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What Is Rum Coffee? How To Make A Professional Rum Coffee?

What Is Rum Coffee? How To Make A Professional Rum Coffee?

What Is Rum Coffee? How To Make A Professional Rum Coffee?

What Is Rum Coffee? How To Make A Professional Rum Coffee? – Coffee rum is one of the most popular ways to enjoy coffee in the West. Let’s learn about rum coffee with Helena Coffee Vietnam in the article below and learn how to make this drink professionally like Barista!

What is rum coffee?

Currently to meet the diverse needs and tastes we can enjoy a variety of novelty coffees. What is rum coffee? Let’s find out with Helena! Coffee rum is an innovative drink combined with wine and coffee.

The combination of bitter taste and coffee and a little numbness of alcohol not only helps people enjoy more alertness but also helps to warm the belly effectively in the windy winter days.

Coffee rum has many different variations depending on the type of wine used in the recipe. One of the most popular rum coffees is Irish coffee, which is made from hot coffee with whiskey and a layer of ice cream on top.

In addition, if you want to try the rum coffee experience, you can choose Liqueur Rum combined with Spanish spirits such as Aguardiente, Orujo, …

How to choose ingredients to make the right rum coffee

The main components of rum coffee include coffee and rums. In particular, the higher the quality powdered coffee or pre-roasted coffee beans, the easier it is to achieve the perfect taste. In addition, choosing a wine is also very important, because the outstanding feature of rum coffee is rum.

So what’s the secret to making rum coffee? Depending on the rum manufacturer, there will be different characteristics, specifically:

Hopefully based on D&D Kaffee’s above sharing, you can choose the right rum that can make a coffee rum to suit your taste.

How to make a professional rum coffee like Barista


Making coffee is important, so remember that coffee, no matter how good, needs to be brewed properly to be able to tap into all its juice. Special:

Put 3 teaspoons of pre-ground flour in a saucer, use a spoon to spread the coffee evenly, and gently put the lid down, note not to use force to compress the coffee.

Pour in just enough water to soak the coffee and cover for 2 minutes for the coffee to hatch evenly, then continue to add the remaining water and cover. Do not fill the water for the first time because the coffee will not bloom in time and the coffee water after brewing will not be the whole coffee.

After making coffee, use an accurate measuring device of 40 ml.

Put the coffee, rum, chocolate, and milk cream in a blender and beat until the ingredients blend. Wait until the foam appears, you put the freshly ground mixture in a coffee cup and sprinkle a little cinnamon powder on the surface. As such, you have a complete cup of rum coffee.

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