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Thirty years ago, when talking about coffee makers, few people had a sympathetic view and overview of the role of this “identity” in society. By now, almost everyone has somewhat understood the positions in creating a cup of coffee, from the farmer, trader, roaster to barista. Each person in the overall process also actively exploits, affirms and portrays their role and responsibility in maintaining the sustainable development system of the coffee industry in particular and the economy—global in general.

Following the development momentum of the whole coffee industry in the process of sustainable development, coffee workers’ skill and knowledge requirements have also been pushed up. They have a significant impact on the value creation cycle of coffee shops—the industry system.


Farmers – the starting point of creating a cup of coffee in the overall industry system, for a long time, have made positive changes to understand the value of the product better and bring about excellent finished products. There are many views that it is difficult for farmers to accept change. Still, looking at the overall industry today, you will be surprised because these people have had a significant impact on the sector’s development.


Farmers worldwide are constantly raising their awareness about crop varieties, the industry, about “sustainable development” to take actions that exceed expectations. Modern and advanced science and technology are continuously applied to improve the incubation and production process. They cooperate with scientists to research new plant varieties. They do not hesitate to experiment on individual farms and households to find types suitable to the soil and natural conditions, contributing to the development of new plants. Of the whole farming area. Farmers are also more open to sharing experiences and exchanging plant varieties between regions, localities, and even countries to expand relationships and understanding.

For the coffee pre-processing process, understanding plant varieties help farmers choose and develop new preliminary processing methods suitable for their needs and purposes. Traditional initial processing methods have been improved, and unknown primary processing methods have been researched and applied.


With more than 2.25 billion cups of coffee consumed every day, coffee is one of the world’s most traded commodities. Today, coffee is worth more than $100 billion a year. International trade expanded after the 1990s and was driven by the rise of global value chains. The increase in business and GVCs have boosted economic growth and reduced poverty. It created an unexpected transformation: developing countries increased, accelerating the process to catch up with developing and developed countries soon.

For the coffee industry, with ongoing efforts, actively searching for good sources of raw materials, exploring and developing working channels, the team of traders and suppliers worldwide has significantly impacted the process of operation and product diversification in the coffee market. At the same time, it is accurate traders and suppliers who balance and stabilize coffee prices, ensure fairness in the cycle and return value to farmers appropriately and effectively. Traders and suppliers, in addition to understanding the potential of coffee varieties, farming conditions, etc., must also understand the local culture, economy, and politics where coffee is supplied, understand the laws, and choose a plan. Import and export are suitable for the whole operation process to be quick and efficient.


Coffee roasting is an art, and the roaster is the leading performer. I used to naively think that roasted coffee needs to be poured into the roaster, turned on the oven, waited for the coffee to change colour and then discharged, so there is good coffee for sale until I see how the roasters at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster do. Perform this stage. Roasting eggplant is not simply a process of material transformation so that the green beans turn brown, but this is a process that requires more than grey matter, meticulousness and patience.

Which roaster should I choose at home?

Roasters who want to roast first need to understand and understand all the steps in the roasting process. At the same time, understanding the nature of eggplant seeds and how to convert them is also an indispensable step to start this scientific process.

In today’s new era, roasters have many supporting sources of information to complete the operation diagram and operate the roasting and processing machine. They take the initiative, look for new methods, streamline them, and get the job done. Based on the experience and knowledge gained, the roaster then develops separate roasting charts for each specific type of coffee, selecting the appropriate roasting method. They transform and adapt to new sources of raw materials, receive science and technology, use relevant and selectively supporting tools.

Besides, in today’s market, there are more and more companies providing roaster systems with new technology, improving roasting quality and supporting roasters more proactively in the process of doing their jobs. For the international market, roasting machine brands, Probat Geisen are probably no stranger to coffee lovers; With Vietnam, Opp Roaster is a representative that cannot be ignored. Many intelligent roasting profile management systems are also effective arms for today’s roaster. We are not familiar with software and applications like Cropter or Artisan software. Because of that, roasters always have to be ready and constantly innovate to update and use technology to create great products.


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Barista – the point near the end of the Farm to cup process, who has the role of conveying the entire value and product message to customers, helping consumers better understand the coffee industry.

Barista – The barista

In addition to the basic knowledge – the primary thing that any true barista needs to have, the barista skills are now also raised to a new level. Making coffees is not as simple as putting the eggplant in the machine, extracting a wavy brown solution, casually pouring the tomato paste into the uncoated filter paper and then pouring the water in to produce a light brown liquid. Brewing requires more than that. Baristas must always understand the correct brewing method for the type of coffee they are using, the proper grind size, the required temperature and the extraction time. They know and control each stage and continuously evaluate the process of creating products. They need more than just gestures that everyone can see, and put their heart and focus on each cup of coffee being brought to the customer. Barista will be the person who directly listens, approaches, and chooses to develop supply products to consumers; Therefore, the requirements for communication and communication skills are gradually increased as well as preparation skills.

Nowadays, many coffee skill competitions are continuously, typically those organized by World Coffee Events. Competitors, in addition to finding talented bartenders, are also where many new values ​​are formed and announced. From these events, the barista
gives a better overview to every one conveys the message of sustainable development, “enlighten the industry, not assert yourself”. They live for the community and are willing to contribute to society. Their skills have been honed, their service has improved, and their vision can shape the future of an entire industry.

A coffee maker with meticulous work but a heart can operate a whole economic world of enormous value. But deep inside, coffee is still the seed of the universe and coffee makers are hard workers with God to create the world of flavours.

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