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Where Can You Buy Arabica Coffee Seeds For Planting?

Where You Can Buy Vietnamese Arabica Coffee Seeds For Planting

Where Can You Buy Arabica Coffee Seeds For Planting: Helena Coffee Vietnam sells Arabica coffee seeds. THA coffee line 1 generation F1. The yield is 4-5 tons of kernels/ha. Resistant to suitable climate and soil. Coffee for the flax country, resistant to low temperatures and poor water content.

The coffee variety THA 1 has been recognized for the production of coffee varieties according to Decision No. 2812/QD-BNN-TT dated 7/7/2016 in Vietnam. Helena Coffee Vietnam Cooperative distributes this THA 1 Arabica coffee seeds variety.

Coffee varieties are being deployed in Vietnam’s Northwest and Central Highlands. The advantages were that it was easy to grow and adapt to harsh conditions and low temperatures. Coffee plants do not require too much care. Let’s learn about Arabica coffee varieties!

What is coffee variety THA1?

The coffee variety THA1 is a line of pedigree selection to the F5 generation of the TN1 hybrid (a hybrid between the KH3-1 material originating from Ethiopia and the Catimor variety). The coffee variety THA1 has been strictly collected and recognized by the ministry-level council for trial production according to decision No. 2812/QD-BNN-TT dated 7/7/2016.

Characteristics of Vietnamese Arabica Coffee Seeds – THA 1. coffee variety

Origin: The coffee variety THA 1 is the F5 generation of the TN1 type (TN1 is a hybrid between Ethiopia and Catimor). The yield in terms of resistance to pests and diseases and the weather is relatively good.

Socio-economic effects

The planting of new hybrid coffee varieties THA1 has helped the garden grow well and improve its productivity, with an average yield of 3-5 tons of green coffee/ha (yield increased from 10- 10 tons/ha). 15%/unit area compared to the previous Arabica coffee varieties).

The hybrid Arabica coffee variety THA1 is a new plant variety that brings high economic efficiency to farmers in areas adapted to Arabica coffee. Now farmers are starting to know to buy seeds and seedlings of this THA1 Arabica at the Institute to plant.

Growth characteristics of Arabica coffee variety TN1

The growth rate of the variety is relatively good. Interlock the stem and burn the eggplant relatively tightly.

Advantages of coffee variety THA 1

Compared to many other regions, other varieties of Arabica coffee seeds are grown on the market. The coffee variety THA 1 always has a better yield. Each garden usually increases output by 10-15% after converting to plant THA 1.

Many clean coffee factories target the THA 1 coffee variety. To add flavor to the final product of the factory. At the same time, coffee can adapt to many soils (Especially grown in cold places).

Trees will replace traditional forestry farms converting to industrial crops. The price of Arabica coffee seeds is also relatively high. Suitable for those who intend to deploy on a large area.

Arabica coffee is a typical coffee that originated in Ethiopia and is one of the two most popular coffees in the world. It has a highly concentrated, mild taste and has distinctive aromas of vanilla, ginseng, and other nuts.

Resistant to natural disasters, as well as climate conditions, are relatively stable. People can research to switch to this THA 1 Arabica coffee seed to increase productivity and the family’s economy.

Where to sell Vietnamese Arabica coffee seeds for planting?

We specialize in supplying Arabica THA1 coffee varieties to growers across Vietnam. Our professional consultants will guide you in caring for and nurturing the best coffee varieties, ensuring high yields and excellent quality.

Contact us today for advice and order; we will deliver it to your place. To place an order, you can contact the phone number: +84.789.818.828 (Telegram/Whatsapp).

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