What Is Cold Brew Coffee? All About Cold Brewed Coffee

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What Is Cold Brew Coffee All About Cold Brewed Coffee
What is Cold Brew Coffee? All about Cold Brew Coffee: Cold Brew Coffee – This strange coffee drink has appeared in almost every coffee shop in Vietnam this year. This is a simple coffee but has a pleasant taste, easy to drink with many health benefits. Therefore, it makes people who do not drink coffee can also fall in love.

But what is Cold Brew coffee? What are the taste and benefits of drinking Cold Brew coffee? How to make Cold Brew coffee?
Helena Coffee hopes the following information can help you get an overview of the drink


Cold Brew is not a type of coffee but a method of brewing coffee like a filter, Pour Over, or machine…. Cold Brew coffee is also not hot brewed coffee with ice added. According to the definition from The Coffee Dictionary: An A–Z of Coffee Coffee Dictionary, Cold Brew coffee is
“Coffee is made with cold water instead of hot water. And because of the low temperature, the coffee flavor will be extracted more slowly, so this brewing time takes longer than when hot. Cold Brew brewing time will be in hours, not minutes. However, cold water and longer brewing time will make coffee much different from other brewing methods.”What Is Cold Brew Coffee All About Cold Brewed Coffee
It can be said that making coffee with cold water is quite a strange thing. Every time Visty introduces this recipe to everyone, she gets booze and big eyes. So where did people come up with this concoction? Let Visty down the history and tell you this story.


The story goes that, during long sea voyages in the 17th century, the crews encountered problems not only with pirates, and food but also with sanity:

They are short of coffee to drink on long trips.Sailors always wondered how to make a large amount of coffee at once and use it for a long time. Because normally if they want to make coffee, they have to boil water on the stove. This was quite dangerous because the ships of that time were all wooden ships. Therefore, the problem of lack of coffee persists and has not been completely solved. Everything changed from a cruise to Japan by a Dutch merchant ship.

The Dutch or more specifically the East India Company was one of the greats in the maritime industry of the time.

Their great merchant ships traversed the sea lanes to trade in many goods from the East. One of them is coffee from Indonesia, a Dutch colony at that time. And on the way to transport coffee from Indonesia back to Europe, a Dutch captain discovered a very unique way of making tea while stopping in Japan.

He discovered that the Japanese have tea steeped with cool river water, not hot water. After a long time of steeping, the flavors in the tea will gradually blend into the water and create a beverage with an extremely pleasant, elegant, less acrid taste.

As soon as you enjoy that cold-brewed tea. The Dutch captain immediately had an idea in his mind.
“Yeah, why use hot water to make coffee? Why don’t I use cold water to soak for a while?”What Is Cold Brew Coffee All About Cold Brewed Coffee

And as soon as he returned to the boat, the captain quickly and the crew applied this method to coffee. They grind quite a bit of coffee and then steep it in buckets of fresh water. After more than a day of steeping, the coffee powder settles and the coffee water begins to turn a dark brown color. One by one, each person took a cup to try, and then everyone was surprised by the taste of that coffee.

This drink is not inferior to coffee when it is hot. Not only that, but it is also easy to drink with a sour taste, and a milder bitter taste. Then the good news spread, this method was quickly shared by sailors with other merchant fleets.

This coffee drink gradually became quite popular in bringing soberness to sailors of that time.

And that is the story that gave birth to coffee. Since the 17th century, the taste of coffee has been extremely popular. And in this 21st century, will its taste change?

3. FLAVOR OF COLD BREW (iced coffee)

At the moment, the wave of high-quality coffee is spreading, more and more people are making high-quality coffee such as Specialty coffee and Fine Robusta coffee.

The technique of preliminarily processing coffee or roasting coffee is also being studied more and more deeply.

The quality of coffee flavor has therefore made much stronger strides than it was a few hundred years ago. That is why coffee today has extremely unique flavors. Each coffee you choose will give you a different flavor of Cold Brew:

  • If you mix Cold Brew with Robusta coffee, especially high-quality Fine Robusta coffees, the Cold Brew cup when brewed can be richly sweet, mixed with milk like a glass of cold chocolate.
  • And if you mix Cold Brew with Arabica coffee, especially some Specialty coffees from Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica… Cold Brew coffee can now be filled with floral and fruity flavors like a birth cup. fruit factors with caffeine.

Note: All of these flavors are natural. You can feel it best when drinking it original with no added lactose or just added ice.

