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What Is Arabica Honey Coffee? The Taste Of Arabica Honey Coffee

“If you love the deep gentleness, choose Arabica coffee, and if you like the strong and refreshing taste, drink Robusta” is a familiar word of mouth in the coffee world. But in the past five years, it is not Arabica or Robusta that Arabica Honey has won the hearts of coffee lovers. So what is Arabica Honey coffee? How’s the taste? Let’s find out in this article to find out!

Arabica Red Honey Coffee Process Flavor

  • Coffee beans are meticulously cared for from the time the coffee cherries are still on the tree until the process of harvesting and processing.
  • Ripe coffee cherries are peeled and fleshed, but the seed coat is not washed away.
  • The beans are dried on a drying rack, the sun’s heat ferments the film, helping to awaken the natural sweetness of ripe coffee fully.

The fermentation process of coffee beans has increased most of the coffee flavor, making  Arabica Red Honey delicious and smooth. The high sweetness blends the famous sour taste of Arabica beans and the vibrant aroma of brown sugar.

Reasons to choose Arabica Red Honey Taste

Honey processing has a particular specialization and is classified by color, from bright yellow (yellow), red (red), to dark black (black). The darker the color, the longer the drying time, or the more the coffee’s flesh will be retained, which will make the flavor of the beans thicker and more intense.

Our taste assessment and experience believe that Red Honey beans are the suitable grade, easy to drink, and most compatible with the Vietnamese coffee taste today.

The fermentation process of coffee beans has dramatically increased the flavor of the finished coffee, making Arabica Red Honey smooth, high sweetness blends the famous sour taste of arabica and brings up the attractive brown sugar aroma.

We have thoroughly researched and launched Arabica Red Honey vietnam, a completely new product in the line of premium coffee. The Red Honey preliminary processing method and the roasting level are suitable for people who like to drink filters.

We hope that this product will bring new nuances to those who love Arabica beans; At the same time, it opens the opportunity to experience for those who are hesitant to approach the delicate aroma, more pleasant sour taste, and impressively lingering sweet aftertaste.

The sweetness makes a difference

Arabica is a high-quality premium coffee line; originated from Brazil and Columbia – two countries famous for the world’s top Arabica coffee varieties. Arabica is a kind of long-grain coffee grown in mountainous areas with altitudes from 1000 – 1600m, where the climate and soil are suitable for the comprehensive development of this coffee.

The name Arabica honey processed comes from its processing method. Coffee honey Arabica is harvested; through the screening steps, select the standard coffee beans; then cleaned, peeled (but still retained the viscous part), then dried and preserved.

The factor that creates the unique flavor of Arabica Honey is the particular honey processing method; or more specifically, the retention of viscosity (containing 8-12% of sugar) to infuse the coffee beans;  make the coffee beans after roasting has more aroma, sweetness, blend with the natural bitterness to create a remarkable flavor that is hard to match with any other coffee.

Description of product information Arabica Red Honey green coffee beans

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