What’s Special About Liberica Coffee?

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What’s Special About Liberica Coffee? Let’s find out together

Coffee is always a beverage that many people love and are passionate about. Because in coffee, there is a unique bitter taste. When adding sugar or milk, creates beautiful cups of coffee that people seem to be unable to resist the bitter taste and the aroma of the coffee and each line of coffee. Coffee has its unique flavor; we cannot judge which line is better than the other. Because the assessment of which coffee is good is up to each person’s preference and whether they feel this is good for their taste or this is the best for them. Have you ever heard of this coffee line?

What’s special about it? (liberica coffee)

It is a line of coffee with the aroma of dried Liberia and the special thing is that the green coffee has this smell when it is not roasted, the smell of Liberia is reduced. So a note for the Liberica coffee line is that we should not leave out the butter to avoid overpowering the typical Liberica smell.

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In terms of taste, this is a coffee line with a mild sour taste but is more acidic than Arabica. These lines are only suitable for those who prefer light, diluted coffee. Or we use it to mix other types to increase the flavor of the coffee.

This is probably the coffee line that is rarely used. However, the price is relatively high because few places grow this type of coffee. Moreover, the yield is low compared to the Robusta line. That’s why Liberica coffee is rarely produced, partly because it occupies a large area. So there are very few people who grow Liberica coffee.

Elusive liberica coffee beans

Some coffee consumers don’t mind what kind of coffee they get in the morning as long as it’s hot and full of caffeine. For others, a good cup of coffee must have a pleasant flavor and aroma.
Coffee bean enthusiasts make up the last group. It’s not always enough to take additional care when boiling coffee to get a truly superb cup or espresso shot. They seek out unique coffee bean blends with distinct flavors and smells. Rare beans open up a whole new universe of culinary possibilities. This is where liberica coffee comes in.

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