However, for the same coffee, coffee will taste a little different from hot brews.Coffee will be less sour than when brewed hot.

Coffee will be less bitter and more pleasant. When you drink it, you can feel it is extremely smooth and has a very pleasant sweet taste.
And not just delicious and pleasant drinking. How to make Cold Brew coffee can also help drinkers fight aging or worry about stomach problems.


The Cold Brew method reduces the amount of acid produced during the brewing process. According to a study by Toddy,  will reduce up to 50-60% acid compared to hot brewed coffee. Therefore, if you drink Cold Brew coffee, you will not have to worry about stomach or dental problems. However, it only reduces acid, so you should also rely on your body to get a suitable coffee choice.

Cold Brew coffee is also quite high in antioxidants. These groups of substances help the body prevent aging and reduce the risk of many diseases. According to research by Dr. Frank Hu from Harvard, it has many health benefits, including reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and liver, heart, and nerve diseases. It may also benefit mental health and help you live longer.

What Is Cold Brew Coffee All About Cold Brewed Coffee
Because it’s easy to drink, because it’s good for health, the demand for is increasing day by day. However, if you go to the bar and drink one or two cups a day, it’s quite painful. Instead, you can make your own Cold Brew at home. How to do it is very simple, you can refer to below.


Coffee should use light roasted coffee or medium-dark roast?

There will be many people who will advise you “It is medium roasted or dark roast to drink full and rich”. However, someone said: “Cold Brew must use light roasted beans, so the fruit and fruit flavors stand out.”

However, no matter what everyone’s advice is. Only you can answer this question. Because in the end, it’s still a matter of taste. Try both to see what you like.

**Note: As coffee beans are roasted longer and gradually darken, the typical sweet and sour flavors of the coffee will gradually disappear. Therefore, if you want your Cold Brew cup to have the most typical fruit flavors.

You should choose coffee beans that are light roasted to medium roasted. For example, coffee beans from Ethiopia, are characterized by sweet and sour berries and delicate floral aromas. If roasted too dark, the right coffee can still be full and sweet, but those mild flavors are not necessarily gone.

It should be ground to what fineness?

There won’t be a single grind size for everyone. Because in addition to the size of the coffee grind, the steeping time or the coffee/water ratio can also affect the final coffee flavor. Therefore:
 If you are using pre-ground coffee and it is difficult to adjust the grind size. You can adjust the flavor most easily: Change the steeping time.

  • Increase the brewing time so that the coffee doesn’t fade in flavor.
  • Reduce the steeping time if the coffee taste has a lot of unpleasant bitterness.

If you have a coffee grinder at home. You can try tweaking the flavor according to the following basic tenets:

  • If the coffee lacks taste, bland. Adjust the grind size again.
  • If the coffee has a bitter, unpleasant taste. Please adjust the grind size.

***Note: After each grinding, you should remember the grind size and flavor to be able to have fine-tuning information for the next grind and blend. (You can apply the two above in case other brewing factors such as time, type of coffee, etc. are kept.)

What type of coffee should be enjoyed?

Again, this is a matter of personal taste. If you want to drink the purest and most original coffee flavors, just keep BLACK as true love. And you drink coffee but can’t live without milk. Or do you want more people to be able to drink your coffee? Then:

  •  You can add a little fresh milk to push the flavor down the intestines.
  • Add a slice of lemon to blow off the heat and heat around.
  • Add a little more fruit, a little fruit like lychee, like a crocodile to see the difference in the tip of the tongue.
  • Or whip up the milk to make your cup of coffeefly like a cloud


  • Cold Brew is the recipe for everyone. If you are just starting.
  • Don’t be afraid to try again and again. Don’t be afraid to disrupt. Don’t be afraid of the crowd.
  • Make the style you like. Drink what you’re high on. Show your personality.
  • Let your coffee be more than just what you want it to be. But it also makes you feel the most comfortable, the most fun.

How long can coffee be drunk and stored?

It can last longer than a normal hot brew. After brewing can be used within 7 days – to 10 days. However, like Vista’s experience,  will usually run out within the first 3 or 4 days after brewing. Because it’s too easy to drink and too high.

And that’s pretty much all the information you need when learning about coffee. Now, if you need a cool and refreshing drink, what are you waiting for, try making it right away.
And if you are looking for Cold Brew coffee to drink like cold chocolate or full of fruit flavors.

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