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What Is The Best Way To Find Wholesale Vietnam Coffee Suppliers?

What Is The Best Way To Find Wholesale Vietnam Coffee Suppliers?

What Is The Best Way To Find Wholesale Vietnam Coffee Suppliers? – The coffee industry is one of six export commodities of over 3 billion USD/year in Vietnam, alongside high-value products such as wood and wood products, seafood, cashew nuts, rice, vegetables, rubber, etc. agricultural products with export value belong to the “top” of the farming and rural development sector.

Moreover, when looking for coffee suppliers in Vietnam, consider the essential cultural and linguistic differences between you and the Vietnamese providers.

Before going into this guide, read our previous blog in the “Vietnam’s Coffee Market” series to learn about the most satisfactory sorts of coffee beans to source in Vietnam.

Here are some helpful hints for locating wholesale coffee suppliers in Vietnam.

Overviews of Coffee Exporting in Vietnam

Coffee is one of 10 critical products of Vietnam that are exported (exported) to 80 countries and territories. In 2020, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for coffee on the world market decreased.

Vietnam’s exports for the second year lost export turnover exceeding 3 billion USD.

According to statistics from the General Department of Customs, in 2020, the whole country exported 1.57 million tons of coffee, with a turnover of 2.74 billion USD, the average price of 1,751.2 USD/ton, down 5.6% in volume, a decrease of 4.2% in turnover but a slight increase of 1.4% in price compared to 2019.

Germany is Vietnam’s most prominent coffee consumption market, accounting for 14.3% of the total volume and 12.8% of the country’s total coffee export turnover, reaching 223,581 tons, equivalent to 350.41 million. USD, the average price was 1,567 USD/ton, down over 4% in both volume and value but up 0.4% in price;

Southeast Asia market ranked second in turnover, reaching 160,997 tons, equivalent to 328.36 million USD, down 9.8% in volume and 8.6% in turnover. The US market went 142,482 tons, equal to 254.89 million USD, down 2.6% in the book but up 3.2% in turnover.

Coffee exports in 2020




Compared to 2019 (%)

Proportion (%)

Quantity (ton) Value (USD) Amount Value Amount


total 1,565.280 2,741,048,091 -5.57 -4.24 100 100
Germany 223.581 350,409,667 -4.68 -4.33 14.28 12.78
Southeast Asia 160,997 328,361.375 -9.83 -8.59 10.29 11.98
America 142,482 254.891,472 -2.58 3.26 9.1 9.3
Italia 141.535 224.152,609 0.24 -0.1 9.04 8.18
Japan 102.215 180.503.027 2.18 5.48 6.53 6.59
Spain 95.689 162.183.605 -28.59 -24.44 6.11 5.92
Philippines 72.512 158,097,906 -3.7 -8.92 4.63 5.77
Russia 69.123 138,204.129 -20.55 -17.79 4.42 5.04
Belgium 68,647 111.940.276 -6.33 -3.44 4.39 4.08
China 40.122 95.681.229 -3.49 -5.67 2.56 3.49
Algeria 60.718 93.769,856 -12.09 -14.81 3.88 3.42
Malaysia 38.525 70,492,572 -1.08 10.76 2.46 2.57
Korea 34,640 69.519,493 0.49 4.53 2.21 2.54
Thailand 34.522 58,148,127 -10.68 -11.01 2.21 2.12
Older brother 27,915 48,248.036 -43.2 -38.88 1.78 1.76
Poland 16.792 39,158,291 23.91 29.84 1.07 1.43
India 21,821 34.653.467 -42.57 -41.49 1.39 1.26
Australia 17,747 31,554,858 -3.83 -5.46 1.13 1.15
France 19,219 28,903.054 -44.17 -45.02 1.23 1.05
Indonesia 11,657 28,111,695 -44.08 -25.13 0.74 1.03
Netherlands 11.404 21.224,278 12.03 18.95 0.73 0.77
Israel 8,093 19,168,936 11.83 6.39 0.52 0.7
Egypt 10,971 17,623.584 10.76 11.23 0.7 0.64
Portugal 10,459 16.664,269 -31.29 -31.98 0.67 0.61
Greek 10.525 16,343.345 -17.82 -17.86 0.67 0.6
Canada 6.384 12,845.362 7.26 18.61 0.41 0.47
Ukraine 6.022 12,628,352 -5.48 -4.41 0.38 0.46
Myanmar 1.583 5,995,450 13.23 11.04 0.1 0.22
Romania 2.623 5.020,989 -17.33 -22.47 0.17 0.18
Mexico 1,923 3,104,254 -73.54 -71.41 0.12 0.11
Finland 1.844 3,100,132 -7.94 -26.63 0.12 0.11
Cambodia 1.044 2.818.003 53.76 29.83 0.07 0.1
Laos 537 2,484.498 -71.19 -70.92 0.03 0.09
Denmark 1,560 2.420.454 34.95 42.68 0.1 0.09
South Africa 1.316 2.392.365 -57.27 -45.21 0.08 0.09
Singapore 617 2.213,124 -28.59 -25.75 0.04 0.08
New Zealand 864 2,013.439 -21.02 -8.07 0.06 0.07
Chile 676 1,952,418 -80.17 -70.08 0.04 0.07
Hungary 248 1.184,661 -79.26 -81.89 0.02 0.04

