country.

These cafés provide a variety of coffees as well as meals to satisfy Canadian tastes. When the order arrives and there’s a can of diet coke instead of a can of regular coke, it’s typically simple to differentiate a Canadian from an American.

Innovation and habits

According to the International Coffee Organization, Canada consumes 3.9 million (60kg) bags of coffee per year, trailing the EU, the US, Japan, and Russia.

In terms of coffee consumption, Canada is one of the world’s leading countries. Most coffee drinkers in Canada enjoy a cup of coffee at breakfast, which is the time of day when coffee consumption outnumbers all other times of the day.

Wholesale Coffee Suppliers Canada

Canadians consume roughly 6.5 kg of coffee per year per capita, which is greater than the United States and the United Kingdom.

Coffee is consumed by 72 percent of Canadians aged 18 to 79 daily, while habitual coffee users consume 2.8 cups per day on average (Coffee Association of Canada).

While the typical Canadian consumes two cups of coffee per day, the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan have the most avid coffee drinkers, with 18% of heavy consumers consuming five or more cups per day (Coffee Association of Canada).

Coffee Consumption in Canada

The first wave of the Coffee Drinking Study of Canada was commissioned by the Coffee Association of Canada (CAC) in 1998. The following waves were held in 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and currently in 2013. The main goals of this study in 2013 were to:

  • determine the current state of coffee beverage consumption in Canada and track changes over time;
  • investigate consumption and attitudes toward coffee consumed at work;
  • better understand the market for single-cup brewing systems;
  • Determine consumer knowledge, purchase, and sentiments concerning cause-related coffee, as well as views of coffee industry environmental practices.

The Canadian Coffee Association/Café Association du Canada

The CAC is Canada’s leading lobbyist for the coffee industry. The Association’s mission is to serve as a leader and spokesman for the coffee beverage industry, addressing collective industry concerns and enhancing the coffee beverage experience by offering opportunities for members and customers to develop their coffee beverage knowledge and abilities.Wholesale Coffee Suppliers Canada

We’ve been advocating for our members on government policy and regulations for over 20 years. We collaborate with all levels of government and other associated industry organizations to shape outcomes, ensuring that our goals are realized and that our interests are promoted and protected.

Through focused research and messaging, we want to be a reputable, thorough, and accessible source of information, providing useful resources and important knowledge. This campaign is supported by and reliant on our members’ passion and dedication.

Top 5 coffee suppliers in Canada

1. Tea and Coffee Company

Tea & Coffee Company is a specialty coffee importer, roaster, distributor, and retailer devoted to making all of our coffees excellent. Our coffees are roasted daily at Tea & Coffee Company using only the highest grades of Arabica beans from the world’s best coffee-growing countries. This guarantees that the coffee we produce is always fresh and of the highest quality.Wholesale Coffee Suppliers Canada

We have a large assortment of teas, syrups, hot chocolates, granita mixes, mugs, espresso machines, home coffee brewers, commercial coffee brewers, and coffee grinders in addition to our premium roasted coffees. We offer a full range of wholesale and workplace coffee services. Please fill out our wholesale form to start a wholesale account with us, and one of our coffee specialists will contact you shortly.

2. Satinwood Coffee Company 

Satinwood Coffee Company is a tiny gourmet coffee roaster that specializes in the world’s best coffees. Every roast has the personal signature of George Reid, the Roaster/Owner, who purchases each coffee in its green bean form and then roasts it to get the best flavor characteristic for that coffee. Our coffees are supplied weekly to Central Alberta’s best coffee shops and restaurants.

Satinwood Coffee Company is a family-run business in Lacombe County, Alberta, about sixteen miles east of Red Deer. Other businesses may provide comparable services, but ours are the best and include a personal touch.

3. Helena., JSC – Helena CoffeeVietnam

The Best Coffee Bean Supplier in Vietnam

Helena Coffee Processing and Export in Vietnam. Helena JSC is a top Robusta and Arabica coffee supplier, processor, and exporter in Vietnam. Furthermore, we are considered as one of the pioneers of success in the export of pepper and coffee to countries all across the country, including South-East Asia, China, and the rest of the globe.

4. Van Houtte

Wholesale Coffee Suppliers Canada

Van Houtte Inc. is a coffee and coffee-related goods processing, distribution, and sales corporation situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Their product line has been expanded to include tropical drinks, sandwiches, and salads. Albert-Louis Van Houtte established it.

5. Westcoast Coffee Company Ltd

Wholesale Coffee Suppliers Canada

A warm cup of espresso or iced tea, along with sweets, provides a much-needed pick-me-up. Westcoast Coffee Company Ltd (ranked 4 on NiceLocal), will provide you with a variety of traditional beverages as well as a space to enjoy them. If you are unable to take a break, request a to-go service.


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