When Is The Right Time To Drink Coffee?

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When Is The Right Time To Drink Coffee? – Drinking coffee at the right time not only helps you stay awake but also brings many health benefits. Let’s find out the right “golden” times to drink coffee.

In fact, scientists have researched and pointed out 4 “golden times” to drink healthy coffee, meeting the needs and preferences of many people with this beverage.

1. Drinking coffee in the morning (9:30 – 11:30) best time

Time to drink

In Da Nang or anywhere, drinking coffee every morning is a habit of many people. According to many studies, a cup of coffee in the morning is good for the digestive system and improves constipation. You should enjoy a full cup of coffee after breakfast.


2. Drink coffee 30 minutes after eating inc

Many research results indicate that coffee can promote digestion, helping to better digest food. 30 minutes after a meal is a right time to drink for you to enjoy and enjoy this benefit from coffee.
However, people with anemia should not use coffee regularly because coffee affects the absorption of iron by the body well brewing.


3. Before exercise cortisol

Drinking a cup of coffee 30 minutes before exercise can help you increase metabolism new, help burn more calories and increase exercise efficiency.
If you maintain a steady time of drinking coffee, you will see better training results than the time you have not used it.


4. Drink coffee when tired (caffeine)

When you feel tired, a cup of coffee drinking will definitely help you stay awake, because the main ingredient of coffee is caffeine.
Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the activity of the nervous system, increasing physical activity related to the nervous system. Thereby, it has the effect of uplifting the spirit, increasing mental concentration and working efficiency.
A cup of coffee when tired can maintain alertness for up to 4 hours. However, for regular coffee drinkers, this effect is not a great best time to drink coffee taste.


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