Source: According to calculations from data published on January 13, 2021, by the General Department of Customs

Reasons for selecting the finest wholesale coffee suppliers in Vietnam

There are a plethora of Vietnam wholesale coffee sellers in Vietnamese markets. Finding quality suppliers, on the other hand, is difficult.

You may need to vet them before deciding to deal with them thoroughly. An excellent place to start this research is to question their product quality, logistics, certification, and customer happiness criteria.

The web is ideally the finest venue to seek for. Here are some helpful questions to keep in mind.

Are you collaborating with coffee producers or trading firms?

This may assist you in negotiating the best possible offer. If the items are in the same niche, the maker and supplier may be the same individual.

A coffee provider, for example, offers everything relating to coffee. Alternatively, if a single supplier sells many items in various categories, the possibility of that supplier becoming a trading corporation is evident.

As a result, question them personally about their qualifications or check over their catalogue.

How long have they been in business, and where have they exported their coffee?

When selecting coffee bean suppliers in Vietnam, you may rapidly find the most outstanding manufacturers typically manufactured in different nations.

The longer they’ve been in business, the more likely they’re operating a respectable organization. This might give you an indication of the product’s quality.

Always obtain a pre-production sample to evaluate the overall manufacturing quality before contracting with the vendors.

What is the minimum quality of green coffee beans, and what order quantity do they accept?

When purchasing coffee beans from a Vietnamese wholesaler, you also need to guarantee that they will be able to continue to give you the finest beans available in the future.

Determining if they can afford vast volumes of supply. The greater the variety of distinct coffee materials they provide, the more likely the supplier will be able to secure their supply ability.

Furthermore, the quality of coffee beans might quickly show the provider you’re dealing with.

Do they get any quality certifications for Vietnamese coffee beans?

Check whether the coffee beans have all the certifications for coffee quality assurance.

In Vietnam, coffee vendors that provide high-quality coffee beans should adhere to the following standards: ISO 9001: 2015, HACCP certification, and Good Manufacturing Practice GMP certification.

Furthermore, in terms of coffee growing techniques for sustainable growth, the finest quality coffee beans should achieve national and international certifications such as 4C (Common Code for the Coffee Community), VietGAP (Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices), UTZ (UTZ Certified), and RFA (Rainforest Alliance).

Customers in the Middle East, for example, prefer items certified with HALAL certification, which indicates that the products are processed and manufactured according to the Qur’an and Muslim Shari’ah law standards.

As a result, while importing coffee from Vietnam to such locations, remember to verify whether such certificates are accessible to the coffee.

Everything you need to know about the logistics process

It’s critical to understand how they track shipments and update you on where your coffee beans are in the delivery process. Follow up with inquiries regarding shipment timelines, guarantees, or what happens if there are delays in shipping, lead time, payment method, and delivery conditions acceptable. The more alternatives they provide, the more adaptable their distribution methods are. The logistics procedure reveals if they are a well-run organization that can regularly distribute their goods to you.

Where can I discover wholesale coffee manufacturers in Vietnam?

The following are trustworthy websites where you may locate Vietnam’s major coffee manufacturers and Vietnam Coffee Suppliers:

Google Map

Google Map is a highly effective tool for finding a coffee supplier with the most intuitive and accurate company information. This method is highly cost-effective and straightforward.

You just need to search keywords: “Vietnam Coffee Exporter”, “Vietnam Coffee Supplier”, and “Vietnam Coffee Wholesaler”… in coffee-growing areas such as Buon Ma Thuot City, coffee businesses in big cities like other areas such as Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi Capital… are usually trading companies.

Besides, by viewing google maps, you can see the size of the supplier’s business and factory.

Amazon and Alibaba

The most prominent worldwide platforms for seeking Vietnam coffee bean suppliers are Alibaba and Amazon. In these markets, hundreds of coffee manufacturers offer everything from raw beans to instant coffee powder.

Be mindful of the company verification on these sites to ensure they are legitimate businesses with legitimate coffee plants in Vietnam.

Amazon is an American national technology company founded in 1994 in Bellevue, Washington, by Jeff Bezos, focusing mainly on e-commerce, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Today, Amazon is considered one of the four giants of technology in the world, next to Google, Apple and Facebook.

Alibaba (Chinese: Alibaba Group Joint Stock Company ) is an e-commerce corporation providing sales services between consumers and consumers, business to consumers, users and business to business sales services through the portal.

VN Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages (YP) is a member of Yell, an international leader in business portfolios and the strongest competitor in this £4.2 billion market.

This market includes a wide range of media such as printed directories, local newspapers, international newspapers and online directories.

In 2004, Yell published 90 local copies of Yellow Pages across the UK, including over one million advertisements and distributing over 28 million copies.

YP is Yell’s essential portfolio in a broad range of products, including print, online or phone media: YP, The portfolio is cohesive. Buyers and wholesale coffee supplier get closer to Yell’s overall business through easy-to-use and cost-effective marketing solutions.

Vietnam International Coffee Trade Fairs

A lot of commerce in Vietnam is done in an old-fashioned manner. You may meet most of the country’s significant coffee suppliers by attending trade exhibitions.

“Coffee Expo Vietnam,” a premier exposition in Vietnam for the coffee & dessert business, and “The Cafe Show Vietnam,” an event that practically all important manufacturers participate, are two of the largest trade fairs in Vietnam.

These trade shows are only hosted in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, once a year.

The Cafe Show Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s first international coffee show. As a result, the event offers an appealing and extensive choice of goods and services and an engaging framework program for trade visitors.

Business owners and startup founders who wish to join the coffee sector may attend seminars and acquire extensive information about franchising.

Organized by: EXPORUM

Co-organized by: Investment & Trade Promotion Center – Ho Chi Minh City (ITPC)

Special Event: Brewing Cup, Coffee Training Station, Cherry’s Choice – New & Hot Products Showcase, Sweet Class

Exhibit Item: Coffee, Tea & Beverage, Bakery, Whole & Roasted Bean, Chocolate & Dessert, Ice-cream & Gelato, Raw Material, Machine & Equipment, Franchise & Start-up, Barista Education & Training

Helena Coffee Vietnam – Vietnam Coffee Suppliers with high quality

If not done correctly, the procedure of obtaining items may be time-consuming. Furthermore, you may sometimes find yourself with high-priced, low-quality things that consume all of your earnings.

Choosing a sourcing agency for sourcing items in Vietnam may therefore help you handle the majority of these issues and give you peace of mind.

Because of our presence at the plant, Helena Coffee Vietnam can professionally source, produce, and execute orders, offering a maximum advantage to our customers by supplying a wide variety of goods at the most reasonable cost.

The Coffee Products of Helena Coffee Vietnam:

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